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Imagine a sterek Treasure Planet AU (Why? Because it’s my favourite movie and you can’t stop me!). 

Stiles is the socially isolated teenager with a head full of dreams and a habit of getting into trouble. His mother is a hardworking woman who’s trying to keep the family tavern afloat after her husband joined one of the space crews and disappeared ten years ago. 

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Their lives are turned upside down one day when a ship crashes into the pier just before the inn. Stiles rushes to help and finds a man gasping for his last breaths. He helps the man out of his ship and into the tavern despite his mother’s shock and his friend, Scott, panicking about the fact that Stiles is dragging a dying man. 

With his dying breaths, the man opens the small chest he’s holding onto and gives what’s inside to Stiles and tells him to run, warning him to beware the man with the red eyes. 

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His warning couldn’t come sooner, becasue the inn is attacked and Stiles, his mother and Scott run for their lives, watching as the inn burns down behind them.

At Scott’s house, Stiles toys with the sphere that the mysterious man handed him until the circles press in and the halves spin. 

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It bursts to life, surrounding them with light and charting out a map of the universe. What’s more, it charts a course, straight to the planet of Stiles’ childhood dreams, the planet he had read about and dreamed of finding as a child: Treasure Planet.

Despite Claudia’s fears, Stiles and Scott hire a crew and a ship–captained by Allison Argent–and begin their adventure to find Treasure Planet.

Stiles works as a cabin boy, working alongside the cook: a mysterious man with a scruffy beard and eyes that transition between shimmering aventurine to vibrant red. 

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He introduces himself as Derek Hale and is rather friendly (and slightly abrupt). Stiles, suspicious, keeps his distance. He keeps his head down and does his work. 

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But other members of the crew don’t get along with him, they pick fights and rough him up. While Stiles can defend himself, Derek is quick to come to his rescue.

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After that, Derek keeps him close, warming up to Stiles and growing close to him. And Stiles falls for Derek, at least he does until he overhears Derek and the crew gathering below deck one night; talking about how they plan on overthrowing the crew, stealing the map and the treasure and killing Stiles, Scott, and Allison.

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Derek finds Stiles hiding and realises that he has overheard everything. Stiles confronts Derek about it, fights him off and runs to get Scott, Allison and the map.

They abandon the ship and crash land on an island where they try to keep low. That becomes an increasingly difficult task when they encounter the very energetic cast away, Isaac.

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In the end, Derek tries to hold a civilised conversation with Stiles, bargaining an exchange of the map for medical supplies to treat Allison’s wounds from the crash and an agreeance to split the treasure, but Stiles refuses. He turns to go back to the cave they’re hiding in and finds Scott and Allison have been captured.

Stiles is forced to find the treasure, but he wasn’t ready for what he found. He is astounded by the mountains of gold, but is lured towards the ship that sits among the shimmering treasure. On board he finds a skeleton that sits upon a chair, a small wooden boat in his hand: Stiles’ wooden boat, the one he gave his father the day he left.

He sets about a plan to get them out of there, rewiring the old ship so that the engines work. 

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Around them the world begins to fall into an infernal abyss: booby-trapped so that no one would ever leave with the treasure.

Stiles has to race to get them to safety, barely managing to get them out alive, but when he returns home, he returns with nothing… Or so he thinks. On the docks, Derek catches up to him, pulls him close and whispers something in his ear before disappearing into the crowd.

“I’m sorry.”

Stiles digs into his pocket and finds a handful of gold dublooms, enough to rebuild the inn and give his mother the life she deserves.

Months later, when everything is back to the way it was (with a few changes for the better), Stiles walks away from the party they’re throwing to celebrate the re-opening of the inn and finds a man standing on the end of the pier; a man with red eyes.

Lynn Rambles about Zuko

Strong opinion time, I need to get this off my chest.

“Zuko being depicted in the comics as a helpless Gary Stu who does no wrong does a great disservice to both his character and the fans who loved him in the original series.”

More under the cut, this got both long and salty. There are also spoilers of the original AtlA series (multiple viewings of it) and snippets of info I know from the comic panels and wiki pages, so you have been warned!

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Ink/Dirktober day 11- I ran out of time and also had to take this on my awful phone camera but you get the idea. In this episode we’ve got dramatic revelations, best friend treasure hunts, shark explosions, Rowdy bonding, it’s one heck of a character/relationship developing episode and it has a special place in my heart <3

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Fic title: The wanting and the having

A short, intense flirtation precedes a year-long separation. When he is in Minas Tirith, she is in Dol Amroth. When she is in Minas Tirith, he’s in Edoras. Will their initial attraction stack-up when they see each other again?

Will also probably involve Amrothos falling off of something. Yes, that would work.

Also will you pls name all my fics from here on out? thx

(Make Me Feel) Whole Again - starchase - Final Fantasy XV [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: (Make Me Feel) Whole Again
Pairing: Prompto Argentum/Ardyn Izunia
Rating: M
Summary: Sometime during his eternal wandering of the world, Ardyn begins to hear rumours and whispers, tales about a fearsome monster in the depths of the sea. With nothing better to do, he feels inclined to investigate these rumours for himself, and find the source of the increasingly outlandish tales. What Ardyn finds, however, is the last thing he might have expected.
Notes: Everything here is good and sweet and romantic and consensual. Also there are maybe some tentacles sssh. the things I write for the kink meme.

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Uh okay i'mma ask for Annalogia cuz I'm thirsty for it xD Lessee, I've been digging childhood AUs, so how about the two of them are exploring a cave, and Acno gets hurt protecting her from something and there's slight angst and friendship (I'm bad with ideas on the spot idk xD)

Summary=  “I think you’re my friend.” Anna confessed. “And so our friendship is filled with magic, too.”

