i'm bawling my eyes out over here



  • Do you know what I really hate? When people say "It's just a show, it's not real." I'm sitting here heartbroken over Tamsin's death and everyone keeps telling me this. To me Lost Girl was a show I could relate to. Although it was pretty shitty with some of the writing I enjoyed every second of it. I fell in love with Tamsin the moment she came on the show and Rachel Skarsten deserves so much respect for creating such a well rounded character. I could feel every emotion she portrayed. This last storyline they gave her was beyond horrible and yes I bawled my eyes out when she died last night. And I've been an emotional wreck all day today. I'm not embarrassed about the way I feel because Tamsin never was. She made everyone stronger on the show and I'm betting a lot of us in the fandom felt like she made us stronger too. No its not just a tv show, she was not just some character to me.