i'm awful when it comes to doing that

The Ace Attorney fandom is so awful lmao. Like I love this series and its characters with all my heart and I’m lucky to have found a group of people I can actually stand talking to, but in general, it’s so shitty.

I really need to find somewhere that Tumblr hasn’t infested to move to when it comes to AA. Maybe Dreamwidth since they have actual closed groups and things. Not this stupid website where it’s just a big clusterfuck and you can’t look in any tag without seeing some stupid shit spewing from the mouths of idiots.

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Hi Dicta! I love your blog!! Do you know of anyone who is still doing themed drarry rec lists? They're so much fun, but most of the big reccers are pretty adamantly NOT taking requests. Thanks!

Hey anon! I know the reccers who used to do this, myself included, are adamantly NOT taking rec requests because the requests got so shitty and entitled and unrelenting and rude and awful that we just couldn’t keep doing it without being miserable and/or cringing at the site of a (1) over that inbox icon. Like, bad to the point that I hesitated to answer this because I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, let alone someone who does this kind of great, important work for fandom.  But I figure that where people are doing it because they’re still enjoying it, so as far as I know @drarrymoi, @sleepydrarry, and @dragontamerdrarry are taking them at the moment. I’ve also got a list of h/d blogs, including reccers, here. HOWEVER:

If you are going to ask for recs BE KIND TO YOUR RECCERS!! Since there is sometimes (let’s be nice and say) confusion about what that means:

  • read any guidelines they have for rec requests!
  • respect their guidelines! don’t ask for things they say they don’t do!
  • check their past recs and don’t ask for things they’ve already done!
  • when commenting on fic they’ve recced, mention how you got there!
  • ask one reccer and only one reccer so people aren’t duplicating their efforts
  • be clear and specific in your ask
  • if it’s something you can easily google, do that first/instead!
  • remember that you are talking to a person!!!! a person who is volunteering time to help you and fandom which they do not have to do!
  • say please! say thank you! tell them you appreciate it! be nice!
  • Ruby: Hey Blake. Do you have a minute? *Ruby asked as she walked into Blake's cabin within the airship they used to travel to Patch.*
  • Blake: *Blake looked up from her book at Ruby and set the book down.* Sure. What's on your mind?
  • Ruby: *The hooded girl walked in right to the chair across from the bed where her friend sat, taking a seat as she claps her hands together and takes a deep breath through her nose.* ... I'll get straight to the point. *Ruby said pointing at Blake after a moment of silence.* You are in love with my sister right?
  • Blake: *At this the cat Faunus's ears short straight up.* E-Excuse me?
  • Ruby: My sister. You. In love with her. Correct? *Ruby phrased.*
  • Blake: *Blake stared at the younger huntress who stared unblinking at her.* I... What brought this up?
  • Ruby: Blake, It has been nearly a year, A YEAR, since we last saw each other and after we all got back together you haven't been about to take your eyes off her. *Ruby said bluntly.* Even after you told us all why you left, you kept looking at Yang.
  • Blake: *At first Blake's nervousness grow at the fact Ruby has taken notice to her inability to keep her eyes off of her sister, worried that it meant Yang surely noticed as well, until she pushed those thoughts away and thought it be best to create a small lie.* Ruby. I was looking at her arm. I know I shouldn't have but I just couldn't help but feel awful about what happened to her bec- *Blake started, knowing that it was partly true due to the heart break and guilt she felt when she first saw the robotic arm. Unfortunately, Ruby instantly called her bluff.*
  • Ruby: Uh-huh. Because we all know Arms come in different colors and are in our head. How else do we see? Oh wait those are our eyes. *Ruby sarcastically claimed, rolling her eyes while Blake frowned at being caught in the lie.* Sigh. Blake. I'm not judging you. It's okay if you do love Yang. Heck, I would be really happy I may get another sister if you do.
  • Blake: You... You would? *Blake questioned with some surprise.*
  • Ruby: Yeah. Of course. *Ruby smiled happily.* Why?
  • Blake: Well I mean, I'm... You know. *Blake muttered as she wiggled her ears.*
  • Ruby: What? Because you're a girl too? Come on Blake you know me and Yang.
  • Blake: No Ruby. I'm talking ab-wait what? *Blake stopped mid-sentence as she was once again surprised by her team leader.* You and Yang are... gay?
  • Ruby: Yeah. Well, I am. Yang is bi. *Ruby said slightly blushing.*
  • Blake: Heh, Looks like me and Yang have more in common then I thought. *Blake fought the urge to smile at the new information he learned about her partner, wishing she knew sooner but shook her head.* Anyway, what I meant before was because I'm a faunus.
  • Ruby: Blake. You being a faunus doesn't matter to any of us. In fact, I'm going to let you in on a secret only if you answer my question about how you feel about Yang and promise me something.
  • Blake: What promise?
  • Ruby: *Ruby stood up from the chair and moved next to Blake.* Promise me that you will never leave us, leave Yang, again. That you'll come to us and let us help and protect you, no matter what. *Ruby then wrapped her arms around Blake to pull her into a hug.* We are family, Blake. We love you just as much as you love us. One of us even more. *she whispered that last bit.*
  • Blake: . *Blake smiled as she returned the hug and after a few seconds spoke softly.* I promise... and yes.
  • Ruby: Glad to hear and to have you back Blake... Just know that if you break Yang's heart I will never forget you.
  • Blake: Hehe, Glad to be back Ruby. And Trust me, I will never leave her or any of you again. *Blake said, Watching Ruby smile then rise from the bed and headed towards the door.* Wait Ruby. What's the secret?
  • Ruby: *She paused at the doorway and looked back over her shoulder with a teasing smile.* Yang Reeeeeeally loves your cat ears. *That said Ruby disappear with a trail of rose petals leaving a blushing Blake alone with her thoughts.*

