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Verily, in a future where dividing by zero has its benefits, on another episode of…

Redwall a la Youtube

Episode Nine: A True Hero With Eyes

In which Readwhile, a self-sustaining Abee, is somehow running out of supplies, and we as viewers are forced to accept such a blasphemous plot device. This episode also features inspiration from several popular and deeply beloved family films, including the Saw franchise, Rosemary’s Baby, and The Shining. Goody!

The infamous Asthma Day Sauce is now a serpent of distant memory. Two episodes in to our filler arc, the orchards, gardens, and beehives located within Readwhile Abee have disappeared from existence. Alas, our friends seem to be nearly out of food supplies spices, and whatever will they do without them? Viewers will despair right alongside the Readwhilers as they contemplate how useless a kitchen without nutmeg can be. But cheer up, friends! A new hero arises in this episode, and it’s the one, the only… Follow the Spice Up.

Follow is a travelling spice merchant. Intercepted in his car on the way to Readwhile Abee, Follow’s female companion is taken hostage by Clooney and his vermin gang. Clooney, who has been working on leveling his druid subclass, recently communed with a bird to discover Readwhile Abee was low on spices. The bilge rat forces Follow to participate in his evil schemes… because honor (no seriously, watch the episode).  Follow’s ridiculously convenient and totally not suspicious solo arrival at the Abee is a source of immense relief to Coneflower, as we find out that the Farther Habit is mad addicted to nutmeg and has been pressuring Coneflower for his fix. Per the Farther Habit’s bidding, Coneflower bargains with Follow to obtain +1 nutmeg. The experience of bargaining enlightens Coneflower, and she realizes she never needed a man in her life anyway. The score is now Coneflower 1, Missed-Highest 0.

From this point on, the episode becomes a bad case of DO NOT WANT. Later that night, Follow convinces Coneflower to come alone with him (trap #1) to see some of his rare spices that he never shows anybeast else (trap #2) and he sweetens the deal by telling her that she could probably “bargain [him] to a very low price” (trap #3). Against every core value of her character, Coneflower agrees to accompany him to his stash… until she ends up in a Mostflour rendition of a torture scene from any given horror movie. Y’know, just kid’s stuff!

If anything, props to Clooney for helping to perpetuate the damsel in distress stereotype.

Confrontation - Mylockedforgood - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Summary: Molly tries to confront Jim about Sherlock’s accusation of him being gay. It doesn’t go as planned.

This is my first Molliarty fic, so I’d really appreciate any feedback! 


Summary: In which Woohyun is a reckless race biker and you just can’t get enough of him

“You could’ve died, are you stupid?!”

“Let’s make a bet.”

“But what if we get caught?”

Genre: angst & fluff i guess??, racer!woohyun

Word count: 706

You can request a drabble similarly from my drabble game for Infinite and BTS.

Originally posted by namgyusoo

Nam Woohyun, that punk. He’s the funniest guest of every party, the most handsome male and campus and not to mention, a talented biker who just loves to live and lives to love. He would never miss a race, no matter how dangerous it may have been. Throughout his career he only suffered small injuries, just a few bruises and two fractured bones at most. If Y/N wasn’t by his side to hold him back when it was necessary he would have hurt himself a lot more. But thankfully, he had her.

Y/N was a rational girl with strong opinions and she wouldn’t step back until she got what she wanted. It was the same when she thought a certain trick was too dangerous and wouldn’t let Woohyun try it, no matter how much he protested. It was funny on the outside, a petite girl shouting with a tough racer until he gave in. But that is only what love brought out of the both of them. Y/N wanted to take care of him and Woohyun let her, most of the time.

Not this time, however. It’s been at least 30 minutes since Y/N started giving him a piece of her mind on how stupid it was to attend an illegal race as he was about to. This time, Woohyun didn’t surrender.

Let’s make a bet. You let it go just this time and enjoy seeing me win. If I lose, tomorrow I’ll take you wherever you want to go. If I win, I can go to the next race without you telling me not to.” He shot her his signature smile which never failed to make her knees weak.

“Woohyun, it’s not like this. You can get yourself in big trouble. What if the police comes and takes you? Have you even seen the track? It’s full of U-turns and there’s shattered glass and debris all over the place! What if you fall and hurt yourself?” There she was again, thinking about the worst case scenario. Woohyun always found this side of her somewhat annoying but really hot at the same time.

“And what if you trust me and let me make you proud of me?” He pulled her close, embracing her with his muscular arms. “Racing is no fun if you don’t get caught a few times.”

But what if we all get caught? It’s not just fun and games if the police takes everyone.” She continued, trying to make him change his mind which didn’t seem to work as well as usual.

“Don’t you think I would be the first one to pick you up and flee the scene? We’d be long gone before they could start the engine in their old cars.”

