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So hype for The Evil Within 2 …..
I thought of an idea to draw all the designs (decline?) of Sebastian, and then made it into a little gif! Duran Duran is also one of my favorite bands of all time… so I couldn’t resist putting the lyrics in :) Can’t wait to see what happens in October to our fav Sad Dad Detective!!!


Lucifer + characters | gifset requested by: anonymous

Lucifer Morningstar | Devilish Handsome Man showing his Demon eyes

                                           ..  H o t 
                                                a s
                                             H e l l ..


is someone from the disney channel going to explain to me why mal bertha is looking at evie like she hung the fucking moon????


I’m sorry for the lack of content lately. Please accept this speedpaint video as a peace offering ;;

don’t ask me to say that i don’t love you


Padmé Amidala wanted kids, or the tragedy of the deleted scenes

I’ve seen some excellent meta about Padmé lately, and I’m so glad there’s been attention brought towards the facts she’s a complex female character, a woman that can kick ass and still be a romantic and marry a guy just because she’s in love. But I feel like so much of that complexity is lost, because they decided to cut so many of the Padmé-centric scenes. This scene, from attack of the clones, is called ‘extended arrival on Naboo’ and has Padmé and Anakin talking about how she became a senator. Not only does this scene tells us her people wanted to stay longer than she was allowed to, which makes her a damn good queen, but is also shows us conflict in Padmé’s life: she wants to do good, fight for democracy, but her position as a senator is also making it harder for her to have a family. This, work vs. family, is a conflict many women face and I’d have loved to have seen it. 

Not only would this have made Padmé a more interesting character, it would also have added to the tragedy of her life: she was so close to what she wanted, a loving husband and babies coming, the clone wars almost over, and then Anakin turned to the dark side and the dream ended. She stayed alive long enough to save her children, but she was never alive to see them grow up. her dream of being a mother, having a family was within grasp, only to have it taken away from her. 

In short: this short scene could have added so much, and to cut it out, along with so many others centered around her, was a mistake. Padmé’s life was a tragedy as much as Anakin’s or Obi-Wan’s was.