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Going to see a Led Zeppelin tribute band (Letz Zep) would be the perfect way to celebrate the end of their latest hunt, so Dean thought. Sure, it wasn’t the original band, but it was as close as he’d ever get. It was amazing they were performing so close to the bunker anyway, only an eight hour drive! How could they possibly miss out on such an opportunity?  

Castiel was the first to accept Dean’s offer to go. He felt tingly at the very idea of hearing this music Dean had introduced him to live. Neither Sam nor Jack wanted to go though. Sam for the fact he disliked the crowds at these things. Jack refusing as he was 14-hours deep into a 24 marathon and didn’t want to leave.

It took until the moment before the first encore for Dean to realize he’d spent the whole evening watching Castiel’s reactions to the music instead of watching the band itself – he hadn’t even noticed them leave the stage. He heard their genuinely excellent takes on some of his favorite songs though and was delighted with the skill they played Stairway to Heaven, Whole Lotta Love, Rock and Roll, and so many others, but he hadn’t actually been watching them very much. 

“You really like it then?” Dean asked Castiel, not sure why he felt so nervous all of a sudden. “The music? I know it isn’t the real band but–” 

“That was truly fantastic,” Castiel reassured him with a gentle smile. He looked around them with a slight frown. “The band has finished, why is no one leaving?” He had to lean in close to Dean’s ear to be heard over the crowd still roaring around them. 

“Still an encore to go, dude!” 

“The what?” 


The band came back out onto the stage and picked up their instruments once more. The crowd was going wild. A few people turned on their phone flashlights and started to wave them through the air. 

“Screw that!” Dean shouted pulling a Bic out of his back pocket. Some things were just worth doing right

As the opening notes to Ramble On started playing, Dean waved the lighter through the air. A few more people around them pulled out lighters of their own. 

It was Castiel’s turn to observe the look of glee on Dean’s face. The way his bright, happy eyes reflected the dancing flames. Dean was laughing as he shut his eyes and stood softly swaying, indulging in the moment, letting the music wash over him. 

“Thanks to all of you for coming out to hear us play!” the lead singer rasped into his microphone. “You’ve been a great audience!” 

The band started on Thank You. 

“Here, you gotta give this a try!” Dean was suddenly pressing the plastic lighter into Castiel’s hand. 

Castiel frowned but rolled his thumb over the striker. 

No luck

He tried again, and again, and again, and still could not get the thing to light. 

Dean laughed again, spotting Castiel’s frustration. He cupped Castiel’s hand with his own and flicked the lighter at a faster pace than Castiel had been doing. 

If the sun refused to shine,” flowed the music just as the lighter finally lit. “I would still be loving you.” 

“Thanks,” Castiel shouted. His arm shot up in the air to join in the swaying. He didn’t quite understand the ritual happening, but felt warmed by it nonetheless. 

Mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me,” the band finished. More applause and whoops came from the sea of humans around them. 

“Oh man, man that was so worth it.” Dean’s grin was infectious and Castiel couldn’t help but share in it. It had been mesmerising. Castiel had felt a connection to everyone there just in their joint enjoyment of the music. He’d felt a part of something bigger than himself. 

“Thank you, Dean, for inviting me. For introducing me to the music in the first place.” 

“Hell yeah! Thanks for not being a stick in the mud like Sammy. He had beer splashed over him at one gig and he’s hated them ever since. Well, plus that last one didn’t turn out so well for us I guess.” 

They got into the car and Dean started the engine. Many people wouldn’t think about making the eight hour drive back home immediately after, but Dean Winchester wasn’t most people. 

“What was the lighter thing at the end about?” 

“Tradition,” Dean grinned. He couldn’t seem to stop beaming. “Easier with a Zippo than those shitty Bics, burned my finger at one point, but still worth it.” 

He pulled out of the parking lot, left hand on the wheel, right arm slumped at his side.  

“Which finger?” Castiel frowned, pulling Dean’s free hand towards him for inspection. When he saw the sore spot on Dean’s thumb, without thinking he lifted it to his lips and kissed the small burn better. 

“Oh,” Dean gulped. “Um, thanks. It would have been OK.” He was very firmly looking ahead of him now, tips of his ears going red. 

“It’s no problem,” Castiel shrugged. “What happened to your Zippo?” he asked out of idle curiosity. Dean was usually never without it. 