“No matter what I say, you will go there, right?” She let out a smile, slowly giving in. “Don’t make me say I told you at the end.”

The crowd was cheering on the four racers remaining in the last lap, one being Woohyun not so surprisingly. Y/N stood by the fence, concern and excitement mixing in her expression. She really enjoyed seeing him do what he really enjoyed, however she wouldn’t be able to watch him get severely injured. Rusty pieces of metal hang out every here and there, making the race even more dangerous. If someone fell there, it could harm them pretty bad.

The contestants were only a few feet away from the finishing line, only one turn remaining in which Woohyun drifted, sliding off the rail and stopping near a bundle of sharp metal pieces and broken glass before he could get back on track. The race was lost by then, as both three racers crossed the finish line before he could perceive what really happened. Y/N ran to him and pulled his helmet off his head.

You could’ve died, are you stupid?! See? I told you, you almost hit that-”

“I’m fine, aren’t I?” Woohyun interrupted her rant before leaning down to bring their lips together. It always worked, it always reassured her that he was unharmed, perfectly fine. He made sure to hold as close as possible before pulling away, only to grin at her with sparkling eyes. “So, where are we going tomorrow?”

A brown piano

Originally posted by panic-kpop

<> character: Min Yoongi | BTS 

<> genre: fluff 

<> word count: 1.111

<> warnings: none 

<> summary: Min Yoongi discovers a strange object in his house and decides to inspect it. 

<> author’s comment: this is the first fic that I have posted on here so please be nice but tips and comments are always appreciated. I am sorry it isn’t very long but I felt like this story didn’t need more words. Like I said comments or likes are appreciated! :) 

- admin Bluebell 

It was a normal spring day when little Min Yoongi’s life changed forever. The sun was at its brightest when he had been walking home from school. Little Min Yoongi was, at that time, oblivious to the world around him and the wonders it had to offer. As he was walking the streets of his home town he didn’t notice the way the light hit the window of the 7/11 on the corner of the street. It created the most beautiful colours but to Min Yoongi they were invisible. The colours were left to be gawked at and admired by other people. He walked straight past the familiar store without realising its simple beauty.

As little Min Yoongi walked past a park he didn’t notice the flowers that were in full bloom. The lovely different flowers that were rooted into the ground. There was a little pond with water so blue and transparent it looked like the pond was filled with the sky instead of water. Little ducklings were swimming and playing in this pond, what to them must have been an ocean, whilst an old lady threw some bread into the water, providing the little animals with some food. Behind the old lady there was a dog running around, chasing the ball that his owner had thrown, enthusiastically. A runner enjoyed his time jogging in the sun and listening to his favourite music whilst a  young woman who was lying in the grass, was deeply immersed in her book. There was so much to look at and so many things to wonder about and yet again he walked straight past it all.

Min Yoongi wasn’t interested in these things. He didn’t pay attention to the little wonders in life and preferred to ignore them. Never had he understood why people enjoyed looking at these obnoxious and overrated moments. Why should and would they be more special than the big joys in life. The warmth of  sunrays on your back whilst sitting on the ground in a room of your house shouldn’t be happier than kissing the one you love. The wind rustling softly isn’t a more beautiful sound than your mother telling you she loves you. Why should people learn to appreciate things that are just too little to appreciate? Maybe that’s why little Min Yoongi found it hard to appreciate himself. Maybe he was just too little.

After walking for about fifteen minutes, he was almost home. He had managed not to look at the world around him for these fifteen minutes. It almost felt like an achievement, though a silly one. When he had taken a couple more turns and walked a few more meters, Yoongi finally reached his front door. He pushed his tiny hands into his pockets, fishing for the keys that would open the door to his safe haven. The material of the keys made contact with his fingers and he quickly pulled them out, thrusting them into the keyhole. The door groaned and creaked but, as always, opened and welcomed Yoongi back home.

As soon as his little feet stepped through the doorway there was a change in the air. Dust particles were illuminated everywhere by the sun sneaking in through the windows. Why was there so much dust flying around? He thought. Walking further into the house, he noticed there was a chair where it wasn’t supposed to be and a table pushed slightly to the left so a bigger space had been created. That’s odd. It looks like someone had pushed furniture around to create space so they could move something big through the room. Min Yoongi decided to ignore it and started walking to his room. However, passing one of the rooms he noticed the door was ajar. And when he peaked into the room he saw something he never expected to see standing in his house. A piano.

A brown piano, to be specific. His heart stopped beating for a couple of seconds and he was sure to be daydreaming. After what seemed like a lifetime of just staring at the strange instrument something struck him. There was a piano in that room and yet that wasn’t the thing. It was the way he had been looking at the light that was illuminating the piano, giving it a shiny glow. He got surprised because for the first time in a long time, he had looked at a little wonder and didn’t not like it. In fact, it made a foreign warm feeling spread through his entire body, all the way down from his toes to the end of his ears.

