i'm back in the narnia tags!


Soooooo… I’M BACK???

Well well what was supposed to be simple holidays without a correct wifi connection turned out to be more of a small hiatus but eyh here i am, missing narnia and its kind fandom so much!

I’ve seen all the lovely messages in my inbox (you’re all so sweet to me… like wow….. i don’t deserve you…..) and my followers account is just I N S A N E since you are now 2058 following this smol narnia blog. Dafuck. Me is dead.

And i need to thank you all, so so much because woaaaaw this is amazing and this fandom is such a wonderful place, you freaking rock… YOU’RE THE BEST OKAY FIGHT ME ON THIS

So i did a lil makeover to my blog (becaaaaaaause i can, mostly) (i’m having fun okay) (don’t judge me), and i have a small queue with a few edits coming. I’m gonna tag a few fellow narnians whom i love very much (…. i’m pretty sure this sentence wasn’t english). I’M BACK \*^*/

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