Dean’d jaw tightened. “I had to, er, throw it away a while back. Sometimes when you gotta set something on fire, you want to make sure you get it right first time. No multiple fires, no partial burn.” His voice was getting distant now, frown lines appearing between his eyes. Whatever Dean was remembering, it was nothing pleasant, that much Castiel could guess. 

“Shall we listen to our mixtape?” Castiel asked, hoping to distract Dean from whatever misery he was slowly losing himself to. 

“That uh, that would be good.” Dean shot Castiel a quick smile. “That would be real good.” 

pssst this is the fault of/written for @helianthus21 thank you for conversing with me earlier on the topics of burns and gigs and ohh yesss. 

And I’ll see all you dudes IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!

Anti viciously pressed the web cam’s power button, cutting off the video, and curled his lip in utter disgust. All of this energy, the loud voice, the smiles and seemingly endless laughter- he was sick of it.

However… His convincing act fooled everyone; even months after Halloween, and he was in control. No one suspected anything, and nothing else mattered.

Until now.

Anti glared at the black screen through narrow slits, his gaze full of bitterness. He sensed things were off throughout playing this game, but thought little of it. Then he felt that sudden jolt… He knew exactly what it meant.

He closed his eyes and concentrated. When he opened them he was outside a cell, inside a prisoner sat on the floor. Around each bloodied wrist was a heavy metal shackle, secured by chains driven into the wall behind the man. He lifted his head at Anti’s footsteps; a haggard, pale face with heavy bags under his eyes- more than Anti remembered from last time- greeted him. The months here have taken its toll.

At any other time Anti would be thrilled seeing Jack’s pitiful state, but instead he felt his irritation deepen. Though clearly exhausted, that spark in Jack’s eyes was not there before now. Anti knew why.

What do you think you’re playing at?

Jack didn’t attempt to stand, Anti doubted he even had the strength to do so. Instead he rested his head against the wall and let out a weary chuckle. “It worked, didn’t it?” The answer was obvious; Anti being here was proof enough.

Do you think it’ll do you ANY good? Anti hissed back, pacing in front of the bars. Jack followed him with his eyes, a calm expression with almost a hint of amusement on his features.

“I got out to them. Soon, they’ll know- and they’ll put the pieces together. You’ll see.”

Of course Anti saw this coming; with any glitches that appeared, Jack’s sometimes… Difficult community analyzed every frame, every detail. They would notice the difference immediately. Anti let out a furious yell and slammed his arm against the bars; he saw Jack flinch, and his expression became guarded.

The metal clang and shout slowly faded into oblivion.

Fine. Anti softly chuckled. Let them… Figure it all out. Let them realize that all they can do is watch. He met Jack’s eyes. That their hands are stained with your blood.

Jack slowly shook his head. “No. You’re the only one responsibility. They won’t blame themselves.”

Don’t be too sure. You can’t keep fighting forever Jack- not when you’re this broken.

Jack met his gaze evenly. “I can when I have something to fight for.” He smiled, and that infuriating spark glowed brighter in his eyes. “You can’t keep me here forever.”

Anti bared his teeth- noticeably sharper than they should have been- and snarled Keep telling yourself that. See what good that does you in the end. He turned and walked swiftly away.

Jack listened to the retreating footsteps with a hint of triumph. He felt his smile widen.

In the end?… You’ll lose, Anti.


Welp. @booperdoopcr suggested her theories (which I recommend reading) and I was inspired! (Boredom and 4+ hours on the road also helped).

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"i'm sorry i trapped you in my web that doesn't dissolve for a few hours, i thought you were stealing that"

“Seriously, Peter? Seriously?”

“I’m sorry I trapped you in my web that does not dissolve for a few hours.” Peter looks at you sheepishly. “I thought you were stealing that.” He looks away guiltily, rubbing the back of his neck.

You narrow your eyes at him but as much as you want to be mad at him, you really could not bring yourself to do even if Peter did trap you in this web of his. “I saw your backpack laying on the ground, Pete – I was not going to steal it. I was going to return it to you.”

Peter winces at the sincerity behind your voice and he looks at you again. “I really am so sorry, Y/N.”

You huff. If you could cross your arms, you would but since your entire body is trapped in this substance, you can’t so you settle with narrowing your eyes at him. “Yeah, me too.” You say obnoxiously before letting out a sigh. “Sorry, I’m taking my anger out on you.”

