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charmed101  asked:

Am I the only one wondering how Wellsobard didn't fuck up Barry? I mean this is me rambling so I'm imagining the accelerator going off when Barry is drawing? We know he's good at drawing and I saw a Charmed episode where this dude could make his drawings come to life so what if that was Barry's power? And coldflash because I'm trash.

Hahaha, omg I never thought about this.

I assumed Wellsobard was watching Barry like a hawk leading up to everything, maybe even made sure the right chemicals were on his shelves at the lab that night, subtly skewing things as necessary to be sure Barry was where he needed to be so he became The Flash.

But what if despite all his best efforts, at the last second, Barry changed his mind about staying late at work and was on the metro headed for STAR Labs that night instead of in his lab, doodling in his excitement in a notebook the STAR Labs building itself.

Of course just as the explosion happens, with Barry still on the train, late to the party as always, it causes him to mess up the drawing, totally ruining it with a scrawl of pencil marks - that coincidentally looks like the explosion of the building, so that when the shockwave hits him, he’s basically accidentally got a drawing of what happened.

And that triggers his meta powers to instead be having the ability to bring his drawings to life.

One other big difference here would be he wouldn’t go into a coma, because that was more a byproduct of the lightning. Since we want ColdFlash, let’s say Barry still plans to confess his feelings to Iris, but the aftermath of the explosion has him so busy at work, he still misses his chance, and Iris meets Eddie, totally deflating Barry.

Now, most of the metas took a while before their powers manifested, so it happens subtly. Barry doesn’t even realize when he accidentally doodles a cat this one time and then finds a stray outside of work that he adopts. He doesn’t make the connection until other metas show up over the months, and he can’t deny that he is one of them.

Wellsobard would be furious, beside himself, wondering what to do, if he should risk the ripple affect of going back in time to try again with Barry so he becomes The Flash - but then he meets him, discovers his abilities, and realizes he can still use Barry to get home. The problem, of course, is that Barry isn’t The Flash, but the crisis article shows The Flash (Wally now) and Barry as another hero, both still missing, so Wellsobard figures he’ll cut his losses and go with this new timeline as long as he still gets to one-up Barry as planned.

Barry ends up working with Caitlin and Cisco under different circumstances, but still works with them all, and we get a tweaked version of Season 1 where Barry is long over Iris since he’s had 9 months to watch her and Eddie fall in love and can’t bring himself to come between that.

The goal for Wells is to get Barry so good at controlling what he draws (and how it turns out, because sometimes his drawings don’t come to life the way he intends) and coerce Barry when the time is right to create him a portal home.

Cisco’s first name for Barry is definitely The Doodler, and Barry is like…no.

Hmmm…what could be Barry’s name in this AU? (damn I really like this idea)

Of course it would be hard to write, because it can’t just be ‘Barry Loony Toons a portal to where he needs to go’ every time, I’d want to be creative with how he uses what he draws to accomplish his goals.

So he knows he has to reach Len on the road that first heist, and he has mere seconds to get to him, and he doesn’t have super speed, he has a notebook and pencil. Well, lets assume he HAS super speed, but only when he draws. Super drawing! So he can get a drawing done in seconds.

Imagine it isn’t just that he can draw a cat and it comes to life, he can draw a situation and that’s how reality plays out. Both can work depending, but he’s still perfecting the nuances.

So he draws himself being an awesome motorcyclist, who trick shots his way past the baddies (just like he zipped past Len as The Flash in canon) and gets the loot from him, only to wheel around and see the guard in danger, and turns back (a little less expertly since he didn’t draw this part) to drive the guard to safety.

Since Barry literally came out of nowhere, Len is intrigued - the kid on the bike appeared from nothing, how did he do it?

And it’s not like, oh now Barry is an expert motorcyclist forever. He’d have to draw himself doing something awesome again for it to work.

Oh god, this idea has my head spinning, what a fun concept! And I haven’t even really gotten to the ColdFlash yet!

cantkuro  asked:

I work as a waitress at a lil privately owned Mexican restaurant. It's great, but customers still do stupid shit. The thing that's bothered me the most is a guy last night that flat out told me, "you should get rid of your automatic gratuity." He said that he usually leaves a dollar on to go orders for tips. But not when there is an auto-tip. Our auto-tip is 4% of the total. So, those 37 cents really ruined his night. I'm gonna assume he's never worked for minimum wage.

Only You

Words: 1.7k

Summary: You and Castiels friendship becomes complicated.

