i'm avoiding work and this happens

I used to hate fucking up.

Well, who doesn’t. Failure sucks. Making mistakes sucks. I would work myself into a hideous state trying to avoid it. And then when it inevitably happened anyway, either because perfectionist self-sabotage kicked in or because sometimes your best isn’t good enough, I would hate myself.

Anyway I was thinking about this because I was teaching a lesson last week and the kids I was teaching spotted a mistake in how I’d graded their work. It was a big, embarrassing, obvious error, and I’d made it several times. They showed me where I’d gone wrong, and the bit of the textbook that they’d all read and I clearly hadn’t, and it should have been super embarrassing.

I couldn’t stop smiling.

It was so good watching them be confident enough to correct their teacher. They clearly thought it was weird I wasn’t bothered. But I was so proud of them! And if they hadn’t corrected me, I would have gone on being wrong!

‘I love making mistakes,’ I told them without thinking about it, still grinning. ‘It means I learned a thing.’

They stared a bit, but then they were like: huh. Okay. The lesson kept going. And they were a little less cautious about saying what they thought than usual. After all, making mistakes is fine.

Sure, part of me was thinking stuff from teacher training - every part of a lesson is teaching, not just the parts where you’re talking about your subject; you’re a Functional Adult role model as well as a source of specialist knowledge; if you don’t demonstrate how to handle errors and setbacks then the kids will not learn how to do it -

but like. It wasn’t an act. I genuinely was super happy I made that mistake, and made it in front of them, and learned from it. Once I wouldn’t have been. But I spent enough time faking ‘failure is not a big deal’ for Role Model purposes that it turned out to be true.

Sure, fucking up sucks. But it’s also kind of great. It means you learned a thing.

fake dating trope subversion

It’s only six in the evening on a Thursday, but the bar near Stiles’ work is already half full. Not so packed that he wants to find another place to drink, but busy enough that he has to wait a few minutes for the bartender to get to him.

During that waiting period, a guy sidles in close to Stiles and offers to buy his drink for him. The man is taller than Stiles by a few inches, and he uses his height to his advantage by standing so close that he’s almost hovering over Stiles, clearly posturing. It makes Stiles roll his eyes.

“No thanks, man. I’ve got it.”

Apparently the lack of eye contact, the verbal brush-off, and the general fuck-off vibes Stiles is giving off aren’t doing it for the guy because he says, “Come on. It’s a free drink. You can’t say no to that.”

Stiles stops trying to get the bartender’s attention to look the guy straight in the eyes and say, “No.”

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“Sentiment?” – “Something like that.”  |  a Captive Prince playlist

For the future kings known as Laurent of Vere and Damianos of Akielos, and for the evolution of their relationship together.

From their identities as individuals, to “slave and master” shifting towards something else, to desire and love… into (hopefully) a united partnership against the Regent and Kastor.


@lcgilimens. sc | jacob.

he is, as will sometimes happen when she shows off that dazzling smile of hers, temporarily distracted– which almost spells disaster. jacob catches himself just in time ( there’s a very sudden WAIT! followed by two more gentle ones that are less likely to give her a heart attack ) and covers the latest of his fantastical pastries in a little powdered sugar. 

having avoided that particular crisis, he smiles and: 

     okay. now you can try ’em.  

so i was thinking (while cutting my nails)… superstitions are so weird. because even though I try to avoid them and be like ‘yeah that doesn’t work’ I managed to come up with some reaaaaly weird stuff I regularly do (or avoid doing). for example in my family it is known that:

  • after cutting your nails you should never throw them out through the window. not sure if or what’s gonna happen but it won’t be anything good.
  • spilling or God forbid breaking a bottle of oil - bad luck, no going back something horrible is going to happen, you’re fucked pal, sorry
  • your nose is itchy? you’re gonna be angry (??)
  • that weird pimple on tongue or in your mouth - someone’s talking shit about you. wanna get rid of it? spit in the fire.
  • going to bed with wet hair? you’re practically dead already.
  • opening an umbrella while inside is a big no-no.
  • leaving your bag on a floor - you won’t have money (I guess that’s why I’m broke all the time….)
  • young moon? show it some money!
  • black cat? spit three times and it’s fine.
  • if you step over a child lying on the floor they will stop growing. you can reverse this if you step back over them. 
  • if you see a chimney sweep grab a button it’s good luck!  
  • if you go under a bridge while a train is passing make a wish and it will come true.
  • if you eyelash falls out you take in and put in on a tip of your finger, press your finger with someone else’s and you both make a wish. whoever gets the eyelash he, gets the wish! (ohmyGod!)
  • ladybugs are good luck. set them free!

….and so on and on and on I don’t even know where all of these came from… they’re just here my whole life and I don’t even think about it. and if I do I end up with ‘ ok but what if…. it’s the rules. you don’t make the rules. better safe than sorry’ (??)

I’m generally okay with social interactions. I work in a place where you need to at least seem confident and I have no problem talking to people.

Because of my feminine voice though, I’ve avoided mic chats for most of my gaming life (it keeps me from “passing” as androgynous and also harassment, yo). It’s a silly little quirk I have, I just don’t usually talk on mic chat, I make it a point to speak as little as possible unless I’m with close friends.

My boyfriend, however, loves talking to random people that show up on Mumble. It’s awkward to say the least when I say something silly or personal and it turns out his mic is on (he usually keeps it push-to-talk) and his buddies and possibly some friends from school hear me calling him cute.

[ Clarke picked at her guitar, having arrived early to practice. It was becoming a habit. Honestly, it wasn’t like Clarke had much else to do. Other than making videos for her YouTube channel and greatly improving her editing techniques, being single and avoiding the people she worked with basically amounted to not having much of a life.

Practice, while still slightly awkward due to… things having happened, was a welcome focus for her. Clarke and Lexa continued to avoid being alone together or interacting with each other more than necessary, but there wasn’t really that much heat to it anymore. At least not on Clarke’s side. Being told whatever it was that was between them didn’t mean anything had really dampened Clarke’s desire to ever think about it or even acknowledge that it existed. 

As for the rest of the band and crew, there were only slight differences post music video. There were more knowing looks from the crew, some lovely tabloid “exposes” where an “insider” claimed to know all about Clexa behind the scenes, and plenty of attention on social media. But most of that was just becoming… normal. Clarke had a hard time with that realization, but it wasn’t like it was a bad thing. This ‘relationship’ didn’t seem to be ending any time soon. Not if the attention it was still getting was any indication.

So Clarke didn’t go out much, didn’t hang out with many people, and just generally wondered when her life had become so lame that practice was the highlight of her life. When she’d gotten to the practice space, she’d thought maybe she wasn’t the first person here, since there were a few other cars in the parking lot, but no one was in their usual area, and honestly Clarke didn’t know enough about the rest of the practice space to go exploring. So she’d just resigned herself to amusing herself with new picking techniques and coming up with a potential melody instead. ]

Where The Lost Go (10/10)

Summary: A king has died, and there’s a crown for the taking.

To avoid war over who will lay claim to the most dangerous kingdom in the land, the remaining kings come to an agreement. A tournament. Three challenges. The winner gets the crown - and its powerful gift.

Part 1  Part 9  AO3

The moment Gavin put the Wild crown on his head, three things happened at once.

A pulse of green light shot out of the crown, an expanding circle of energy that rustled their hair, the grass, the leaves of the trees around the clearing.

At the same time, the other four kings all jolted like they’d been slapped. Ray even stumbled at the feeling that suddenly overcame him. He’d felt the same thing six months ago with Michael, though not as intensely. Since the Wild king died, there had been a nagging emptiness at the back of his mind. An incompleteness, like some piece of his consciousness was missing. Now it suddenly filled – a swelling warmth in his chest was the physical effect, but it was more than that. It was a relief, like finally remembering something that you’d forgotten and had been straining to recall. For the first time in weeks, he felt whole.

And in the middle of all this, Gavin collapsed to the ground, screaming.

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