Peter shakes his head. “You shouldn’t! You have every right too – I, I am going to stay here with you until that dissolves.” Peter exclaims. “That’s the least I can do.”

You try to tilt your head when an idea comes to you. “How about you take me out for dinner when this thing dissolves?” You eye the spider-web and Peter flushes at your suggestion.

He nods his head, trying to fight the grin that is threatening to appear on his face. “Yeah, yeah, I’d like that – I mean, I can do that. Just as soon as it dissolves.” He tells you and you finally give him a smile. You really cannot fault him to be honest – Peter did tell you how many times he has already lost his backpack.

Erik had never expected things to come to this. His life was an amalgam of strange circumstances and more bizarre experiences than he could likely ever count, but this situation was one he could not have foreseen had he been given a thousand chances to guess.

Coming home to find a woman asleep on his sofa….

Her immediate presence was not something that surprised him, of course, as she had been a near constant source of consternation and disruption in his life for a little over a month now. Nor was he taken aback at her using his furniture in such a way–pillows out of place, feet on the cushions; he had long since accepted she had no sense of sitting room propriety, and therefore was hardly even horrified to see her curled up like some strange animal on the priceless piece of furniture.

But the general concept of her being here–and being comfortable enough to fall asleep in his parlor, perhaps even as she was waiting for him to return…. That was an anomaly to which he could never possibly grow accostomed. And his acceptance of this state of things baffled him even further. His life was one of routine solitude: miserable, of course, but human beings were extraordinarily adaptable, and so he had grown almost comfortable in the constant presence of aching loneliness.

Until this girl came along and upended all of that.

No, he certainly couldn’t say he’d ever expected his life to reach such a point…and yet he couldn’t say he minded it either.

Not knowing what to do was another phenomenon with which Erik was heretofore greatly unfamiliar, and even in her sleep the young woman foisted its discomfort upon him. Should he…? What, wake her? Carry her still sleeping to her room? Let her be? She seemed comfortable enough. But would she be embarrassed to awaken in such a position? And was that even his concern?

Not daring to lay a hand on that tightly curled-up form–not even fetching her a blanket for fear of bright eyes suddenly opening upon him as he laid it over her, he simply stoked the fire as quietly as he could, and left her there to sleep. It was only a few hours till morning anyway. Soon he would face the awkward task of rousing her, but for now he could steal away with only a look over his shoulder at the strange little soul slumbering on his sofa.

Isabelle drifted over, Jace a pace behind her. She was wearing a long black dress with boots and an even longer cutaway coat of soft green velvet, the color of moss. “I can’t believe you did it!” she exclaimed. “How did you get Magnus to let Jace leave?”
“Traded him for Alec,” Clary said.
Isabelle looked mildly alarmed. “Not permanently?”
“No,” said Jace. “Just for a few hours. Unless I don’t come back,” he added thoughtfully. “In which case, maybe he does get to keep Alec. Think of it as a lease with an option to buy.”
Isabelle looked dubious. “Mom and Dad won’t be pleased if they find out.”
“That you freed a possible criminal by trading away your brother to a warlock who looks like a gay Sonic the Hedgehog and dresses like the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?” Simon inquired. “No, probably not.

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Hey! I'm thinking of writing a short-ish TPATQ-style AU piece, and wondered if I could grab your thoughts, as such a great ASOIAF thinker! My rough POD is, following the Tourney at Harrenhal, an hour before Rhaegar "fell upon Lyanna Stark", Rhaegar's horse takes a tumble and the Prince of Dragonstone breaks his neck. Do you have any ideas as to how politics of the 7K might play out? I'm assuming the SA bloc won't all be plain sailing, for one thing...


Well, in the absence of Rhaegar, Lyanna never runs away with him, presumably thinking that he had forgotten about whatever pact they had made to meet or had decided against it. She’s still engaged to a man she very decidedly does not want to marry, but now she has no crown prince to marry instead and escape her arranged marriage. (And while Lyanna might have tried to find someone else to marry, a marriage to the crown prince would have been so much obviously higher than a marriage to Lord Robert that - at least, perhaps, in Lyanna’s hopes - RIckard could not successfully protest it.)