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So, I wont beat around the bush, I am an awful writer. I think I'm decent at reading analysis and verbal discussion, but when it comes to writing I struggle. It's like I'm trying to squeeze blood from a rock. My profs tell me I'm thoughtful, insightful, and I have a strong writers voice, but that I struggle with basic expression. I've gone to get writing help with tutors on campus, but my writing just isn't improving. Do you have any tips from one English student to another?

Lucky for you, tutoring/teaching English essay writing is literally my job. My basic tips would be: 

  1. Go through my “academic writing” tag and see if anything jumps out to you.  
  2. Keep your sentence structures simple. If a big problem is your expression, then the best thing you can do is keep your sentences short. Try to stick to one subject + one verb + one object basics for the most part. (At least until this stops being a problem.) 
  3. Similarly, keep your word choice simple. Contrary to common belief, big words don’t automatically make your expression stronger. 
  4. P. E. E. Try to follow “Point. Example. Explanation.” structure. Make sure you provide an example for every point you make, and then make sure you explain it in your own words. That can often be a stumbling block for students trying to actually express their analysis. 
  5. PRACTICE. If you’ve been going to see tutors and you still don’t see a difference, then the best thing you can do is practice. I see the biggest changes in students who take this advice and do exercises on their own. Pick a passage you think would be interesting to analyze. Write a few paragraphs on it. Make up an essay question and give yourself an hour and a half to see what you can do with it. Take those practice essays to your tutors and see what new criticism they have. Ask them to pick your individual sentences apart or, if that’s against department policy, then find a friend or (preferably) a private tutor who would be willing to put that much work into your writing! Let them help you get better one sentence at a time.

Best of luck! Getting a hang of essay writing can be a long and frustrating process, but I promise it gets easier the more you do it. That your profs think you’re insightful and good at analysis is already a great starting point! 

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So yours truly went on a blind date, & it sucked. One of my friends set me up with a guy she knows, that she thought would hit it off with me. Midway through our date we started talking about our interests, & I mentioned I do MMA. He was like "I do it too, but that's not really a girl's place. I mean if you keep that up you'll stop looking pretty & start looking too buff. I mean you don't want to lose your nice physique, do you?" Date went south from there. I'm now a bummed noperope.

ugh that’s fucking stupid as hell. He’s awful. This is exactly why I got my blackbelt when I was in ninth grade. Guys always think they’re tougher and better at everything and then sparring would come around. I gave a kid a concussion bc I was fed up with him XD find a new guy. Some guys actually appreciate women who know how to fuck shit up in a ring. <3 best of luck.

