i'm awful with titles lol


[text] Sola?

[text] Sola?

[text] I’m sorry, okay?

[text] I’m exhausted and grouchy with being cooped up

[text] And I’m really sorry I was an asshole

[text] Nine told me to say sorry but he shouldn’t have to ‘cause 

[text] I should be able to say I’m sorry without being told to

[text] So I’m sorry


Bill Murray in Meatballs (1979)

Coming To an End || Matt/Jayma

Jayma was more than thankful that she had been asked back for the final two episodes of glee. She couldn’t believe the show was coming to end after six years. There had been plenty of ups and downs over the course of those years but Jayma couldn’t deny that Glee was an important part of her life. She parked her car on the lot, finally arriving after quite a long traffic filled drive. She hopped out of the vehicle, slung her bag over her shoulder and did a quick look around to see if she spotted any of her cast mates.