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i know we all joke about niall having privileges when it comes to sony/syco/simon but it really is soooo odd how he hardly gets something isnt it? like he's rarely caught up in some drama or something, if he's ever have been in the middle of one because i honestly cant remember. dont know if they're just better to hide when it comes to niall or if he's really untouchable lol

Niall either murdered someone in front of them or saw them murdering someone. there’s no other options

A conversation that probably happened 2 years ago
  • BBC: okay Steven pitch us what you've got planned for Doctor Who and Sherlock for the next two years.
  • Steven: matt smith is leaving so I'm gonna make the Doctor into a sassy old Scottish bloke that plays guitar
  • BBC: um
  • Steven: and I'm gonna make the master a woman
  • BBC: okay-
  • Steven: who is like an evil Mary Poppins
  • BBC: ???
  • Steven: AND I'm gonna give Clara this amazing guy
  • BBC: oh that's nice-
  • Steven: and then I'm going to run him over so he will die violently.
  • BBC: why would you-?
  • Steven: also, Clara Oswald is bisexual
  • BBC: wh-?
  • Steven: with Jane Austen
  • BBC: Steven-?
  • Steven: oh right Sherlock, I'm bringing Moriarty back...
  • BBC: but didn't you say he was-?
  • Steven: and I'm giving you a Christmas special...
  • BBC: great!
  • Steven: that has nothing to do with the canon events of the show and features Victorian versions of the characters from my modern adaptation that were originally Victorian in the first place.
  • BBC: what the fu-?
  • Steven: oh yeah, and I'm bringing River and Davros back even though they're technically dead in the canon
  • BBC: So basically, you've ceased giving any f%#ks whatsoever?
  • Steven: that's correct
  • BBC: we're in
Jun: Just Ignore Me (pt 2)

Summary: part 2 of that junhui angst that y’all attacked me for

He calls you again. You consider blocking his number, but every time you try you can’t bring yourself to press the button. You don’t hesitate to push decline as you hunch forward over your mound of textbooks and assignments, preferring to focus on your school work than on your best friend.

Former best friend.

Your heart twinges in pain every time he’s brought up in conversation, and it’s gone on much longer than you anticipated. You thought you would be over him in less than a month. It’s been almost a year. Almost a year of ignoring calls on the daily and avoiding Junhui, even though his best friends are your best friends as well. It becomes increasingly harder each day. To the point where he finds himself standing at your door, ringing your doorbell.

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