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((Lol omfg okay so, I was scrolling through some older posts on this blog, back when Thicky was still a fairly recent character, and??? the mun is just so cute and sweet?? and omfg there was so much adorable stuff with your ocs?? I'm love this omfg. Also, some stuff is so scary in here I was literally like "jesus fucking christ this mun is so creepy how do you even come up with a character like Fucky". Tl;dr: Even tho I'm sensitive to sad things, I'm absolutely in love with this blog. Love u.))

//awe thank you ! thats so nice of you to say (:

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You're my principal source of inspiration when it comes to art. You're such a talented artist and I'm in awe of your ability to master a quick and cartoonish style and a very detailed one #artbookofkindnessgame


thank you so much for this. i really appreciate that!! and i can assure you support like this is absolutely invaluable to the art community :’)

Anonymous said:

Honestly I love when artists on your level make a point to help people who are just starting out. I want to do art, but I get really discouraged because I’m not Good. But seeing the change in people’s art over time and seeing the progress that a few years can bring always gives me hope. ❤ So thank you for being encouraging.

of course!! i really wish i’d seen more encouragement when i was starting out, but you’ll receive a natural introverted feel from most art communities, so it’s hard to feel like you’re a part. but i love seeing things created, and i’d hate for someone to quit just because they got frustrated.

thank you for finding something in it that helps push you forward! happy arting!

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How to manage to study when you're sick?? It's finals week next week and I'm feeling awful 😭

Hello!  Here are a few things that could help:

  • prepare yourself in the morning - have breakfast, brush your teeth, wash your face/shower, drink some water, stretch, get dressed! Getting yourself ready and not staying in your pj’s will really help! I always will do a little morning routine before I study/revise/read/etc.
  • get smaller things done early - I prefer to do menial tasks in a morning like tidy my bedroom/bathroom/desk etc. One, I like to have everything in order but two, it means I’m more alert when it comes to getting on!
  • figure out what priority everything needs to be done in - depending on how you like to organise you can either plan it out in subject order or use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix which decides the urgency and importance of each task. If you need an example, here is one! It can just give you a bit more structure on what needs to be done first.
  • break up your time - do not work for hours on end! Try to work for about 25-30 minutes with short breaks in between. If you need some help on managing your time, check out this post. During your breaks, treat yourself to something nice and relaxing!
  • look after yourself - make sure you’re drinking enough, eating right, getting sleep! Take medicine when you can. Use things like nasal sprays, Vicks vapor rubs to help ease your symptoms. Maybe looking down to write notes isn’t the best option if you’ve got a runny nose, so maybe try work from your computer!
  • make your study space productivity - make sure it is bright, clear and organised! Gather all the things you need so you don’t have to get up every 5 minutes. Also, if you can try to study away from your bed. You’ll be more inclined to sleep if you on it. Keep a glass of water and tissues close by.
  • take it easy and don’t punish yourself - look, you’re sick and it is fair enough that you aren’t your usual productive self. It is awesome you’re trying so don’t get upset if you don’t get everything finished because you’re a little slower than normal. don’t stay up late - try to finish your work before you have dinner at night. It is always nice to just curl up on the sofa and watch a movie when you’re sick. If you can get the priorities done, then you can relax!

Hope you’re feeling better soon xx

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I'm here to request something innocent 😂 Hc baking with Soda?

