i'm awkward in pictures

I’m not really into this kind of selfie things lately, but I guess is the time to do it. 

I’m so glad to tell you I finally got enough money to buy the glasses and treatment I needed, and the ophthalmologist said that, luckily, I wouldn’t need surgery!!

So, I’d like to give all my love to the people who kindly supported me through the commissions and loving messages! Thank you! <3 

(i’m still working on the comissions left, so i still have a lot of work to do ;v; <3


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

Imagine Person A is an artist and they’re out in public drawing a picture of Person B when Person B isn’t around. Some stranger walks up to Person A’s drawing at points to the drawing, saying, “Oh my god, this person is so hot!” Person A remains silent and blushes furiously, then quickly holds the drawing to their chest so the stranger can’t see it.

sorry to report that the ao3 tag generator is still hilarious to me

awkward aus

· “wtf it’s like the third to last day of school and you walked into the wrong classroom what even are you” au
· “hey so I gave you a fake name when I ordered my coffee but you wrote your number on my cup and we arranged a date now how do I tell you that the foundings of our relationship were based on a lie” au
· “I need to break into this classroom to get my pencil bag back, and someone told me that you’re good at picking locks sTOP LAUGHING I NEED MY PENCILS” au
· “I’m a doctor and you’re apparently here because… oh. You have an entire carrot shoved up your ass. I’m trying my best to be professional but oh my god why a carrot and not something that’s, I don’t know, not pointy and edible” au
· “I have terrible aim and was trying to throw this raw egg at my friend from far away and I’m sO SORRY THIS WASN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN shit you’re really cute but nOW YOU’RE CRYING I FUCKED UP” au
· “I tripped on nothing in the middle of the hallway and people are staring and I want to die but you spontaneously trip and lie down on the ground with me thank you you’re an angel” au


Getting caught smoking in the house.

Ohkay then.


But these two pictures are my favorite because I took on of and with Nipah then gave him one. He is like super duper talented (look at that Firelord Zuko) but he is also really nice and was always smiling even when I thought I was bugging him. I’m just glad I got these pictures and it went so much better than the last time I asked for one.