i'm back to show you guys my creativity

there are a lot of issues i have with this fandom.

however, one of the things that i’ve always really, really




is just how creative the people in this fandom are???

there are so many fantastic, interesting, wonderful AUs out there! so many talented artists and writers who’s creations are just absolutely beautiful and stunning! seriously, there may be some really ugly parts of this fandom but the creativity and content it manages to churn out every day just never ceases to amaze me. and the shitposts and memes, honestly they crack me up so much and have always made my day a little bit better, especially when i’ve been feeling down in the dumps. 

seriously, give yourself a pat on the back guys. this fandom and the show is what inspires me to create and share my own work with everyone else, and i just feel so happy to know that it does the same for everyone else. i’m so happy to be part of a fandom that inspires creativity in one another. 

i guess i’m just trying to say, thank you for existing, Voltron fandom! i love you so much!!   💙❤️💜💚💛