-Soda is a good person to bake with
-but he’s the guy who is like dead set on cracking the eggs no matter what
-he loves secretly eating the ingredients
“Wait, wasn’t there suppose to be two bags of marshmallows? I could have swore I had two”
“I don’t think you did! Let me go get another bag”
-that bastard totally ate the second bag of marshmallows
-is pretty good at measurements
-is awful at stirring because he gets tired
“You do it baby I’m tirreeedddddd”
-is impatient when it comes to waiting for it to bake
“Is it done yet??”
“no baby the times hasn’t gone off yet”
-but oh my god he’s even worse when waiting for it to cool
-he immediately regrets having his tongue burned
-you have to kiss him better
“Your kisses are even sweeter than this dessert”

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Am I cursed?! I finally had my first dream about BTS and it was KookMin on top of that!! But it was so traumatically sad.. Jimin was an omega who was settling down with Jungkook, and he was pregnant and so happy. But he had a miscarriage it devastated him, he fell into a depression. Afterwards they tried times and times again but Jimin just couldn't get pregnant and Jungkook didn't know what to do to help him. He was a bystander as Jimin lost a lot of weight and lost himself as well :( I'm sorry

aw pup it’s sad your first dream had to be so sad :( you just broke my heart…..

Let me make it better:

Jimin is devastated when he’s told their baby isn’t there anymore. he tries to not let the pain consume him but the sadness is too much to ignore. Jungkook makes everything he can to make jimin happy again, and even if they try again and again there’s not luck. Apparently no pups are coming any time soon.

jimin feels sad, a failure; he had wished with all his might to have kids with jungkook but luck is not on their side. he had imagined little feet running around the house, hours to no end playing around the woods, the kids getting used to their four-legged form…. jimin curls into himself more and more as the days go by, sadness and hurt consuming all his being despite jungkook adamantly telling him that it’s ok, that they don’t need pups to be happy as long as they have each other. and jimin knows, jimin is happy with jungkook but his heart is too broken for the wound to heal so soon.

Until one day, in which jungkook had managed to get jimin out of their house to walk around the woods, they hear a little cry. it sounds sad and pained and after sharing a look they decide to go find it. they find a little pup trembling and howling desperatedly; it breaks their heart the poor thing seems to be alone, hungry and cold. They approach him with cautious steps, jungkook’s alpha-ness alerted the poor baby who looks terrified for a second but then relaxes once he smells jimin’s sweet and comforting scent.

They take him home, let him take a batch, have some food and by the end of the day the little kid is sleeping deeply on their sofa, the two adults looking at him fondly.

Turns out the kid is an orphan from a pack whom had been attacked; the kid tells them with details how after seeing both his parents die in the fauces of a delirious wolf he escaped and ran for days until hunger was too much to bare.

jimin knows what jungkook is thinking even before the alpha opens his mouth. he refuses at first, claims to not be ready yet for that, the wound hasn’t healed yet.

“but jimin,” says jungkook softly, carding in his hands jimin’s tinny ones, “he has no one”

“I don’t know jungkook…”

“we have plenty of love to give to this child. You will do good, because you are caring and amazing and I know you will love him as if he came from your own blood.”

and jungkook is right; jimin has a lot of love on his heart which he was already ready to give to a child. because Junhyung, with the days he has been spending with them, has crawled into their hearts already with his dimpled smile and eyes big and round that remind jimin so much of jungkook sometimes.

when they tell the kid they want him to be part of their little family there is no need to tell junhyun smiles broadly, pure happiness on his eyes as he throws himself into his now parents’ arms.

two years later jimin gives birth to a pretty little girl

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me, on my personal blog, nothing tagged: i'm afraid to come out to my extremely catholic parents as ace. aphobes, literally popped up out of no where: omg no hates you for your tmi sexuality; your religion will actually commend you for it. when i told my parents: oh honey you're wrong you just haven't found the right person yet even though you're 17. let's take you to counciling at the church they'll fix this.

Search makes it too easy for assholes to find you. Not a TMI sexuality. Catholic churches like chastity before marriage, not asexuality. Parents are awful like this. I don’t think they mean harm, but yeah, parents do harmful things all the time. I’d firmly tell them you don’t need counseling if they push. While Christianity as a structure isn’t nice to aces, you can find specific people in the bible that are ace like. Paul for example. I think Paul was kind-of a jerk, but Catholics like him. So he’d be easy to quote a verse as a subtle biblical stfu.