With no “abduction” to protest, Brandon never has to ride for King’s Landing, which means he marries Catelyn in a timely fashion (Littlefinger, unfortunately, is probably still left alive, though this may not be as great a problem as IOTL). If I’m right and Lyanna’s marriage was set for both cultural and political reasons for later in 282 AC, after Brandon’s, then she might have then proceeded to Storm’s End, to be married to Robert - possibly accompanied by Brandon and his new wife, more remotely perhaps by Rickard, almost certainly with Robert and Ned coming together from the Eyrie to meet her at his ancestral castle. Lyanna is unhappily married and becomes Lady of Storm’s End. (It’s possible that Hoster - having by this point discovered Lysa’s pregnancy and forced an abortion, hastily works to secure a marriage with either Lord Arryn or his nephew Elbert - still alive in this timeline - both to cover up the indiscretion and to secure her as great a posting as he had her sister Catelyn. Jon Arryn may or may not have been interested in taking a new wife (he had already named Elbert his heir, and after two childless marriages may have accepted he would never have children), but a Tully of Riverrun was both a great prize for nearly any House and a means of emphasizing the Stark-Tully-Arryn-Baratheon alliance - and if Elbert suspected his bride was not a maiden, well, Hoster might have cited Cersei’s comment IOTL.)

In King’s Landing, Aerys has to deal with the death of his son and heir. Rhaegar’s only son, Prince Aegon, is maybe weeks old, no more than a few months; Aerys’ second son, Viserys, is around six years old. By strict reading of the law, Aegon should come before Viserys, but the by-now deeply paranoid and insane king is not going to sit quietly and let his despised Dornish daughter-in-law and his half-Martell grandson take power at his death. Instead, I’d think he’d declare - as he seemed to do IOTL - that Prince Viserys was the new Prince of Dragonstone and heir to the Iron Throne. Aerys might have been pleased to do so, but his legal right to do so may not have been as clear as he believed: after all, the last time a legitimate, dynastically superior male-line grandson had been displaced in the succession, it had taken a Great Council to name the new king, and the right of a king to name an heir outside traditional succession rules had, in part, led to the bloody Dance of the Dragons.

The members of the southron ambitions bloc might have seen this as an ideal opportunity - the chance to challenge the king’s (arguably) illegal change in the succession, and by that argument present their grievances against the historical caprices of the crown.  Certainly, they’d have on their sides those who had backed Rhaegar in life, most notably the Prince of Dorne - after all, he’s already lost the opportunity to see his sister made queen, he’s not going to accept his nephew being disinherited. The combined heads of the North, Stormlands, Riverlands, Vale, and Dorne might then pen a declaration to the king, essentially stating that they formally protested the king’s actions and that would look to depose him if he did not restore baby Aegon to his blood rights. Predictably, Aerys would name them all traitors and call for their heads, but then the question would become who would play their headsman; the Westerlands under Tywin are absolutely not going to fight for the king who continually publicly humiliated the lion of Lannister, and while the Reach has no obvious ties to either side, its position sandwiched between the pro-regency Riverlands, Stormlands, and Dorne would make Mace Tyrell very uncomfortable drawing his levies for the king. If there were any sort of war, it would not last long before the protesting lords managed to depose Aerys II and install the infant Aegon VI. (Because Aerys had lost the right to rule, I’d guess the victorious coalition would say that extended to young Viserys - but to be safe, they’d probably want to pack him off to the Wall post haste.)

Now the victors would have some political negotiating to do, and this is where real tensions might start. I would guess that, in Prince Doran’s mind, there should be only one regent - his sister Elia, mother of the new king - with maybe himself as the baby’s Hand. But Rickard, Hoster, and Jon (and Tywin Lannister, presumably) would likely have thought they had come too far to simply hand all power to the Martells. There’s precedent to a regency council of lords from different regions, but that only secures the bloc power for as long as Aegon VI is a baby; once he grows up, there’s nothing to stop him being another Aegon V or Aerys I. What I might guess would happen is an evolution of this, something like Henry VI: a council of regents as with Aegon III, but giving itself so much power, and leaving the baby king so politically weak and uneducated that by the time he did come of age, the kingdom would have grown used to rule by a set of nobles and allowed them to retain power. 

stozier catfish!au, building off of the headcanons that i was sending @trashmouthers ( please let me know if you want to be untagged i’m just messaging you because i wouldn’t have thought of this if you hadn’t made a post asking for headcanons ) earlier. the posts are here and here. i’m changing it a bit but anyways…..

