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Who's your favourite paladin?

Who, me? 

A favorite??

From the paladins???

Yes absolutely. It’s Keith. I love him with all my soul look at him he’s amazing I’d die for him in a heartbeat

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it seems like gwenvid shippers only care about gwen whenever david is involved nobody gives a shit about gwen unless it's shipping related and it pisses me off.

I think you’re right that not enough people are talking about Gretchen, absolutely. But … uh, you really sure you wanna blame the Gwenvid shippers for that one? Because to be completely honest, it seems like we’re the only ones who care about her. 

Okay, that’s not entirely fair, but it’s always struck me as a little odd that there’s more content for a character who appears in 1 episode than someone who’s been a significant part of almost all of them.

If you wanna chat about Gloria, I’m here for it! I always wanna talk about her. She’s my best girl, and I anon-beg artists to draw her more than I’m willing to admit. But one of the reasons I’ve had so much fun with the Gwenvid shipping community is because of the attention and enthusiasm they lavish on Grace. (In fact, we often bitch among ourselves that she doesn’t get enough love.)

I’ll agree that the Camp Camp fandom as whole is sleeping on Gabi, but I personally wouldn’t point my finger at the Gwenvid shippers for that one. I’m just saying, we aren’t the ones editing her out of screenshots and replacing her with a serial killer. Or writing her completely out of fics like she never existed.

You know.

Just saying.

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Ah it’s okay it’s just I was watching black butler and one of the episodes reminded me of your au XD

okAY GOOd, thANK U I…. always worry about this sort of thing… i worry about it everytime i make a blog…..

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Gerson T. Urtleman. wrote that book... Son of a gun. Also, I love the selection of Toriel's books. It makes me wonder if maybe they weren't her's originally, but belonged to Strawberry and Asriel while they were alive. That, or Toriel is a nerd.

I just want to get one thing clear in that in my comic every Undertale Character is a nerd, I’m pretty sure everyone is a nerd in the original too but i can’t speak for Toby, so just know now as it stands everyone is a nerd 

Asriel, Chara, Toriel, Papyrus, all nerds, every single one of them, Alphys is nerd twofold

-Mod Avery

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So last night I was thinking about the Rowdy 3 and how they tend to behave a lot like a pack of wolves and in several ways they're symbolically associated with wolves and dogs (their theme music even features barking) and how that's weird because they're technically vampires which are usually considered to be the polar opposite of werewolves and therefore wolfishness in general and so that got me thinking about how werewolves and other wolfish groups are usually portrayed in fiction [1/3]

Oh my goodness @storysongandstars this is a beautiful thought and you are a beautiful person for thinking of this. You are so very right and the whole wolf/dog thing has been gnawing (hah) at me for a while. Thank you so much for sharing this idea because especially in light of the scene that was just posted (after I got this ask) you are so right about their entire dynamic.

Long story short, I love this and I love you and I love this show.

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a small feel good rant about what happened yesterday because it really made me feel happy: (don’t rb)

so i went to this art place for 3 days, it was a beginner class and tbh, i wasn’t sure why I went but I did anyway. On the last day, they asked the class to make oc’s and gather what they learnt in the class onto paper. I didn’t pay much attention in that class because they were touching on the very basics of art so I just doodled whatever I wanted. At the end they wanted us to show what we’ve done to the class

this is what i did^^

It was just a bunch of messy scribbles to me, nothing special and I didn’t think it was that good. I saw everyone in the room in shock though, idk what they were expecting from me but they were stunned. I saw this one kid around 10-12 years old’s eyes light up, she even started drawing her oc’s different expressions on the side of her paper before she presented. One person in their mid 20′s said that he actually had a crush on the biker girl and really loved her design, another guy said he loved the fluidity of my art, and said that it breathed life into the characters and that no matter what style people draw in, these expressions can really move a story along and impact an audience.

The teacher herself (a published manga artist) couldn’t stop smiling!! she was so happy, and what really stuck with me is that she said my art reminded her of light, the characters were full of energy and emotion and even though I just scribbled whatever onto the page it felt as if the characters had their own lives and I somehow put it onto a piece of paper. The class kept going on and on about my art and I stood there and didn’t really know what to do?? I was never complimented like this about my art and knowing that it made people light up when they saw it and become inspired really impacted me and I’ve never seen a reaction like that. Everyone was so happy and they loved it!! 

The teacher then gave me her business card and told me that she will contact me about getting real things published/having my work in a gallery etc. and I was overwhelmed! I didn’t think my art was at that sort of level and I thought there were alot of places I still needed to work on (which I do) but knowing that she said she needed someone like me in an industry “a young kid with alot of talent” can really move things along and inspire alot of people.

The kid asked for my number, another girl asked for my account and number so I could help her draw, another guy said he wanted to see more of the biker girl, one guy said he hoped he’d see me become big one day. Finally the teacher pulled me aside and told me that what I did was going to stick in these people’s minds and help them draw in the future, she gave me a bunch of comic books and her own book. I didn’t know what else to do other than thank everyone and we took a group photo and put our art together. 

  • Yukimura: Oh. I cut my finger..
  • MC: Let me kiss it to make it better.
  • Yukimura: ?? how does that help
  • MC: Whenever I got hurt, my mom would kiss it to make it better. Always worked!
  • Yukimura: ...I see
  • (later)
  • Yukimura: Lord Shingen I need you to punch me in the face

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Im a dude and I don't know what the fuck chix see in David fucking Tenant. He's fat now and ugly as shit not to mention old as fuck but making lesbian bitches moist???? The fuck? Hes a no life but I'm actually trying out here and all I see is david tenant is their crush. Its a iq test if you like him bish you fail. Get you sone better hotties I'm sayin.

Lol what’s up buttercup you have an issue?

All right, I guess I have to have a bullet-point chat with you, bc you’re not relevant enough for an actual essay. 

*Straight people really need to learn to get on the Gay Sense o’ Humour train, because that’s literally a joke lesbians say when they find a man attractive enough to appreciate, but would we ever? Nah.

*You seem like a really pressed human who seems to think that this smol bean (who is also a tol, somehow) must be soggy around the middle. He is minute af, sir. I got to go see him live in Don Juan with @ktrosesworld​ and he is fucking small. Like, this picture makes him look more rotund than he actually is.

That’s muscle and bone, sugar beet. No fat to be found (I’m sure if he ever gained anything above his proper weight, or even near it, his wife would cry bc miracles actually do happen)

*Even if he was overweight, why would that make him unattractive?? Pro-tip: It wouldn’t. Fat people are hot af too. Get on my level.

*He’s 46 years old. Not the Cryptkeeper. But keep being ageist, I’m sure that’s totally helping your success with women.


*Are you pressed about the fact his nickname is Teninch? You are, aren’t you? Listen, it’s not the size of the boat, blah blah blah….. 

*Gee, why would women be interested in an older man who is attractive, kind, gentle, respectful, funny, with his shit together both financially and maturity wise
oh wow it’s too complex of a problem clearly unsolveable omggggggggg. The world may never know.

*He has a beautiful wife, awesome kids, amazing friends and a fulfilling career.

*Try using him as a rolemodel instead of salting yourself into a pickle.

*I’m blocking you via your other asks. You’re trolling and it’s a really pathetic attempt 3/10

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It’s Miu birthday tho, shouldn’t she go to the party?

@killr-cupcake @sp-ud oh they don’t hate her! kaede and kaito were considering inviting her but…

yeah she lives with them but they kinda forget she exists a lot of the time. that won’t stop her from finding out about the party and inviting herself though!!