I personally like Thecla. Because in some versions of the story she was like who needs sex! And Paul and others were like wow Thecla, you are really into this chastity thing, join us! But then other women wanted to get divorces because of her teachings and views on chastity. And Paul started to be wait, noo… And then she wanted to be baptized but Paul was like no lady, behave first. So she apparently jumped into a pit of like sharks was like a fuck you, I baptized myself and then became a saint for it because God protected her from harm.

Hell, if they push I’d just be like “I’m going to WWJD it and focus on goodness first and foremost until I find the right person.” Simply because I think it would be the simplest sure whatever leave me alone now fix. Doesn’t matter if it’s a lie or not. I had a true love waits ring before I knew what asexuality was and all of my very religious family was like I can respect that. 

My point is. As a minor you can only control so much. Ignore the online bigots, and with your parents if you care about your faith at all you can easily pretend you mean it like they do until you are old enough to be like lol jk not like that. There’s actually a lot of more supportive Catholic people you can find and quote too. I mean recently the pope was like we need say sorry to gay people. Personally, I’d lie and not tell them things. Your safely needs to come first in situations like this.

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I'm not gonna lie, all these horrible things I see Muslim people doing makes me feel ashamed to be a Muslim. I try to follow my religion whilst keeping outdated ideas of Islam like antisemitism far away but I just keep thinking "I am part of an awful faith". Do you have anything that can make me feel better? -Halal Anon

If you’re a good person – and I’m sure that you are – then you’re completely separate and innocent when it comes to the awful people in your faith. It’s going to take time, but there will be a reformation of Islam, and the awful ideas and extremists will be ignored and brushed aside just like they have been in Judaism and Christianity. 

You can very easily say, “Look, those guys over there are assholes, but that’s not how I follow my faith. That’s not how I interpret my faith.” And since you’re already condemning them and criticising them, then that’s absolutely a start to the reformation process. There are other Muslims and Imams who are great people.

Just because you happen to share a faith with assholes doesn’t make you an asshole. I happily sit and condemn the extremism and awful things inside the Haredi community, and I’m ashamed of them, but that doesn’t make me ashamed to be Jewish, you know?

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I absolutely adore ur work! I'm actually planning on buying one of ur prints soon, and I'm looking forward to when the t-shirts come out. When do u figure they'll be releasing?

Aw thank you, I really appreciate that! Shirts are gonna be released tomorrow–I’ll make a post when they’re ready to go if you wanna keep an eye out!


So apparently I am the worst at taking care of myself, because now I have pneumonia and one of my lungs is infected. I had been coughing and such for quite awhile now but I didn’t think I was this bad. But it’s also my own fault, cause I still tried to do things and moved around too much and made myself worse. 😷 (even though I thought I was doing better…)

But I’ve been highly recommended to rest as much as possible so I’m also gonna stay off all my usual sites until I’m doing better for real. Should be only like 2 or 3 days. My queue is always on, so will be automatically posting things for me.

Any messages and such will be taken care of when I come back! Bye bye for now. 💕👋

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I have another ask! And this one is gonna be cute as heck UT Sans, US Pap, UF Pap, and MT Sans come home to find their s/o dangling a cat toy over the couch, and when asked what they're doing they go, "Shhhh! I'm cat-fishing!" *rimshot*

Aw!!! This is really cute! The responses are gonna be a bit short but I hope you like them anyway, thanks for requesting!

UT!Sans and Mob!Sans are going to have about the same reaction so I’m going to group them- Chuckling happily and just knowing the person they picked was the right one. “ i’m not so sure about that, it seems a little fishy to me. ” This will probably start a huge pun off that will end in cuddles.

US!Pap- he will flop over the back of the couch, grab onto the cat toy and say with a serious tone. “ you’ve got to be kitten me. ” he’ll skip the pun war and wrap himself around you, telling you how happy he is to have such a punderful datemate.

UF!Paps- Inhuman screeching as he yells at his brother to stop infecting his magnificent datemate with such punnage as this. He picks you up and carries you off huffily, but as soon as he’s out of the sight of others he kisses your forehead and chuckles a bit.

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I used to think because I'm only attracted to butches that it meant I was actually straight? How awful... I hope this doesn't happen to other fledgling lesbians...

