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Secret Meetings + boom!sonamy

What with all this BLATANT boom sonamy secrecy, I was inspired

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there it goes, the end. :) thanks for reading!
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A Darnell icon because I love him.

I might draw the rest of the cast as well, since I have a lot of free time at the moment.


HDM month | week 3: favourite relationship

Lyra & Will

“She could see from his eyes that he knew at once what she meant, and that he was too joyful to speak. Her fingers were still at his lips, and he felt them tremble, and he put his own hand up to hold hers there, and then neither of them could look; they were confused; they were brimming with happiness.”

Evoker - Chapter 4 - AngelBless - Final Fantasy XV [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

A collection of one shots about summons taking a turn for the worse.

Spoilers abound!

(The Hydrean)

Whether he likes it or not, Leviathan offers her aid.


This was bad.

They had been travelling across Alstor Slough. Noctis said it was to pick up something for one of the vendors in Lestallum, but from his eagerness at the suggestion of fishing when they passed the familiar wooden pier, the others were convinced his initial claim was a rouse.

The young prince was promptly kicking himself for the suggestion now, even though he couldn’t possibly have known what would happen. Now, an MA-X Patria loomed over them, weapons poised and reinforced with several magitek troopers.

Retreating was becoming a less likely option by the second - between the ground burning from the mech’s claws striking the earth, to its bullets and missiles following their every move, just staying alive was proving to be difficult enough.

Noctis winced as a stray bullet caught his arm; he looked over to his companions, who were equally showing signs of wear and injury. Ignis was clearly favouring the dagger in his left hand, fresh blood tricking down his right palm from a nasty gash in his arm, slickening his grip and making movement sluggish. Gladio blinked back blood in his eye; from his focused glare, the head injury he’d sustained was thankfully more cosmetic than anything. Prompto hung back, the least battered of them all. He was sniping at any units he could get within his sights, but with the threat of the Patria hanging over their heads, his chances were few.

This was very bad.

Headcanon: Minato paces on the ceiling when he's thinking

I dunno but i feel like this is something he would do.

He’s like a genius, right? So he probably has about seventy-six different trains of thought running at any given point in time. And constantly maintaining a low level of chakra control is like the ninja equivalent of listening to music while studying.

It’s even worse when he sleepwalks.

yesterday my mom was doing her usual thing of trying way too hard to appear like she supports trans things and was saying she wanted to watch this show about a trans woman but like when i tried to complain that the “trans woman” was played by a cis man her defense was “well they probably couldn’t find a trans person” and like no there are plenty of trans actors and wannabe actors. directors just don’t care at all. they’d rather cast a cis man w/ a big name rather than an actual trans woman to play a trans character.

it’s going to sound selfish, and vain, and conceited, which it all probably is, but

I want something special to be done for me once in a while

like a birthday party, or just a surprise. to come home to find a problem fixed, or the pile of laundry I put aside folded, or the dishes washed. A surprise visit without having to beg people to spend time with me. Random presents once in a while, like the pastries I get for him sometimes. I’d like, just once, to get to work and find a nice note on my desk or for someone to squeeze my shoulder and tell me they appreciate me. Being taken care of when I’m sick or feel bad. Flowers. I’d like to get flowers just once..

It’s the kind of little thing I try to do to people around me, not because I’m expecting something in return; just because I know these little thing can make people happy. Just because I thought of them. I wish someone did that for me too. I wish someone felt that need to make me happy too. I wish people cared about me half as much as I care about them - and if they do, and here’s the selfish bit - I wish they’d stop saying it and telling me to trust it and start actually showing it through actions.

(You guys, sending me or tagging me in things that make you think of me; I’m so grateful. I’m sorry i haven’t sent as many messages as I used to lately.)

Why aren’t people taking N’s situation seriously?

When that video came out of that man supposedly touching Suzy everyone went into hunting mode. People were speaking out about sexual harassment and demanding that he be brought to justice. It turns out that video just happened to be shot at the worst angle possible and nothing actually occurred.

But N talks about how a female staffer touched him without consent and that he legitimately felt uncomfortable and they had the nerve to just make it a joke. Him being a man does not change the fact that it was sexual harassment.

The Signs As Weather


heavy snow, blizzard like


a chilly but sunny day


bright sun and blistering heat


kind of a neutral day; not too sunny


a pretty nice day that starts to rain once it passes two pm


light snow; not much sun or anything


extremely cold day; no wind or rain


calm breeze and spring feel


very hot and humid; sticky air


feels wintery but has a lot of sun and is bright


really heavy rain


cloudy and a little bit of drizzling rain.