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I’d like to title these: Man, I hope TWRP Understands How Much I Love Them Through These Because it Took Me Goshdarn For-FREAKING-Ever to Finish These: A Series of Paintings and Suffering

WELP, it’s been about half a year since I started these boys, I’m so glad I finally finished them! Remind me to never do traditional ever again. I ended up going to digital for some final touches and lighting anyways lol.

  • Future gf: Wait we need protection
  • Me: But we've both been tested-
  • Her: *brings out bullet proof vests* put this on

per aspera ad astra // a playlist for commander shepard - first human spectre, savior of the galaxy, legend. (listen)

Dear 100 fandom

You know what I don’t get? How Clexa stans adore calling Bellarkers homophobes for shipping Clarke with Bellamy (not all, but come on you guys absolutely love this argument). But in doing so they are ignoring the fact that Clarke is BIsexual. THAT IS BIPHOBIA. If she was endgame with a male, it would not make her any more or less bisexual then if she was endgame with a female. You are basically saying “nope, you can’t be bisexual if you’re with someone of the opposite sex” You’re fucking doing what bisexual people are faced with every day. I understand that all of tv is heteronormative couples and that it will be nice to have representation but you guys aren’t realizing that by creating the notion that Clarke+Bellamy= a straight couple, you are IGNORING that Clarke is STILL bisexual. You are IGNORING WHAT IT MEANS TO BE BISEXUAL. You are doing exactly what bisexual individuals everywhere face on the daily. Feeling like they are not valid. Feeling like they live in a world which is just black and white, that you either have to be straight or gay, you either like girls or boys. That in order to be considered bisexual you must be with the same sex. That you can’t call yourself bisexual if you’re with someone of the opposite sex. Don’t you see that you are not helping the situation at all? Bellarke would not be a heteronormative couple. CUZ GUESS WHAT?????? CLARKE IS STILL BISEXUAL. She likes BOTH males and females. WOW AMAzing that exists right??? Acting like Bellamy and Clarke together would be a straight couple is literally like going up to her and saying “look you’re with the opposite sex now, so you’re not actually bisexual. You’re straight.” I’m sorry but it doesn’t fucking work that way. She still enjoys both vagina and penis. You all go on and on about how important representation is, and as a bisexual, I fucking agree with you. And I am beyond happy to FINALLY see a character I can relate to. But I also can’t tell you how many times someone has told me that I’m not bisexual, just because I’m a girl who is with a guy. And I can’t tell you how much that fucking hurts. To be denied of my own identity just because the person I fell in love with and began a relationship with is someone of the opposite sex. I get told I must not actually be bisexual then, I’m just straight. You all reblog things on the daily about “protect young bisexual girls,” and “protect bisexuals who’ve never been with the same sex”, and etc but then as soon as you don’t see what you like you whip out the homophobic card and act like Clarke can’t be bisexual if she’s with a man. Can I just say: STOP ACTING LIKE BELLARKE IS A STRAIGHT FUCKING COUPLE. STOP ACTING LIKE CLARKE BEING ENDGAME WITH A MALE MEANS SHE’S SOMEHOW “LESS BISEXUAL.” STOP SAYING THAT YOURE ALL FOR REPRESENTATION WHEN YOU’RE OFF CALLING BELLARKE HETERONORMATIVE AND THUS IGNORING CLARKES BI-SEXU-FUCKING-ALITY (AKA SHE LIKES BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS) Do I have to repeat that???? Clarke + boy = still bisexual

Why Ryder is an Annoying Shit, pt. 1
  • Ryder: what's my favourite song
  • Squadmate: do not-
  • Ryder: Ghost Ryders in the Sky
  • *
  • Ryder: *to romance option after initiating romance* I guess you could almost say-
  • Romance option: don't fucking say it
  • Ryder: -I'm not Ryding solo anymore
  • *
  • Ryder: we Ryde at dawn
  • Squadmates: why are you like this
  • *
  • Ryder: come on losers, it's time to Ryde off this planet
  • Squadmates: that makes no sense
  • *
  • Ryder: *to romance option* Ryde me like you've never ridden anyone before
  • Romance option: that's it we're breaking up
  • *
  • Ryder: *to new squadmate* do you know why they call me Ryder
  • Old squadmates: don't fucking answer that question
  • Old squadmates: and yes they're always this horrible
  • *
  • Ryder: I'm Ryder. Commander Ryder. And I'm going to fucking RYDE YOUR ARSE until you give me what I want
  • some poor soul: I...don't know what to say
  • *
  • Ryder: let us Ryde upon the golden wave of our successes
  • *
  • Ryder: *gets in the mako*
  • Ryder: my sick Ryde
  • Squadmates: sTOP
  • *
  • Ryder: well that mission was certainly a-
  • Squadmates: *groaning*
  • Ryder: -wild Ryde, right?