Little Min Yoongi wanted to feel the warm feeling again. He wanted to have that warmth spread through him again and again and again because it made him feel nice. He sneaked another glance at the piano and felt a little tingling in his fingertips. As if they were yearning to touch the instrument and use it. Maybe that was the way to feel the warmth again, so he slowly pushed the door open wider and tiptoed inside cautiously. Almost afraid of scaring the big thing away. As he reached the piano now he was the one afraid. What was he supposed to do? Never had Yoongi touched a piano, let alone seen one in real life so how was he to know how the device worked. Taking a wild guess he slowly lifted the top and it revealed something he had only ever seen in his dreams. Beautiful white and black keys were on display in front of him.

The tingling in his fingertips became stronger and shyly he raised one of his fingers. Closing his eyes he reached for a random key and a very deep yet rich sound interrupted the quietness of the room. All the little hairs on his arms were raised and he didn’t dare open his eyes. Did he really just make that sound? Did he really do that with just his finger? And at that moment it was the second time in just a couple of minutes he realised he liked a little wonder. Yoongi realised that something so small and simple could sound better than your mother telling you she loves you. Yet little Min Yoongi didn’t realise that that little moment would change his life. Not always would the change feel good and produce the warmth he yearned for, but whenever he needed it the most it was always there for him. And it never stopped being as magical as the first time his finger had touched the instrument. That always stayed a little wonder he would appreciate.

itschildofthefairies  asked:

Uh okay i'mma ask for Annalogia cuz I'm thirsty for it xD Lessee, I've been digging childhood AUs, so how about the two of them are exploring a cave, and Acno gets hurt protecting her from something and there's slight angst and friendship (I'm bad with ideas on the spot idk xD)

Summary=  “I think you’re my friend.” Anna confessed. “And so our friendship is filled with magic, too.”

Pairing= Annalogia.

Rate= T.

Chapters= One-Shot.

Happy belated Birthday my cinnamon roll @itschildofthefairies! I hope you had a lovely day with family and friends, and that you like this! Sorry for the delay in writing this request btw! Anyways, enjoy!

Just A Little More

“Wait!” Anna cried, trying to hold her long skirt so it wouldn’t be ripped by the hard rocks under her feet, “Acnologia! Hold on!”

The boy walking in front of her did not move, obviously ignoring her. He was close enough to hear her pleads, and the fact that he decided not to react hurt her little heart.

She didn’t know why he was so mad. Even if his personality made him look tough, he was just as young as her, if only two years older, but he was still a kid and a kid should always smile. That’s what her mother taught her, and the reason as to why she befriended him.

Acnologia had been a kid with no hope of life in his hard eyes. At first sight, she’d thought of returning that spark to him, no matter what it took.

She couldn’t say she was doing a good job, though. Acnologia seemed to dislike her and her cheerful attitude, often brushing her off.

He’d even thrown away that candy she’d given him on his birthday months ago. Why couldn’t he take a little good, like everyone else? The times were hard on people, specially the poor, that’s what Anna heard. Acnologia himself had murmured something about her coming from a wealthy family and only pitying him.

She didn’t understand very well, so she kept coming for him.

But now the sky was dark gray, clouds moving fast. The wind was strong, making her hair a mess, as well as her white dress. It was looking all dangerous, but Acnologia was still walking and she wasn’t going to leave him alone.

“Acnologia!” Anna shouted, frowning in annoyance when he still didn’t reply. “Stop there! You’ll get hurt!”

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Art for zarah5`s fic “Hold my breath”.

Summary: AU. It’s possible — possible — that his three-week ban from the football pitch makes Louis just a tad antsy. Surely it’s not so bad that it warrants punishment in the form of his friends signing him up for a yoga class? Either way, Louis is determined to hate every second of it.

He didn’t count on a yoga instructor who wears flower-patterned headscarves and smiles like summer won’t end.

punk-responsibly-yo  asked:

I'm sorry I'm not really active in the fandom and Id like to know what's happening, of course that's if you don't mind me asking.

Hey there, of course I don’t mind. Very sorry for the late reply, I had to think a little about how I wanted to summarize.

OVERALL SUMMARY: the same drama as always. People are immature, short-tempered and quick to jump to conclusions.


  • Apparently some bad apples threw themselves at each other in the gruvia and gajevy fandom like a pointless messy  food fight
  •  Fans continue liking and defending their characters
  •  Artists continue drawing what they like

That’s honestly it. 

Reason for upset people? Probably because they can’t understand why in the world an artist doesn’t want to draw something she doesn’t want to. 

