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ask box open? Ask box open!! can you do a scenario where Swerve and bot S/O's dancing but the S/O is (way) taller than Swerve so they did the thing where adults let kids stands on their foot???

“Come on, Swerve, relax,” his partner chided softly.  “I’ll do all the hard work, you just have to follow my lead.”

“Yeah.  Sure.  Okay,” Swerve mumbled, pressing his face against their leg in embarrassment.  He fumbled to stay atop of their much larger peds, as his partner gracefully glided across the floor of the empty bar like a pro.  Swerve was thankful that they probably wouldn’t be able to see the magenta flush creeping its way across his faceplate from their lofty vantage point.

He knew he was being silly, and probably childish, and quite possible a good many unpleasant adjectives in between, but the truth was he was feeling incredibly self conscious at that particular moment.  Normally, he didn’t think too much of their exaggerated differences in height, even going so far as to block out all the petty and teasing comments thrown his way by several of his less charming crew mates. 

But this was somehow different.  He had seen enough Earth movies (okay, every Earth movie, he supposed would be a more accurate statement) to know that the way they were dancing together now, with him standing on tiptoe on top of his partner’s feet, was traditionally reserved for small children and their parents.  It wasn’t a grand, sweeping display, and it certainly wasn’t romantic.  Above him, through the speakers, Paul Anka’s soft crooning implored some unnamed lover to put their head on his shoulder.  The sickening irony of it all was not lost on him.

He was so caught up in his own self pitying fantasies, that he didn’t even notice that they had stopped moving.  Swerve glanced up, noting his partner’s questioning, arched optic ridges and offered them a forced, tight lipped smile.

“What’s wrong?” they asked, seeing through his clever facade like the hero of an Agatha Christie detective series.

Swerve sighed, realizing that keeping the truth from them would be pointless.  “It’s just…” he mumbled, struggling to find the right set of words that wouldn’t make him sound like a complete idiot.  “It’s stupid really, but I feel kind of… silly… dancing on your feet like this…  I don’t know.  It’s fine.  Forget I said anything,” he rambled, the words tumbling from his clumsy glossa as he struggled to avoid meeting their scrutinizing optics.

They stepped back a few paces, allowing Swerve to slip off his place on top their peds.  Somehow this felt even worse than before.  Swerve swallowed thickly in anticipation.

“So…  the reason you’re freezing up like a cybernecrosis victim… is because I’m taller than you?”

Swerve burried his face in his hands.  He wondered what the chances were of a spontaneous air lock malfunction.  “I mean…  yes?  Essentially…”  Gods, how he wished that the floor would swallow him up right now. 

“Would this help?” he heard them ask, accompanied by the familiar, slight tingling feeling in the surrounding air that signified hollomatter manipulation.

When he looked up, they were standing before him, all soft skin and bright eyes and delicate, smirking lips.  They were still tall by human standards, but at least this way they were much closer to eye level with one another.  Swerve gave them a lopsided grin.  No matter how many times he’d seen them in their avatar state, it never failed to make his spark surge.

“Better?” they asked, almost teasingly, as they stepped lightly onto Swerves peds and placed both hands as far around his waist as the program’s anatomy would allow.

Sweve nodded, his grin spreading wider across his face as a giddy chuckle escaped from his throat.  “Yeah.  I am rather.  Yes.”

His partner’s eyes crinkled in amusement.  Above them, Paul Anka’s voice faded softly away into nothingness and Bobby Darin took over with “Dream Lover”, setting the rhythm for the next dance.

“You big baby,” the teased lightly, placing a soft kiss to Swerve’s rapidly heating faceplate. 

Recommended Listening 

Paul Anka - Put Your Head on my Shoulder

Bobby Darin - Dream Lover

@phil-the-stone can we consider this one as a “holding hands”?


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If requests are still open... Maybe Hanzo being comforted by Jesse? He's an angst boy. Your art is lovely btw! Gives me feels. :)

Waaah. I didn’t get time to finish the one properly but here you go. :) I’ll try to finish it over the next few days little star sunshine. :) 

  • Genji *thinking to himself*: I've known Jesse for a while, we're good together, but I don't want to come on too strong. I need to keep it casual. Just play it cool, keep it calm, and just enjoy what we have without making it weird.
  • Jesse: Hey look I saw this picture of a cat holding a knife in its mouth and thought of you!
  • Genji: I would die for you.

local pigeon steals hearts and $10,000 worth of government information


Hello everyone, did you know he actually purrs, i can’t believe this

also did you know that if you spend about a year without touching your tablet pen it gets extremely difficult to draw digitally again? ((doing this took me two days. two. days. i forgot how much i hated losing my progress bc i forgot to save and sai decided to crash :’)))) )


The People Behind K-Pop: Video production company VM Project Architecture

DANCE MAJORS AU. (Part 1, Part 1.5, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3 finale)
Hip-Hop dancer Keith in full body glory during his audition in Part 1. (¬ ‿ ¬)

Ballet Team Head (a.k.a. Keith’s crush): State your name and desired group.
Keith: Keith Kogane. The Street Team. Redbubble Shop


@mainhoonemily and @pbj-anonymous tagged me for the Favorite Pictures of Your Bias thing because apparently they want to see me suffer. Who can pick just a few favorite pictures of T.O.P?? Not me. That’s clearly impossible.

Tagging… whoever feels like suffering?