  • anyways, in this au richie grew up in derry with bev, ben, bill, and mike. they’re all best friends of course.
  • stan and eddie live in california and are basically attached at the hip
  • anyway, richie is lowkey (read as: highkey ) jealous because bev and ben are super cute and so are bill and mike and they’ve all been dating for AGES
  • richie knows that his friends love him ofc; he still shares cigarettes with bev and they all go to the quarry together. hell, him and bill have been friends since they were in diapers
  • but richie wants more, even though he’ll never admit that out loud.
  • the other losers know anyways.
  • one day richie is scrolling through instagram and comes across this picture of a boy with beautiful curls and he thinks he suddenly believe in love at first sight because WOW HIS FIRST THOUGHTS ARENT EVEN COMPLETELY SEXUAL
  • so he messages the account and they get to talking and richie is pretty sure he falls in love a little bit more every day
  • it doesn’t take long for the rest of the losers to notice the change and they start pestering him enough that he shows the account and his conversations with ‘patrick’ to the rest of the group
  • they all ooo and aaaa and bill makes a comment about how richie won’t have to joke about getting laid anymore once he finally meets the guy
  • bev is suspicious but she waits until they’re mostly alone ( ben is there ) to bring it up.
  • she says it’s a bit strange that richie has never talked to the guy on the phone and that stan rarely actually sends pictures or updates his instagram
  • ben is the one who brings up the catfish show and combined with beverly they convince him to send and email.
  • he gets a call back a month later from max and nev and the process begins. at first the guys think that it might be one of the other losers who is catfishing richie but the number checks out for california
  • though they do find that the pictures that ‘patrick’ has been posting and sending to richie come from a different instagram from a guy named stan.
  • so they reach out and ask to meet stan and stan is baffled but agrees
  • they fly out to california ( bill and mike tag along but they pay for their own tickets and say that they’re going to check out a college while they’re there and that they want to be there for emotional support in case richie needs it. ben and beverly were going to join but ben actually had a different college visit in maine and beverly went with him )
  • stan meets them at a coffee shop and eddie is with him and richie is starstruck because this is AN ACTUAL ANGEL GRACING HIS PRESENCE 
  • he’s really hurt when stan shows no recognition upon meeting him
  • max and nev ask him about the instagram and stan just shakes his head, “why would someone use a photo of me anyways?”
  • “because you’re fucking gorgeous????”
  • stan turns bright red at that but asks if he can stick around and help confront the people who have been using his pictures, a hand is subconsciously touching his scars when he talks about it and richie can’t help but reach out and grab his hand, giving it a squeeze
  • stan seems shocked by that but doesn’t fight it. they all agree to meet the next day to go and confront the catfish
  • before they leave richie confirms that eddie isn’t stan’s boyfriend and his smile is huge when stan says that they’re just best friends
  • “good, he’s too tiny for you anyways.”
  • “eXCUSE ME”
  • max, nev, richie, bill, and mike get back in the car and bill and mike quietly talk about how cute the short one is and richie is like “but did you see stan??”
  • this of course leads to them asking him if he likes stan and he seems flustered but shrugs. “i have feelings for whoever patrick is but i can’t deny that stan is cute…that’s why i started talking to patrick in the first place, you know.”
  • they meet up stan’s the next morning and stan’s parents are there and richie is an asshole. 
  • “hey if this doesn’t work out can i take you out on a date, mrs. uris?” he gets and eyeroll from both stan and his mother before stan replies, not even looking at richie, “you’re just going to bleep every word he says, right?”
  • richie laughs.
  • they finally go to meet up with patrick ( bill and mike stayed behind because there wouldn’t have been enough room in the car for everyone )
  • it turns out to be patrick hockstetter
  • stan pales at the sight of him and immediately tries to back away, richie grabs his arm before he can and give it a comforting squeeze. that seems to give stan a boost of confidence.
  • “you USED MY PICTURES????”
  • “you’re a pretty boy, seemed like i would get the most messages that way.”
  • richie asks why patrick lied to him and patrick says that he lied about everything “i was just having fun.”
  • richie doesn’t want to believe it because damn it, he had grown feelings for patrick but he’s adamant and when max and nev ask patrick if he’s lying because he doesn’t want to come out about his sexuality, patrick just shakes his head. “no, i have a boyfriend named henry. he was just as entertained by this as i was”
  • anger is bubbling up at this point but richie manages to hold it back UNTIL stan mentions that patrick bullied him all throughout high school
  • at that point richie lunges and gets a few hits in ( and gets hit back a few times ) until security manages to pull them apart
  • richie says that he never wants to see the other again.
  • when they eventually get back in the car, stan hugs him and says that if it’s any consolation,he thinks that richie is very attractive despite being an idiot and that if richie had messaged his actual account all of those months ago things would have gone very differently
  • the show ends there but six months later max and nev call in to check up on richie
  • richie is grinning, with an arm wrapped around stan’s shoulder
  • “yeah, he’s my boyfriend now. can you believe i’m dating an angel?”
  • “you don’t deserve him! he’s too good for you.” eddie calls, unseen from the other side of the laptop where he is cuddle up between mike and bill.
  • “aw, eds. you’re just jealous of stan. i know i’m quite the stud.” he pops his collar and stan is looking at the camera like he’s in the office
  • he goes as far as to mouth ‘please help me’
  • turns out richie found a school in california that was only an hour away from where stan was going to school and now they spend all of their free time together
  • at this point stan says, “and now i have a literal idiot for a boyfriend. all because of your show. so thanks, i guess.”
  • richie kisses him, “he loves me really.”
  • that’s where the call ends
  • stan does indeed love his boyfriend.

