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tips for writing Star Wars fanfic/Star Wars roleplay things

  • it’s not concrete; it’s duracrete
  • viewports are the windows on ships
  • not a plane; ship or speeder
  • it’s not steel; it’s durasteel
  • books are rare; holorecords or datapads
  • it’s not a glass pane it’s transparisteel
  • caf is the equivalent of coffee
  • it’s not paper it’s a flimsi
  • medcenter is a hospital

Star Wars can be very similar to things we’re already used to, but getting familiar with some of these terms can make your writing really fit in with the universe


Heights Cool Musical Too … Bet On It! - 2007
#Ham4Ham - 2015

Lin Manuel Miranda and Jonathan Groff reprise their first collaboration.



So one of the things I really love about Robert Downey Jr. is when he meets a sick child (usually has a serious illness, in/out of the hospital, etc) it doesn’t stop with a photo-op.  

He continues to keep in touch with them afterwards.

EXAMPLE #1:  Brock Johnson, whom he started interacting with in ~2014

RDJ continued to keep in touch with him and his family for well over a year – e.g. here’s the two of them at RDJ’s house, and also

that’s them on Facetime.  

This went on until Brock’s untimely passing and beyond.  RDJ remains in touch with Brock’s family even over a year since then – e.g. almost three months after the fact, and as recently as a month ago.


EXAMPLE #2:  Ryan Wilcox.  

Gwyneth Paltrow first got in touch with Ryan and then she brought him to RDJ and Chris Evans’ attentions, culminating in a much-reported visit to Ryan’s house in San Diego back in May 2016.

Three months later, RDJ continues to be in touch, via Facetime


EXAMPLE #3:  Kiel Lampman, whom RDJ started interacting with last month.

From that news article (specifically the pic’s caption), it sounded like RDJ has called him a few times (usually after treatments).


There’s a couple more that we’re aware of but I just don’t have enough info to include on this list – e.g. this comment.

And that’s another thing:  with the exception of the Ryan Wilcox one (which was much publicized because Goop), all of these had near-zero media attention. 

In fact, honestly, the only reason why we know of these is because some of us tend to obsessively scour social media for anything related to RDJ.  He himself has never talked or hinted at doing these things.  Ever.

And you know, he’s a busy guy – one of the biggest movie stars in the world; has a company that has been trying to get projects off the ground for years, but also has non-film pursuits; has two little kids under the age of five and an older son whose band performances he would literally fly to middle America for, just to watch.  Yet he takes his time to do all of this.

I just think he’s a really great dude.

You know one thing I’ve really become aware of recently is that I am now a certified Adult In Fandom ™. This is weird to me, because I grew up in fandom spaces. I was on deviantart, LJ, Gaia Online, Tumblr, FF.net, and Ao3. My whole teenagerhood and young adulthood has been influenced by fandom spaces.

But beyond that, it’s been influenced by how people have interacted with me - especially when I was between 13-18. I’ve had my fair share of adults who’ve been - in hindsight - creepy, even if I didn’t realise it at the time. When I was 15 I internet-dated a girl much older than me. I was very close friends with some guys who were in their 20s. I had one older woman (with a child and husband) convince me to send her money. I’ve even had a teacher exchange very questionable emails with me.

Of course, I’ve also had experiences with adults in fandom who’ve treated me wonderfully. Who’ve been mature, and responsible. Men and women much older than me who’ve been aware of my age, and who’d acted appropriately in the face of it.

These are the sorts of adults I want to be in fandom. These are the adults who made fandom a safe space, who made me feel comfortable and welcome. Who understood I was young, and that I needed to be treated as such. They found appropriate ways to interact with me, and were great sources of comfort to me.

These are the sort of adults all adults in fandom should be aware of. You have a responsibility and a duty to behave and interact appropriately online. Even if someone presents as mature, you just have to always be aware of their age and be aware of how you might be putting them in a vulnerable position, or behaving inappropriately.

Don’t be the adult someone’s going to look back on in 5 years and think “yikes, that person was totally inappropriate and made me feel uncomfortable.” Be the adult younger members can come to and know you’ll behave responsibly. 

Be the adult you’d want to know when you were younger.


I wouldn’t say that just visibility is important. I would say visibility as the stars of a show is important. That says that our stories matter. We’re not here to do the taxes of the white person, or to be the chipper best friend to the white person. It’s important to see Asians in those leading roles. —Constance Wu


I know it’s been a long time since I’ve been on but I decided to come back and just remind everyone on how important it is to stay united as a fandom. As everyone probably knows, MBC took the choreography MX made for “Sorry Sorry” and gave it to other groups without credit, even cutting short their performance. This is a blatant act of disrespect and I hope that we can reciprocate the love MX has shown us and focus on sending them encouraging words while voting and streaming as much as we can. 

Please remember that we are a fandom supporting a bunch of hard working boys and we should not be torn apart by silly things like calling each other lazy and turning on one another. Let’s work hard for the boys to get them the recognition and respect they deserve. 

*Also, please do not blame the other groups who performed and start wars since MBC is 100% at fault and they probably had no choice in the matter or were unaware.* 

This is a translation of what they said about the situation that I found on Twitter. 

Good luck fellow Monbebes, much love.