THE TREND: The fairy tail fandom sometimes seems OBSESSED with “THE POPULAR PEOPLE” drawing their ships.

I swear sometimes they forget these are people, and instead see them as “the fandom’s possession” or things that pump out art for the fandom’s pleasure. 


  • She’s a gajevy artist?? who cares IS SHE GONNA PARTICIPATE IN GRUVIA FLUFF WEEK NO??WHY NOT?!? oh she’s a nalu artist but SHE SHOULD FUCKING DRAW JERZA INSTEAD”
  •  And when that artist doesn’t draw for the ship anymore, they’ll go “WE DON’T NEED YOU ANYWAYS DON’T BE SO HIGH AND MIGHTY”

Stop it. You have no right. Why does this affect why /you/ like a ship or prevent /you/ from contributing to the fandom yourself? Or appreciating /other artists/ who do draw in your fandom and try very hard? Nothing should justify you harassing an artist for not drawing your ship.

When there’s an announcement of a ship week, the first thing people will ask is IS THIS POPULAR ARTIST THAT POPULAR ARTIST PARTICIPATING? Doesn’t even matter if they usually draw for the ship. When did this become an exhibition that has to recruit artists instead of a time of communal celebration and contribution for a ship? 

CONCLUSION: PLEASE APPRECIATE ARTISTS THEY ARE PEOPLE THEY ALSO HAVE PREFERENCES but also don’t make the fandom all about a certain few & remember to appreciate the people in YOUR FANDOM instead of harassing those outside of it about it.

Hope this answers your curiosity ^^


PERSONAL OPINION AND RANT: Some of you may think “she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

And you’re partly right, because I’m not a big name, popular artist, and I’m not celebrated and harassed. Instead, I speak as someone who’s been in the gruvia fandom tumblr fandom quite a while, and despite my time here, have remained largely invisible. 

Popular artists are “inspirational, talented senpais” whose doodles will have more notes than things I work on for hours. I’m sure I speak for other artists out there too. Sure, I’m lacking in skill and talent compared to a number of artists, but any artist deserves feedback. 

Recently saw a post that I think said artists shouldn’t leave a ship because of the small number of anons from irrelevant, opposing ships. Instead they should remember why they like the ship. 

You know, I still love my ship hard core and they’re still my inspiration- but the fandom, not opposing ships, has made me want to leave tumblr so many times. It’s silly to scream give me attention, but it was just so painfully clear that I didn’t belong in the same class as the legion of popular artists on tumblr. I’m only human, and insecurity that didn’t exist before exploded.

Posting art wasn’t fun anymore for me because I didn’t like my own art. And not liking my own art, I relied on feedback to provide a standard for evaluating my own art. That turned out terribly. Now watching people possibly making it not fun for the more well known artist friends, I don’t know what to say.

People forget artists are people who come with the whole package, the valid opinions and feelings and all. And while the popular ones are harassed with an overwhelming amount of attention, praise and hate that ignore their opinions, the not popular ones are left alone and their valid insecurity and efforts are ignored.

mivyard  asked:

can u give me a quick rundown on what icos is about?? <3

I can definitely try. In a world that is still recovering from the extensive bombings of ww3, a super secret organization referred to as The Agency deals with international threats that the government can’t legally handle. Hsin Liu Vega is the deadliest weapon of the agency, but he is highly volatile and, after several failed attempts, civilian Boyd Beaulieu is designated as his partner/handler. 

That’s a dry intro, so let’s get to the good stuff. What makes this very long, very painful series worth it is the worldbuilding and the character development. Hsin and Boyd’s partnership is, essentially, what keeps them both alive. Hsin learns how to view himself as a person with wants and needs, regardless of how badly others have treated him. Boyd starts out as majorly depressed and isolated, only hanging on by virtue of blocking out his emotions, but he grows so much and opens up. 

I don’t know, it’s such a rich, captivating series, I had trouble putting it down. However, please be mindful of the trigger warnings here and here, it’s a heavy reading.

Find the books here

The suffering of addicts by fanfic
  • Brain: What have you done!?!?
  • Me: ... What does this mean?
  • Brain: ... OH MY GOD! Do not do that!
  • Me: ... Do what?
  • Brain: ... why !? Do you already have more than 30 fanfics waiting to be read ... WHY !?
  • Me: ... I'm sorry ... But this plot looks so good!
  • Brain ... What about the other now?
  • Me: ... I will read them first and then I see this
  • Brain: You know that your holidays are ending, right? This story has 200k and is still being released
  • Me: ... * sigh * I know ... I understand, but look at that summary! I NEED TO READ THIS!
  • Brain: ... You need to study to get higher grades. You need to form!
  • Me: ... * sigh * ... Please, just do not let me in bad today.
  • Brain: ... I give up.