Remember that poor guy without clothes, my first ever bjd? Well I turned him into a ReaperSans really quick (*cough*) today!

Quality pics are coming tomorrow

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Hc of an cosplayer Mc that is cosplaying as one of the characters and they catch them in the act?

A/N IM VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS ONE ANON little do you know—I was @choisgirls FIRST EVER request and it was cosplay related (I actually own a wedding MC cosplay among many others; I may post a photo one day) and I am now known as “cosplay anon” except,.. not so anon anymore ^^;; I’m going to just do the RFA since you didn’t specify -mod cozy <3

-Cosplay??? He absolutely LOVES it

-“mc you’re so talented ahhh!”

-(lowkey highkey implies you should cosplay a lolol character)

-looks over your shoulder a lot while you’re working on your costume/makeup

-joins you AT LEAST once

-“can I help mc?”

-okay so you also have this one wig that looks A LOT like yoosung’s hair

-and your favorite puppy was in class so you got a liTtLe bored oh no mc

-you decide on a whim to closet cosplay him RIP

-Yoosung comes home to find another him???

-really freaked out at first (afraid it’s some form of witchcraft)

-after the initial bout of high-pitched screaming he realizes what’s going on

-super embarrassed but even he had to admit that was funny

-still a little freaked out though

-“it’s just so *shivers* creepy”


-She doesn’t know about cosplay so much despite her infinite wisdom

-kind of has an idea but you explain it to her

-actually really impressed by your dedication?? Wow mc???

-Proud Girlfriend™

-Tries to help you out on occasion if you’re working particularly hard on your sewing/makeup by getting you pastries as motivation!!

-awe what a sweetie

-She walks in on you in her clothes???

-“MC what are you-“

-looks at your wig and makeup


-leaves and tries to forget that happened poor girl just doesn’t know what to think


-a little bit confused just bc it’s all so new BUT!!!


-he loves to watch you work thinks it’s so adorable

-funds all of your expensive projects oops

-tries to .. distract you sometimes just to get a reaction

-you cosplay cumin one day bc he was at a business meeting and you were a little delirious from lack of sleep and your new black wig came in

-The meeting was over sooner than expected and he walked in on you taking mirror selfies in the living room in some of his clothes from when he was younger (and smaller so they fit)

-“MC what are you doing?”

-“oh I- uhh I was a little bored and tired and I thought it’d be fun and—“

-“It’s fine mc, as much as I appreciate you in my clothes I might like to see you out of them”

-I hope you take the wig off for what’s about to happen if not it might get a little weird


-He’s heard of cosplay but isn’t positive he knows what it is

-“So you just,, dress up in character?? I support you but why?”