Warnings: Angst, character death

A/N: This kind of hurt to write. I was listening to “Only You” by Selena Gomez (not my usual style, but whatevs) after watching 13 Reasons Why and this oneshot just kind of happened. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. If you’d like to be added to my master tag list, send me an ask or DM.


Castiel smiled as he watched you giggle and the story Sam was telling about the first time he and Dean hustled pool.

Your smile, your laugh, your entire being made Castiels heart flutter. He had been aware of the idea of love for his entire existence, but this was the first time he really felt it. Too bad he was an angel and angels were never supposed to fall in love.

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Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw Go Shopping 🛒
  • Ravenclaw: *glancing down at list* and you're sure that this is all you need? Slytherin told me you only bought...PopTarts last time?? Really?
  • Hufflepuff: Well, yes. That list should be accurate
  • Ravenclaw: *insert skeptical glance* Yeah...
  • Hufflepuff: *slouches onto cart and pushes it slowly through the cereal aisle*
  • Ravenclaw: It says here to buy 'Frosted Flakes'. Wait, there's a side note. "The Puff loves Frosted Flakes, they're her favorite"
  • Hufflepuff: *takes a box of Flakes and rips it open*
  • Ravenclaw: That's destructive! Don't eat until we pay!
  • Hufflepuff: *drops to the ground and begins to snore*
  • Ravenclaw: Oh God. I'm gonna go off on a limb and assume you and Slytherin didn't sleep at all last night.

anonymous asked:

Last night it was a few minutes after close and I was waiting on a few people to leave. At the store I'm at their are two different sets of doors and as I was going to close and lock the main doors I hear the other, I assumed were locked doors open and a guy literally forced it open just to ask me a question. Turned out it wasn't completely locked as their is a bar that goes into the top and bottom of the frames to prevent people from pushing it open were not secured.

Texts From Last Night Starters: (SFW version)
  • [text]: We're bowling witha frozen turkey in the hallway...ur missing out
  • [text]: I'm going to CVS to meet the Craigslist guy who is going to buy my underwear. If I don't text you within the next hour, plz assume that I have been abducted by a stranger with an underwear fetish.
  • [text]: A surplus of mistakes were made and I don't know what 89% of them were.
  • [text]: I'm sitting on our balcony drunk. And in my underwear. Our relationship with our neighbors may improve.
  • [text]: When you licked the fourth stranger's cheek the bar tender pretty much ordered us to get you out.
  • [text]: I want my tombstone to read "making poor life decisions since 1993"
  • [text]: I have a tab of a google image search of onion rings open and it is making me so happy.
  • [text]: According to google history I spent most of last night trying to buy an elephant.
  • [text]: Woke up eating a pickle on the bathroom floor this morning in some random guys sweat pants.
  • [text]: You kept whispering to me that the guy making your burrito was an angel.
  • [text]: I know you saw me get knocked out after I stepped on that rake why did you leave me there
  • [text]: I wouldn't know what to do. You never really mentally prepare for a cactus getting thrown at your face.
  • [text]: Drinking from the bottle. In bed. Making dinosaur noises. Oh man.
  • [text]: Wall of shame with a backpack full of beer bottles, cowboy hat in hand, and a handlebar mustache. I was applauded by a passing car
  • [text]: Turns out the dorm toilet can't take a punch. Gonna be a long year without Mexican food.
  • [text]: That's a lot of judgement coming from a man wearing a dress made from a bedsheet.

fandoms-and-cake  asked:

I'm really fired up about this Sleepless Night with Phil thing. I was out all day and I came back home tired and I was ready to chill out and hang only to find everyone freaking out. this is the problem with the Phandom, so many people are so extra and they are demanding that dan and Phil two caring people who work really hard to make us content we'll enjoy do something they don't want to do. They will come out (assuming they're in a relationship) when they want to.

Sorry about all the anger in my last ask lmao I’m just so fed up with everyone forcing them out. I was in a really bad situation with some friends that ended up with me having to come out to them unwillingly so it really frustrates me when people do stuff like this especially to people they claim to care about


I think your anger is totally justified! i also really hate it when people try to force them to come out. obviously if they wanted to come out, they would have done it already. just leave my boys alone and let them live their happy married life already

last night i dreamt that i had to go to the hrc’s new york office for some reason but when i got there the whole main floor was an ENORMOUS beautiful library, like fully the size of a main library in a rich town or at a big university, entirely full of all the lgbt-related books you could possibly want, free to check out, and i was setting up an account and everything and i’ve never been so disappointed to wake up from a dream in my life

anonymous asked:

Lmao screw the girls and everything. Can we talk about that Vlive of Jungkook when Jimin came to his room as if he heared the loud music JK was playing? I mean,that's the biggest lie ever XD And you noticed how when Jimin entered Jungkook's room, JK repeated more than 2 times that he's doing a live for Jimin to behave). I'm pretty sure Jimin didn't come because he heared the music. He came to chill with JK. And bruh, I'm still not over JK wanting JM back in the room. I need a hetero explanation.

