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I think one of the funniest things I’ve accidentally taught my parrot is yelling “WHAT?”

The best part is that if he says something weird and and someone else says “what???” he usually repeats what he just said.

Like just now, I was cooking in the kitchen and he heard me boiling water so he asked “you wanna noodle?” but I couldn’t quite hear him so I yelled “WHAT” and he repeated “you wanna noodle?”

Mostly he just likes yelling it, though.

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Damn, I’m super late for the 16 milion subs party of @therealjacksepticeye! but eh, anyway, this took A LOT to finish (and I also lost the recording to make the speedpaint *cries in italian*) but it was fun! I’ve never drawn so many Sams! I’m good for like a year! Hope you guys like it!

Friendly reminder that -

  • Percy’s neutral expression is a natural brooding look that he gets from Poseidon
  • That when he does smile it’s crooked and makes him look like a trouble maker
  • When he talks it’s usually very sarcastic and/or impertinent 
  • His inner monologue is actually very negative and while we, as the readers, take it as a joke he’s usually pretty pessimistic for a good portion of the time
  • That when he’s fighting his expression is fierce and is hard to tell whether he is the good guy or not
  • That Leo Valdez equated Percy’s angry expression to the feeling he gets when Jason is about to shoot lightning. Let me repeat - just the look on Percy’s face when he’s angry was considered on par to Jason controlling flipping lightning
  • That he’s very very vindictive and loyal only to those he considers his friends and once you lose his trust it is nearly impossible to earn back 
  • That while he had the curse of achilles, he laughed crazily while he was single handedly destroying hordes of monsters
  • He made an entire volcano erupt, awakened a giant, and almost wiped out the northwest of the united states
  • He tortured a godess just so she would feel his misery
  • That he’s actually very manipulative and it made Annabeth step back for a moment and reevaluate her perception of him
  • That while his dark side came to it’s peak in house of hades and wasn’t mentioned in blood of olympus, there was no confirmation that it suddenly and completely disappeared after they left Tartarus.
  • Has been the child of the prophecy twice.
  • He manipulated Bob to kill his own brother by simply convincing him that they were friends and that is what friends did for each other
  • He was physically abused by his step father
  • That with absolutely no training at all he killed the minotaur with it’s own horn at the mere age of twelve
  • He wins a good majority of his fights by simply outsmarting his opponent 
  • He has scared not only Annabeth but his friends and peers on more than one occasion with his attitude and powers
  • That he’s considered extremely powerful for a demigod and for a child of the big three and makes the gods slightly nervous
  • That when he’s upset his powers act to mimic his emotions without him even trying
  • Has been offered immortality
  • That he is actually really sorta intimidating without trying 
  • That we need to stop reducing Percy’s character to a happy-go-lucky comic relief goofball that doesn’t know his left foot from right because he is so much more than that

100 Days of Youtube - (67/100)


Dr. Schneeplestein taking care of the septic egos!

Don’t worry they don’t have any cuts under the band aids those are just because schneenepnops says that puting some without even having anything still cures you from any bad thing and trust him! he’s a doctor and he know what he is doing!and it’s not because i thought that would be really cute or anything nopennnooope

And of curse i couldn’t forget the glitch grinch

he mad but that lollipop looks delicious


So were re-watching the LotR trilogy (again) & I noticed Legolas recycling bits of his dad’s old quotes.

Well obviously, I know Return of the King was released first. But it’s interesting that they’d have Thrandy use the same phrase to describe the threat of Mordor in DoS. It makes it look like Leggy is echoing his father’s words when you re-watch RotK.

Piggyback race with the septic boys!

Click it for better quality!

Marvin and Jackieboyman are heading to victory, Chase it’s determined to pass them, Schneeps is regretting agreeing to be part of this shit, Anti thinks that this is stupid and Rob is there.

Bonus that i was to lazy to color:

Angus The Survival Hunter and the announcer from the Japan World Cup narrating the race! well angus not so much because he keeps getting interrupted by the enthusiastic and loud anouncer  because if we are going to make egos out  of Jack’s series, his annoucer “persona” from that series deserves to be an ego. 

anonymous asked:

I'm average height. Male. Black hair. I'm great at cooking and I'm pretty good at knitting too, believe it or not. I plan on providing for my mom and the rest of my family in the future because we're not that well off. I'm 28 years old. Favorite color is green. Oh, and I'm trying to be an entrepreneur.

I really dig your Commitment to your family as I’m the same way. You also sound responsible and that is a huge plus. Yeah I’d give you a shot.


Marvin the magnificent human cat.

this was funnier in my head

The other day I made a post where I said that I wasn’t big on Antisepticeye fan theories, but this is hardcore bugging me, so I gotta get it out there.

Remember when the community named Jack’s little glitch “Antisepticeye,” and everyone was like, “Well, Antisepticeye is the cure, right, so does that make Jack evil???” Or something to that effect.

Why was that theory dropped?

Think about it.

In October Antisepticeye popped up for brief moments of time in a handful of videos, before he eventually took control in the pumpkin carving video. He even killed Jack.

But Jack was back in the next video, like nothing had happened. This implies that Jack is powerful enough to take back control and possibly come back to life?

Everyone has been talking about how Anti must be the one controlling Dr Schneeplestein and the other alternates but, oddly enough, I haven’t seen any posts where someone talks about the possibility that Jack is the Puppet Master here, not Anti.

Maybe it isn’t Jack who’s asking for help in the video titles.

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I’ve tried to look up if anyone else noticed this but only found one instance on Reddit… and it was only a small comment. 


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