Pairing= Annalogia.

Rate= T.

Chapters= One-Shot.

Happy belated Birthday my cinnamon roll @itschildofthefairies! I hope you had a lovely day with family and friends, and that you like this! Sorry for the delay in writing this request btw! Anyways, enjoy!

Just A Little More

“Wait!” Anna cried, trying to hold her long skirt so it wouldn’t be ripped by the hard rocks under her feet, “Acnologia! Hold on!”

The boy walking in front of her did not move, obviously ignoring her. He was close enough to hear her pleads, and the fact that he decided not to react hurt her little heart.

She didn’t know why he was so mad. Even if his personality made him look tough, he was just as young as her, if only two years older, but he was still a kid and a kid should always smile. That’s what her mother taught her, and the reason as to why she befriended him.

Acnologia had been a kid with no hope of life in his hard eyes. At first sight, she’d thought of returning that spark to him, no matter what it took.

She couldn’t say she was doing a good job, though. Acnologia seemed to dislike her and her cheerful attitude, often brushing her off.

He’d even thrown away that candy she’d given him on his birthday months ago. Why couldn’t he take a little good, like everyone else? The times were hard on people, specially the poor, that’s what Anna heard. Acnologia himself had murmured something about her coming from a wealthy family and only pitying him.

She didn’t understand very well, so she kept coming for him.

But now the sky was dark gray, clouds moving fast. The wind was strong, making her hair a mess, as well as her white dress. It was looking all dangerous, but Acnologia was still walking and she wasn’t going to leave him alone.

“Acnologia!” Anna shouted, frowning in annoyance when he still didn’t reply. “Stop there! You’ll get hurt!”

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Art for zarah5`s fic “Hold my breath”.

Summary: AU. It’s possible — possible — that his three-week ban from the football pitch makes Louis just a tad antsy. Surely it’s not so bad that it warrants punishment in the form of his friends signing him up for a yoga class? Either way, Louis is determined to hate every second of it.

He didn’t count on a yoga instructor who wears flower-patterned headscarves and smiles like summer won’t end.

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I'm sorry I'm not really active in the fandom and Id like to know what's happening, of course that's if you don't mind me asking.

Hey there, of course I don’t mind. Very sorry for the late reply, I had to think a little about how I wanted to summarize.

OVERALL SUMMARY: the same drama as always. People are immature, short-tempered and quick to jump to conclusions.


  • Apparently some bad apples threw themselves at each other in the gruvia and gajevy fandom like a pointless messy  food fight
  •  Fans continue liking and defending their characters
  •  Artists continue drawing what they like

That’s honestly it. 

Reason for upset people? Probably because they can’t understand why in the world an artist doesn’t want to draw something she doesn’t want to. 

THE TREND: The fairy tail fandom sometimes seems OBSESSED with “THE POPULAR PEOPLE” drawing their ships.

I swear sometimes they forget these are people, and instead see them as “the fandom’s possession” or things that pump out art for the fandom’s pleasure. 


  • She’s a gajevy artist?? who cares IS SHE GONNA PARTICIPATE IN GRUVIA FLUFF WEEK NO??WHY NOT?!? oh she’s a nalu artist but SHE SHOULD FUCKING DRAW JERZA INSTEAD”
  •  And when that artist doesn’t draw for the ship anymore, they’ll go “WE DON’T NEED YOU ANYWAYS DON’T BE SO HIGH AND MIGHTY”

Stop it. You have no right. Why does this affect why /you/ like a ship or prevent /you/ from contributing to the fandom yourself? Or appreciating /other artists/ who do draw in your fandom and try very hard? Nothing should justify you harassing an artist for not drawing your ship.

When there’s an announcement of a ship week, the first thing people will ask is IS THIS POPULAR ARTIST THAT POPULAR ARTIST PARTICIPATING? Doesn’t even matter if they usually draw for the ship. When did this become an exhibition that has to recruit artists instead of a time of communal celebration and contribution for a ship? 

CONCLUSION: PLEASE APPRECIATE ARTISTS THEY ARE PEOPLE THEY ALSO HAVE PREFERENCES but also don’t make the fandom all about a certain few & remember to appreciate the people in YOUR FANDOM instead of harassing those outside of it about it.

Hope this answers your curiosity ^^


PERSONAL OPINION AND RANT: Some of you may think “she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

And you’re partly right, because I’m not a big name, popular artist, and I’m not celebrated and harassed. Instead, I speak as someone who’s been in the gruvia fandom tumblr fandom quite a while, and despite my time here, have remained largely invisible. 

Popular artists are “inspirational, talented senpais” whose doodles will have more notes than things I work on for hours. I’m sure I speak for other artists out there too. Sure, I’m lacking in skill and talent compared to a number of artists, but any artist deserves feedback. 

Recently saw a post that I think said artists shouldn’t leave a ship because of the small number of anons from irrelevant, opposing ships. Instead they should remember why they like the ship. 

You know, I still love my ship hard core and they’re still my inspiration- but the fandom, not opposing ships, has made me want to leave tumblr so many times. It’s silly to scream give me attention, but it was just so painfully clear that I didn’t belong in the same class as the legion of popular artists on tumblr. I’m only human, and insecurity that didn’t exist before exploded.

Posting art wasn’t fun anymore for me because I didn’t like my own art. And not liking my own art, I relied on feedback to provide a standard for evaluating my own art. That turned out terribly. Now watching people possibly making it not fun for the more well known artist friends, I don’t know what to say.

People forget artists are people who come with the whole package, the valid opinions and feelings and all. And while the popular ones are harassed with an overwhelming amount of attention, praise and hate that ignore their opinions, the not popular ones are left alone and their valid insecurity and efforts are ignored.