!!! RIGHT!?!?!? like, we all know jm couldn’t hear the music, bc jk said his room was far away. and jm was able to just open the door, so i’m gonna assume he had a key or something. then jk’s like “i’ll make him come again” like, boy. then the whole “jimin’s not good at playing games” and “no i was good last year” and “right” then the iconic fucking stare. like, what waas TAHT. plus jk was all about jm that night “jimin dance to lie!” “jimin can’t play games” all about jimin smh. i need to know what happened after that smh. 

anonymous asked:

isco fans are so annoying fuck off hes nowhere near the best player in the world (messi)

hey messi, im sorry marco verratti would even assume playing against isco was harder than you, wHO the fUCK does he think he is???? doesn’t he know u r el d10s ?? hasn’t he sEEn ur sTELLAR performances these past few games ??? does his dumbass kno there nO Way players lose their form while others gain their peak??? and most of all doesnt he KNOW making jokes like this is jus rude??? exaggerating isco’s talent is jus disrespectful and having fun is illegal!!!! it’s fucking crazy, i know (zara)

So a thing I forgot to talk about last night was the little ending scene of episode 3. I know in fanon a lot of people like the idea that the amulet is used to track the new order but as far as I remember there’s nothing about that in canon? So you like, I’m assuming that means that we’ll see not only Gabriel and Ellie/Magnus again, but ~possibly Ivor (and Harper since they’re together) depending on where they are/how far the Admin’s reach is, but we might finally, after all the teasing and guessing and frustration, get to see Soren again. 

anonymous asked:

Fic prompt! Supergirl, James/Winn (I'm deeply annoyed at how the Kara/James thing shook out but the Guardian plotline has me shipping these two a lot)- X times people assumed they were sneaking around because they're secretly together and 1 time people assumed they were available to fight crime and interrupted date night

(Aren’t we all disappointed about how Kara/James is going? This isn’t too easily interpreted in an OT3-ish direction, but you can hold the thought to you as a potential future thing. Mostly it’s just ridiculous.)


“Mr. Schott.”

“Oh my sweet—” Winn turns around and there is the second-last person he wants to see when he’s trying to repair James’s suit and add a few more fun tricks for him to pull out in his next fight. “Hello! Sir. Nice to see you around here in this deserted locker room where I definitely am standing for a legitimate purpose.”

J'onn just looks at him. Yeah, Winn wouldn’t buy it either. But he really doesn’t want to explain his vigilante extracurriculars to his very scary extraterrestrial boss. “I can see you hiding your phone behind your back, Mr. Schott.”

Yes, the phone that has lots of suspicious tech schematics on it. He is so fired. He is not just fired, he is disappeared. He is going to be put into prison in Siberia. J'onn is going to ask Kara to take him to the Fortress of Solitude just to lock him up there. Which would be pretty cool, actually. “Ha, do I? That is a funny coincidence, because I was … calling my mother.”

J'onn looks really put-upon. Winn sometimes wonders how all the aliens in his life do human expressions so well. Is it some kind of universal constant that looking put-upon involves sighing and looking up at the sky like you’re praying for guidance? “You aren’t in trouble. I know you’ve been … spending time with James Olsen recently.” Now he’s really carefully not looking at Winn. Is he actually going to get away with this? “I understand that you may not want Kara to know, given … circumstances.”

“Yeah, we are still trying to figure out how to tell Kara.”

“I can respect that. However, I request that the next time you feel the need to speak to your boyfriend, you wait until you are not engaged in matters important to national security. Put your phone away during work orders, Mr. Schott, honeymoon period or not. That’s an order.”

He strides away, which is good, because Winn is really busy gaping after him and trying to figure out how anyone could possibly make that assumption.

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Sooo I have a friend who is a photographer that works for an agency I shall not name (but eonline and daily mail buy his photos frequently) and word on the street is that “the Harry guy from 1D” plays a lot of hockey when he’s out here in L.A.

“So while, I was helping my son with his homework last night, he looked over and asked me why I don’t have a girlfriend.” He sat down slightly against the table. “I then proceeded to tell him, that I didn’t want a girlfriend right now and asked him why. He then told me, about this girl that has been picking on him. So I told him, that she liked him. Needless to say, I now have a playdate schedule between two ten years at my place on Sunday.”