Unfortunately certain types of radqueers will tell you it does because you’re attracted to “masculine people.” This is one of a million reasons I recommend that young lesbians stay far away from those scenes. They can be super harmful when it comes to understanding and accepting your sexuality as is- what you like, what you don’t like, what you feel comfortable actually doing in bed (so much pressure to be into kink!!!!), what kinds of relationships feel good to you all take time to figure out, and those scenes will set most lesbians back in at least one aspect.

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I was wondering and I hope you won't take offense I am really curious, as I currently hate my own lifestyle; but you seem to be a very talented and prolific artist and I was wondering how you fund yourself? Do you have part time or full time work or do you create art for your bread? I'm trying to get a sense of how to change my own into a more creative one. Thank you. :-)

Aw, thank you so much!  Art is my full time job, I’m a freelance illustrator.  The bulk of my work comes from furry commissions (thank you furry community!), but I also do book cover designs when they drift my way, and I run a patreon.  In addition, I sell prints and stickers through etsy printed at home (I have a high quality art printer), designs through redbubble, and I occasionally sell at conventions. 

There’s tons of ways to monetize your work these days, it pays to cast a wide net and have multiple sources of income.  That includes having a non-art job so that you can survive while you make art.  I have lots of freelancer friends who do their art on weekends, or supplement their art job with a small part time job elsewhere.  What is it that you hate about your lifestyle?  Maybe there’s a way to fit more art in there somewhere?

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My whole life my mom has been my role model. And I suppose with growing up there comes that moment when you realize they are not some being who does no wrong, they are human. But the more I realize things about her the more I realize she is not as good of a person as I thought. She is homophobic (I'm queer and out so this is a really big struggle), and rather racist sometimes. I try to teach her and tell her it's not okay but she just blocks it out. I don't know what to do. I feel awful.

It’s okay to not like your mom or not like the things she says, especially when she refuses to take your feelings into consideration. You’re her child, and she’s not willing to even keep her thoughts to herself. She should have immediately tried to learn, to change her opinion, but she hasn’t.

And if she can’t put that kind of effort out for you why should you put out any effort to continue to like her. You don’t owe her anything. And it hurts to lose a role model. Especially when it’s a parent. That’s pretty irreplaceable. But you are wonderful. You deserve love. You deserve consideration. You will make it to a good place. Even if that means letting her go.

-Lou the Lobster

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I mean these women have zero respect for themselves.You are out there being a beard and this alone is awful but love yourself, girl!Your supposed boyfriend is out there singing about this person who brings him home and they have been two hearts and one home since the beginning.A song he wrote last year so it's not about you and what do you do?Give attention to it? Implying that he knew you'd come along and be The One?I love people calling her Tetris or Tetra but I'm gonna call her Mess.

you know you fucked up when even the hets dislike you

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Hey Brian! I'm a huge fan of your work. I grew up doing all the piano and orchestra stuff, but I really want to make music. I've started out learning a bunch of music theory and trying to pick apart my favorite artists, but when I'm playing with wavetable VSTs and stuff like that, I have no idea what I'm doing and it sounds pretty awful. What sorts of books or resources would you recommend to learn that kind of production stuff?

Hey, thanks for the kind words! When it comes to learning about synths, I actually don’t think books are super useful past learning some basics and vocabulary, most of which you could learn via Google. 

The benefit/drawback of my line of work is that I often have to work very quickly, so I learned about my VST synths by rifling through presets until I find something kind of like what I was looking for, then moving around knobs until it sounded like what I want. And by doing that, I forced myself to experiment and listen; I knew what the original preset sounded liked, and then I would go knob by knob, turning a bit, Googling what that knob was for, maybe moving on to another knob, etc etc. And once I had done that for long enough, I understood the basic mechanics of wavetable synths to be able to make stuff from scratch.

The other thing is that there are TONS of synths out there, and they all function differently, so playing around and gaining experience is the most crucial thing.

Experimentation and listening will get you much farther, much faster than reading any book, and you’ll have more fun doing it.