i'm bearing my soul out here

Thank you Toby.

This is gonna be a long post so sit tight and bear with me, because I really need to let this out and share it somewhere (although no one else cares or will read it). So, here we go.

Two days ago ‘Reign’ ended a cycle, it featured the death of a character a lot of us (if not all of this tv-show fandom around the world) love and care for. And I write that in present because we still do. Francis Valois gained our hearts since the very first episode and we all understood the character somehow, even when we wanted to yell at him. And that, my dear friends, is because someone did his work correctly. That’s because someone gave his best in every single shot, in every single episode. It didn’t matter if he was in a scene for some minutes or a few seconds, he always did his work and that’s what made us fell for the character in the first place. So last friday when we 'lost’ Francis we felt like we had lost something else: an incredible actor who entered our homes every week and made us feel a thousand things, all at the same time without being messy.
Today I’m not only gonna thank Toby for his acting in 'Reign’. He had been growing and improving since he decided to do this for a living. I remember when I saw him for the first time in 'Mr. Nobody’ and thought “woah, that boy knows what he’s doing”. He amazed me so much I couldn’t wrap my head around it. And then I found out about his other work and watched it all only to fell for what I think only the great ones are able to do: he touched my heart with every part he played.
Later on, he was cast as part of this new show called 'Reign’. I remember like if it was yesterday the first time I saw the first promo while watching another tv-show. In that moment I froze and the only thing I managed to say was “that’s Toby! He got a main role!” and then smiled like an idiot for hours. I was so proud he got that chance.
But what I am here to say is a huge, inmense THANK YOU. For the incredible delivery of what I believe are perfect acting skills. Because maybe it wasn’t always 'perfect’ as someone, somewhere might teach the actors to-be in class. But what we witnessed was the evolution of someone who loves his work and make us also love what he does in the process. He saw Francis pissed, crying, smiling, in love, furious, revengeful, crushed, desperate… and all those moments and emotions hide a lot of work and dedication from the person 'behind’ the character. The show might have had ups and downs, but something that remained intact was the intense and glorious quality of Toby Regbo’s work. When he didn’t appear on an episode, I felt something was missing and could only wish he was 'back in scene’ as soon as possible. And like me, a huge part of the fandom too. Why? I can only speak for myself but I believe that it had something to do with everything I just said above. He is golden, and not only in the 'colour’ of his hair ;)

Everyone that knows me well enough knows that I hardly ever cry watching movies or tv-shows. I can count with the fingers of one hand the times the emotions ate me up and made me end up crying. But when I saw Francis Valois crying for the aparent death of his son, my eyes started to be filled with tears. That was not the only time tho. But this last friday, when I witnessed the end of the King of France, I couldn’t help myself and before I noticed, the tears were already there with a feeling of a big preassure in my chest. For a moment it all seemed real and the only thing  I could think about was how I was not going to see him ever again. Minutes later I went back to reality and understood for the thousand time how good Toby is. How he can touch my heart, mind and soul. With only a look, a stare, a line, a movement… he is capable of make me (us) feel so many things. And that is not easy, not a lot of actors know how to do that. But Toby does. How beautiful is that?

It’s not the first time I mention that he reminds me of someone, a methodic actor that won an Oscar in 2013. And deep down in my heart I know Toby will be recognized for what he does sooner or later, just as this actor I just mentioned. When that happens, I’m gonna be so proud of him. Well, to be honest, more than I already am.

Now it’s the beginning of a new era for him and I can only wish him the best of luck because he deserves it so very much. Can’t wait to see his work again in a movie, a play or a tv-show. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s gonna be incredible :)

Thank you Toby Regbo, for everything and even more.