-zen you’re an actor

-if anyone should understand

-it’s you

-He gives you little top-of-the-head kisses when you work awwe

-lets you practice makeup on him sometimes

-When you decide to zen cosplay bc he was at rehearsal and your very-zen-esque wig came in??

-He arrived home to you reciting Shakespeare in a very fake zen voice

-stood there with his arms crossed until you noticed him

-you were mortified

-teases you about it a lot, he’s never letting you live this down

-but it’s mostly just an excuse for him to kiss you after you whine to him about it being “ONE TIME!”


-I’m going to go ahead and quote @choisgirls directly bc honestly I cannot even think of another way to word this

-“cosplay power couple”

-you two are ABSOLUTELY slaying tHe GAME

-when you walk into the convention center it’s like one of those scenes in highschool movies where the group walks into the building slow motion with like their hair blowing and rock music playing

-which sounds really dorky in retrospect

-but I mean you two ARE dorks you can’t date saeyoung without being classified as such

-couples cosplay galore

-you do each other’s makeup sometimes

-he is very good at applying makeup oh my lord

-you got everything you needed for a saeyoung cosplay to surprise him so you got all dressed up while he was asleep for a little while bc he needed to catch up on the 83468+ hours he missed

-When he found you sitting in the living room as him he grinned, gave you a hug, and walked away

-you were disappointed because you wanted a little more reaction than that :(

-but when he walked back out around a half hour later

-you were no longer disappointed

-he had an MC cosplay on???

-when did you do this saeyoung???

-“that’s not important”

-you two visit a few of the rfa members’ houses just to see how long you can fool them for

-zen still can’t tell the difference to this day

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It's 12:58AM and he's in a city he's never been to before and he said his phone might die on his way back but it's been two hours now and I'm so worried something happened. Why am I so worried. Why does he have this power over me.

I remember one night he was a couple hundred miles away on some trip and I texted him to say goodnight but none of my messages would send and he wasn’t responding. And I just sat on the bed, wishing and hoping that he was safe or asleep and his phone had just died. I just sat there for an hour or more killing myself with worry that something had happened and I wondered how long it would take them to tell me if he’d been taken to hospital, or whether they’d ever tell me at all. 

I couldn’t sleep at all but in the morning he texted to say that he’d just fallen asleep sooner than normal. You can’t imagine my relief, or maybe you can. 

When you love someone they just have this power over you. It’s a good thing baby, even if it keeps you up at night sometimes. 

Taehyung looks like one of those guys that sits at the back of the class and pays absolutely no attention in class. Or at least that’s what you think. Really though Taehyung just sits in the back so he can pay attention to you. He loves the way you sit and pay attention in class. He loves the way you purse your lips whenever you’re trying to understand a difficult concept. And the way you play with your hair whenever you’re reading. He loves everything about you. He annoys you every chance he gets because he doesn’t know how to tell you he’s in love with you. When he sees you speaking to another guy who is obviously trying to make a move on you, suddenly the annoying Taehyung is gone. He’d tow you away and make sure you know exactly who you really belong to.

Shotgun Wedding || Barba & Carisi

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The conference itself had been good, Barba thought. It was always better to be up to date on the laws and protocols than to find out about them after you broke one. All in all, he was glad he came. But that didn’t change the fact that he needed to get away from all these lawyers for a while. Admittedly, Barba spent most of his life arguing about law. But it was different when you were arguing hypotheticals, and just talking in circles about cases that didn’t exist. It was aggravating. And so Barba had walked a few blocks away from his hotel, until he didn’t see anyone else wearing a suit. The first bar past the line of men in ties was the bar he wandered into.

He had been there for a quarter to an hour and was just thinking about ordering a second drink, when he happened to glance up at a door opening, and saw a familiar face. Those bastards followed me here!

“Carisi, what part of ‘away on business’ does your precinct not understand?!” he exclaimed grumpily, not bothering with any sort of greeting besides that.

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So I'm obsessed with your WIP fic and just wanted to share some love. I hope we see more soon!! 💙💙

Thank you for the love and patience. Here’s 10k of these dudes being reunited, because I’m ridiculous.

Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine.

Eight hours. That’s how long Jonny waits. Just eight hours, but it feels like an eternity.

