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Hiiii! Just a passing-by anon, I just wanna ask how many language do you know, and actually speak (a little also count)?

hmmm, let’s see

  • well, I know English obviously
  • I can read Korean & am currently working on writing in it ♥
  • A little bit of Russian really basic stuff, like I could have a normal conversation but nothing too fancy
  • I pretty good at sign language if that counts ??? I took three years of it okay
  • I’m decent in reading and writing French but I can’t pronounce words for SHIT how do you do the R thing I just can’t
  • Since I live in Texas and my dad and mom can both speak Spanish, I’m pretty okay at that


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How do I become more confident speak in French to people without having planned what I'm going to say

Hmm, now that’s a tricky one! I still have tons of problems with unrehearsed speaking all the time; I just try to make a quick outline of the sentence in my head, then just get it out quickly - not worrying too much about perfect grammar and pronunciation? 

It would help a lot if you practiced speaking in French outside of a textbook setting, like talk about random stuff with your French teacher if you have one, and also try to meet some helpful Francophone friends haha!, and also if you tried to really master some basic conversational phrases like “à mon avis” - in my opinion, and “c’est une bonne question, ça” and little interjections/filler words like “bon”, “donc”, “alors”, “euh” you’d be able to get some more time to think during your sentence. ;)

I really hope I helped; I struggle with the EXACT SAME THING so…I guess you’re not alone? xD  It’s a common problem for nearly all language learners; there’s a reason why so many learners speak in “broken” (choppy) French – because you have to think about what you want to say and how you will say it!

(by the way, do you like this gif? I’ve been waiting WEEKS to use it…xD it’s just so French!) ;)

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i'm sorry, what happened with Misha??? i can't seem to find anything and im v confused but everyone's saying something has happened and im worrying and i really really hope everything's okay...

according to creation/richard, he was mugged last night and the people who did it beat him up and he had to get stitches. they also basically took all of his stuff. but he’s insisting to do photo ops/autographs because he didn’t want to disappoint his fans and im just gonna cry because he’s an actual angel???

so guys you should all go on twitter/instagram and vote for random acts, it would mean a lot to misha and we should show him some love, just copy and paste this:

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