i'm back did you miss me

Vodka was easier to swallow than the fact that you weren’t coming back.

“How to love your depressed lover.

Last night I thought I kissed the loneliness from out your belly button. I thought I did, but later you sat up, all bones and restless hands, and told me there is a knot in your body that I cannot undo. I never know what to say to these things. “It’s okay.” “Come back to bed.” “Please don’t go away again.” Sometimes you are gone for days at a time and it is all I can do not to call the police, file a missing person’s report, even though you are right there, still sleeping next to me in bed. But your eyes are like an empty house in winter: lights left on to scare away intruders. Except in this case I am the intruder and you are already locked up so tight that no one could possibly jimmy their way in. Last night I thought I gave you a reason not to be so sad when I held your body like a high note and we both trembled from the effort.
Some people, though, are sad against all reason, all sensibility, all love. I know better now. I know what to say to the things you admit to me in the dark, all bones and restless hands. “It’s okay.” “You can stay in bed.” “Please come back to me again.” -Thank you Donna-Marie Riley for the quote and inspiration, and thank you to my amazing boyfriend for helping these images come to life ❤️


(I assume that Alya knows and that’s why Mari texts her about this xD. Let’s say that “Zalya” wasn’t working for Marinette and she changed her contact name for something with H, okay? (?)

I’m back!!)

No one is going to love you as much as me or the way that I did. You’ll soon realize it when you’re laying there feeling empty next to her. You’re going to regret it, and you’re going to want to come back to me, but by then I’m long gone.

-I’ll be moving on now.


exo reacting to svt aju nice

baekhyun and kai: rowdy older brothers who hoot and holler encouragingly during their lil cousin’s princess fairy toddler ballet

suho: the mom that’s done with their bullshit

chen & xiumin: the sweet, supportive older siblings

chanyeol: the sibling that moved to france to study contemporary art and got into a fight with his family about it and is sitting a couple of seats away from his mom so he can enjoy the fairy princess toddler ballet in peace without all the family drama and ugliness

sehun: the one that really misses his contemporary artist sibling and tries so hard to stick close to him while hiding under a bratty clingy younger sibling mask bc he wants to look cool to his older sibling 

kyungsoo: the one that took a bathroom break in the middle even tho mom told him to go before it started and warned him not to go in the middle of the ballet

yixing: the tired university student that literally has an exam tomorrow but somehow got dragged into this mess

The Political Situation of Wanda Maximoff

Okay, I really did not want to get back to Wanda AGAIN - I’ve already written too much about her, but it appears that there is something that I missed. Imagine that.

It has been pointed out to me in a comment to a previous post ( @claustrophobiccaterpillar​ ) that it’s offensive that I noted Wanda not being an US citizen in reference to her so-called “locked in her room” situation. It’s NOT OFFENSIVE. It’s the truth.

Reality (because apparently I do have to spell it out):

Wanda is Sokovian.

Wanda has a history of hating the United States. She and Pietro came on SHIELD’s radar not just for anti-Stark protests, but also for anti-US sentiment. (This is something I read on the MCU wiki. I’m not sure where the information comes from. It could have been in AoS.)

Wanda is a former Hydra agent. She might have changed sides during Ultron, but that’s not the point.

Do any of you even understand the concept of a VISA? Even before Trump, it wasn’t easy for an immigrant to go through the vetting process involved in allowing a permanent stay on US soil. I’m not an American, but I know that much. How did Wanda Maximoff manage it, do you think?

Likely, a combination of Steve vouching for her and Tony knowing all the right people. In reality, if things had been fair, in the post 9/11 world, chances are Wanda wouldn’t have gotten past the fucking airport. 

And realistically, an immigrant will always have a frailer political standing in their adoptive country than they would’ve had in their home country. I honestly don’t know what her standing in Sokovia was post-Ultron (it could have been poor for all we know), but either way, it’s never the same. 

Then we have the fact that Wanda blew up 17 people in Lagos. It’s not her fault - that was Crossbones, you’re going to say. Yup, agree. It’s not really her fault. She tried her best. That doesn’t mean the situation doesn’t have to be investigated. Because THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS when civilians die in the operation of a law enforcement agency. An investigation, often accompanied by the suspension of the agent in question.

Her CO - in this case, Steve - should have been called to answer for the dead. I don’t think he ever was. He certainly seemed to wave off the incident far too quickly. Her training and her preparation for the field should have also been put into question. 

Anyway, chances are that Wanda’s less-than-ideal past just made things worse for her, and she was getting a lot of hate. Tony literally was trying to protect her.

Should he have communicated the situation better? Maybe. But given that at the time, he was trying to babysit fucking Steve Rogers, had to deal with Thaddeus Ross, had Peggy Carter dying on him - I think that Wanda having her “feelings hurt” is not that relevant in the big picture. And she wasn’t in a cell - she was at home, with the guy she was most comfortable with. Vision tried to explain - he probably wasn’t very clear about it - but he did try.

Either way, if it’s down to choice, it’s like this. Wanda did make a choice - to be an Avenger - and with that choice comes responsibility. You’re a hero, you accept that comes with conditions and consequences. 

