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Ngl but the first time the Sheith ship sailed for me was that scene with Keith smiling and (jumping off) standing up when Shiro wants to go to bed lmao I was like "Whaat?? What is with that reaction and look??" I was even expecting him to be standing beside Shiro still with that eager look on his face when Shiro stopped at the door lmao

anatomy of a crime scene:

@dreamworks there is no explanation for this.

Character Analysis: Velvet Crowe

I know I shouldn’t be adding more fuel to the whole Berseria discourse that’s been happening since it’s definitely been beaten to death like a dead horse. Yes, there is misogyny and sexism prevalent in the game. Yes, I agree that it’s quite irksome at times and it gets me annoyed at certain characters as well. 

But put all that bullshit in a blender, shit on it, and pour it into the sewer and put it aside, then honestly, in my own personal opinion, Berseria has one of the strongest and memorable cast I’ve seen in a Tales game in a pretty long time. Plus, I’ve been itchin’ to do Berseria character analysis’ for awhile now.

I don’t speak for everyone or anyone other than myself for this one but I want to start off with how much I love Velvet.

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Me: The way love is blind is staged is so interesting and intentional. Whizzer and Marvin are obviously together because they are the only canon couple at the time. Trina and Mendel stand together but they aren’t touching because they aren’t in a relationship. Whizzer and Marvin are practically intertwined though signifying their intimacy. You can see that each character is relating the lyrics to their own lives. Trina is clearly thinking about Marvin whereas Marvin is thinking about Whizzer. And then there’s Jason. Hs is staring at his chess board. Obviously this is because he later sings, “My father says that love is the most beautiful thing in the world. I think games are, I think chess is the most beautiful thing not love.” The song is about love so Jason is thinking about chess. . Jason’s position also shows how the adults in the show neglect him in favor of their personal interests. They care enough to have given him a chess board and this is shown later in the show when they take interest in Jason health but only after they are all in somewhat established relationships. But the point is that love is blind is really the anthem of the first act of falsettos not only because it’s somewhat the moral of the show but because the staging mirrors the characters traits, ideas, and interests.

Cashier: Do you have any coupons you would like to use today?

i’m glad we’re all in agreement that shardilver is a good ship bc now i can post all the stupid things i’ve drawn with them lol :^)

Update (sort of?)

I know I haven’t been posting much writing recently, and honestly I don’t know if I have a real excuse. I guess my health hasn’t been great, and I’ve also hit a block. I’m really really hoping I can get back into it soon. I’m trying. I’m so sorry if there’s anyone waiting on updates for my fics.


(( *Actually randomly gives (normal) roses to female costumers.

Look at what you’ve made me draw. Look at what you’ve done.
Are you proud of yourselves? Are you proud of this atrocity? :“^) ))

Ugh you guys I just need you to know that last night I dreamed I was watching supernatural and when Dean saw Cas was alive again he strode up and kissed him full on the mouth and it was so beautiful I cried

… and then when I woke up I nearly cried some more because it didn’t really happen



I Will...10/10

Well, this is it. Mrs.Bertucci has given her stamp of approval! I promised a fluffy, happy ending, and I hope this delivers! (She did approve it, after all!) I’m on vacation, on my surface, so it’s hard for me to copy links; I’ll update this post when I’m not using this horrible app!

Thank you all for reading!

Ten x Rose…with Martha and Donna, and of course the TARDIS!

…follow you anywhere

The Doctor stretched his mind, searching for Rose. Nothing. She didn’t answer. The warmth of her mind didn’t reach for his, even across the Void. His mind was as cold and empty as after the Time War.

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Floating in the space between
All of my emotions
Touching every single one
But still feeling nothing

You say it scares you
When I say I feel empty
Well it would scare me too
But I got so used to it
It feels like the only option

And I will try not to be
Selfish and overshare
It might just be better
For everyone if I
Never spoke again

After all,
I’m just another
Emotional wreck

—  I’m sorry once again