i'm assuming someone had to have posted this already

some quick su thoughts

this specific gem has been confirmed to be white diamond, due to her coloration on the moon base as opposed to the pink glow of the unseen 4th diamond.

if yu-gi-oh hair is white diamond, that means this one has to be pink diamond. many dismissed her as white diamond, but since the last episode, we know that she 100% has to be pink diamond, visibly a completely different gem from rose quartz. then why isn’t she included in modern homeworld architecture?

simple. it’s because she’s dead. and either rose or pearl had to have killed her. this is how they won the war.

also both of them were very likely both servants of pink diamond before they rebelled. look at these pearls.

notice any patterns? yellow and blue pearl’s hair styles are nearly identical to those of their respective diamond’s.  pearl’s hair is also clearly meant to be the same as the pink diamond statue, meaning she had to have been under her authority when she rebelled. since rose quartz is literally pink, and she supposedly knew pearl for a while, it’s safe to assume both of them worked for pink diamond.

in conclusion:
- rose quartz is not pink diamond
- rose and pearl worked for pink diamond
- pink diamond was killed by one of them