And yes, I know that her leaving the Avengers compound is not solely on her. A good part of the blame is on Clint Barton, for being a shit stirrer. (Will address this in a later post). But she’s a grown woman, not a child.  She should have put her big girl pants and accepted responsibility for what she did - sat her ass down, gotten more training so that next time, she would do better, not run off half-cocked blowing up airports and throwing people into metal containers.

But hey - when everything she did in the past was just shoved under the carpet without her having to answer for it - what can you expect?

It’s all about Wanda’s agency being taken away. But what about the people who died in Johannesburg, huh? Do their choices, their lives, not count? What about Bruce Banner, forced to turn into the Hulk? I’m not even going to address Tony (I’ve done that before). I want YOU, the Wanda stan who came at me for my post on Tony, to answer me this. Why is it okay for Wanda to kill people via the Hulk? Tell me this, if nothing else. And why shouldn’t she have to answer for Lagos, like any freaking police officer who accidentally kills a person in the line of duty? ANSWER ME. Is she inherently better than them or what?

Give me a break.


Another icon collab between me and @fonbella, this time I did the coloring and she did the sketches<33 And I loved coloring her adorable doodles, not to mention how excited we are for Sun&Moon and seeing our fave gay trainers again!!<33 (Please note these were made for us, so do not use~)

In the near future...

FBI: Miss, we found some questionable material on your computer…
Me: *thinking* Oh shit, all that music I illegally downloaded back in middle school…
Me: *out loud* I don’t know what you’re talking about.
FBI: May we come in?
Me: *thinking* FUCK! How did they find out! It’s been like ten years and at least five pcs since…
Me: *out loud* It’s cool, I have nothing to hide
FBI Agent: *opens laptop* Would you mind explaining this?

Me: *sweats nervously*
FBI: You do realize this is a 15 year old, right?
Me: I don’t know how that got there!
FBI: Riiiiiight

“Then I stepped off the edge of the roof, right? And when he saw me hovering there, he was terrified, so I floated down until I was right in front of him and said, ‘Stranger things have happened.’” Damian paused, hand over his mouth to conceal his grin. “And then he turned himself in. Which was a little bit disappointing, to be honest, but I guess you can’t have everything.”
“That’s awesome!” Shazam exclaimed, leaning further across the table. Behind his rack of samples, Bruce was smiling too— he wasn’t spying exactly, but he would prefer not to interrupt. They were getting along, and he wanted to hear the rest of the conversation.
“One of the best parts was meeting the regulars, you know, because they would have this moment where they saw me, and you could see them wondering— Can they all do that? Have they always been able to do that?” Damian sighed. “It was great while it lasted.”
“So I guess you really miss having your powers?”
“Well…” Damian tapped his fingers thoughtfully against the table, looking out at the patch of space visible from the Watchtower window. “It was an advantage. But do I really need an advantage? Obviously not. I’m just as capable now that I’m back to normal.”
Bruce wasn’t sure that “normal” was the right word for an eleven year old assassin who had recently returned from the dead, but he wasn’t about to point that out. Those superpowers had been a problem— one more thing to worry about. He was glad they were gone.
“He’s cute,” muttered a voice from behind him. Bruce turned around to face it— Diana.
“He needs more friends,” Bruce told her, as Damian and Shazam continued to chatter away.
“Is that why you bring him up here?”
“That and I can’t actually stop him from coming.” He motioned her up to the gap in the shelf that he was using as a peephole. “He doesn’t like to be left out.”
The two of them stood side by side, focussed on the conversation in front of them.
“You have like, the coolest job in the world,” Shazam said.
“Basically. It’s fine for now.” Damian pulled a batarang out of his belt and spun it idly across the table.
“What’s cooler than being Robin?”
“Being Batman. I’ll get there eventually.”
Bruce felt Diana nudge him in the ribs. She raised an eyebrow at him and smiled.
“You really think you’re going to be Batman someday?”
“Of course. Somebody has to be in charge.” Damian bent down to examine the scratch he’d put in the table. “Nobody in their right mind would let Hood anywhere near the cowl, and have you ever met Red Robin?”
“I don’t think so?”
“Well he’s an idiot, so that wouldn’t work either. I was born to be Batman, and if my father ever dies, I will be.”
“If?” Diana whispered. Bruce shrugged, vaguely flattered.
“His grandfather’s been alive for a few centuries, and a month ago, he rose from his own grave. Mortality is a fluid concept right now.”
Diana put a hand on his shoulder. “He wants to be just like you.”
“He wants to be better than me. I think he could manage it.” Bruce smiled fondly at his son from behind his rack of samples. “I should get him home.”
He strode out into the center of the room. “Robin? Time to go.” As Damian turned towards him, Bruce grabbed one of his wrists and swung him one-handed out of his chair, catching him by surprise. Damian dangled a few inches above the floor for a couple of seconds before Bruce set him down.
“Come on,” Bruce told him. “Time for bed.”

Anon requested JLA + Damian’s “I’m going to be Batman” speech