He doesn’t call back right away. Or, well, he does, but Patrick’s phone goes straight to voicemail. He hangs up. Then he stops and replays the last few minutes in his head – Patrick’s words, the video, the tweet, the ‘I’m not over you.’ Patrick came out. He came out in front of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people. He came out and he’s single and fuck, Jonny can’t just sit here and not talk to him.

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Two questions. 1) Say a girl has a crush on Sam/T.B. Tim, how do they react to said girl? 2) How long does it take for you to draw? (I'm rather curious on both questions)

1) sam: will yell  the fuck out her, and at the same time he apologized for it. and blush…. and run away. Tim: he would just laugh, and take it like “i love you too buddy!” #friendzone

2) depends on what type drawin’ i’m in, serious ones 2 hours, doodle comics 3 hours, full colored 2 days. doodle 5-10 minutes

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This has been bothering me lately and I need to know whether there's something I'm missing, a reason, or it's just something that Lin didn't notice whilst writing the play. In Take a Break, Philip is nine. Next song is Say No to This. Alright? So we get to The Reynolds Pamphlets stuff and then Blow Us All Away and he's nineteen. So did ten years go by on a couple of songs? The affair is only supposed to go on for a year. I'm so confused.

You didn’t miss anything, yes 10 years does go by in those few songs. And I’m sure Lin was purposeful in doing that. To tell the majority of a mans life in under three hours is no easy task so naturally there would have to be time jumps. You just kind of have to accept that it’s gonna happen and roll with it. Lin had to pick the most crucial (and best suited to stage) moments of Ham’s life, so clearly things and years would be skipped. But don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything!!

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Also here on Ao3


Mack likes Jemma Simmons, she’s very polite, has a good sense of humour, and it’s easy to see why Fitz was in love with her. Which is why Mack’s so disappointed in himself for the monster growing inside his chest that feels an awful lot like jealousy.

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Hey Jen! Have you ever thought that Ed's guitar playing doesn't get enough attention? When I listen to YNMIDNY live from the Artist's Den, that guitar piece in the middle is a work of art in itself. I could listen to that for hours if I wouldn't miss his gorgeous voice so much. He is truly a real artist in every sense of the word and I'm anxiously awaiting his next Grammy Award winning record. Love that boy and his beautiful soul.


I think you’re right – Ed is an impressive guitar player. But what I like so much about it is that he uses his guitar for percussion as well. You almost never see anyone else doing this! 

Other guitarists generally have someone else handling percussion, but Ed does everything himself - everything - and I’m still absolutely blown away by this each time I think about it. Maybe the reason his guitar playing doesn’t get a lot of attention on its own is because he’s such a perfectly complete package musically: an entire one-man band who can sing AND compose AND write lyrics AND even produce. Lots of people can play guitar, but no one is as good as Ed is at doing everything all at once. 

Another thing is that pretty much any good guitarist can play an Ed Sheeran song and as long as Ed’s singing with it, it will sound the same (or at least not noticeably different). But Ed’s the only one who can sing an Ed Sheeran song without significantly changing the sound of it. So it kind of makes sense for people to focus more on his vocal abilities than on his guitar playing. I do appreciate his guitar playing, but if the boy ever joined a band as a guitarist and didn’t sing, I think I’d be a bit disappointed. You know?

Of course, I’d still be a fan of the band. Any band Ed Sheeran was in would have to be pretty decent. :) 

whenever i think sports anime is too dramatic i think about when i was a junior in high school and when i just barely missed state track and realized that this would be the last track meet i would have with my teammate of five years because he was graduating. and i couldn’t even stay through the whole thing because i had to leave for a college visit five hours away. so as i was crying he walked me to my car. then he turned me around, gave me a kiss on the forehead, pulled me in for a hug, rested his chin on the top of my head and said, ‘give 'em hell.’ and then let me go. 

like if that doesn’t belong in a sports anime i don’t know what does

I can not stop thinking about what will happen with Caroline and Liz...

Her blood does not work, and her mom decompensates.

Caroline asks her to wake up.

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She makes promises …

But Liz does not wake

External image

External image

Because of her, her mother is dead.

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And she cries over the body of his mother for hours.

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And none of her friends are there.

Not Stefan, Elena, Matt, Tyler. Because they are struggling with Kai.

Not Klaus (Why would he be? She asked him to leave and he left)

She’s alone, like always.

She killed her mother.

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And she’s so tired of everything

So she turn off her emotions and ran away.




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