i'm as mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore

Hey Voltron Fandom, what the fuck?

I’m going to get straight to the point, you guys are self-destructive and are going to kill the fandom over your petty arguments and stupid self-entitlement. There hasn’t been a day since the beginning of the fandom that everything has just been peaceful for once (and I’ve been here since it’s birth) You all should be ashamed of yourselves, fighting online and hurting real people over fiction (this is not specifically towards ships btw) And I’m putting my foot down at all of this bullshit and trying to stop it

This is pretty lengthy so everything is under the cut

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The Signs As The Most Beloved Movie Quotes
  • Aries: “I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!” (Network, 1976)
  • Taurus: When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” (When Harry Met Sally, 1989)
  • Gemini: “You ain't heard nothin' yet!” (The Jazz Singer, 1927)
  • Cancer: "There’s no place like home” (The Wizard of Oz, 1939)
  • Leo: ”You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” (The Help, 2011)
  • Virgo: “Leave the gun, take the cannoli” (The Godfather, 1972)
  • Libra: ”I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” (A Streetcar Named Desire, 1951)
  • Scorpio: ”I don't want to survive. I want to live.” (12 Years a Slave, 2013)"
  • Sagittarius: “Carpe Diem. Seize the day, boys” (Dead Poets Society, 1989)
  • Aquarius: “Yippie-ki-yay, mother f**ker!” (Die Hard, 1988)
  • Capricorn: “Show me the money!” (Jerry Maguire, 1996)
  • Pisces: “Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.” (Back to the Future, 1985)
NCT Dream as PTA Moms - Mark

i’ll just post this in parts i guess

Haechan | Renjun | Jeno | Jaemin | Chenle | Jisung

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  • Tired Mom
  • is everywhere, not by choice
  • have they ever slept who knows
  • Perpetual eye bags
  • Thinks a night out with the squad is a vacation
  • “i wanna go home”
  • “mark, you are home”
  • “ur point is?”
  • wants to take a nap
  • never has time to take a nap
  • fixes all the problems
  • takes care of everyone
  • gets roasted constantly but if someone out of the squad messes with them everyone else about to throw mad hands
  • secretly talented
  • is humble and cute tbh
  • basically married to Lil Suburban Momâ„¢, not bc they want to
  • looks like they’ve seen Too Much and is taking it admirably well
  • “cha cha slide my way to hell” 

anonymous asked:

It's been almost 4 months since my ex and I broke up. We dated for a year and a half.. He moved on so fast.. But told me he'd always be there for me, but when I reach out for help he treats me like shit. I feel so hurt without him, and I feel like I'm drowning. I dropped everyone in my life while we were together so I don't have the support he did to get over him. I feel suffocated like I'm never going to get over him. I still dream about him constantly... What can I do to make this stop?

I think the first step to getting over him is definitely to address what’s happened for what it really is: codependency. Your relationship was clearly not a healthy one, since you gave up everything for him, and also because he treats you like shit. One thing you should always remember: if someone acts like they don’t give a shit, believe them. This guy clearly wasn’t good enough for you, and you should first be mad at him for what he put you through. Once you realize that he mistreated you, then you can finally work at moving on. Cause honey, this guy definitely mistreated you. He doesn’t deserve you, or your tears. That’s not to say you shouldn’t cry (because crying is healthy and will help you heal), but don’t ever let him know about your tears, don’t let him know he meant that much to you. Work at really accepting what happened; don’t make excuses for him, don’t glorify him. I know you miss him, and I’m sure it wasn’t all bad times. There is good in everyone. But if he was the type of guy you gave up everything for, and the type of guy who’d actually LET his girlfriend do that for him, and he treats you like shit when you reach out to him, then he sure as hell is not worth the time and effort! You can do waaaaaay better, you deserve way better.

Once you’ve come to terms with the fact that you were mistreated, you can learn to forgive him. Not for him, for you. So that the bitterness and anxiety and that gnawing, aching feeling can finally go away. Forgive him, and let him go. Day by day, hour by hour, even minute by minute.

How do you let him go? Well, once you’ve been honest with yourself about how the relationship wasn’t so great after all, and once you’ve forgiven him, it’s time to start taking care of YOURSELF. You say you dream about him, that’s normal. Don’t beat yourself up over that. Thinking and dreaming about him has become a habit for you, and that’s to be expected when you start dating someone and fall in love with them. It’s perfectly normal, and it would be weird if you didn’t constantly think about him. Now, it’s time to slowly ween yourself off of these obsessive thoughts. Become conscious of your thoughts, Every time you catch yourself thinking about him, think to yourself, “alright, I’m thinking about him.” (make sure to say him, not the guy’s name, as this depersonalizes him). Then counter your thought with something healthy, like, “This is perfectly normal. I’m grieving, but now it’s time to heal.” And then say something that’s positive about the breakup. Something like, “now I’ll have more free time” or “he was kind of an ass anyway” or “at least now I can do that thing he never liked me doing so I stopped doing it”. Or whatever suits you. Do this every single time you think of him, and eventually, it will become a habit, and then eventually, you won’t think about him anymore, because you’ll have reprogrammed your brain to not love him anymore.

Mean Girls Starters
  • ❝If you're from Africa, why are you white?❞
  • ❝Oh my God, [name], you can't just ask people why they're white.❞
  • ❝Boo, you whore!❞
  • ❝Nice wig, [name]. What's it made of?❞
  • ❝Your Mom's chest hair!❞
  • ❝On Wednesdays we wear pink!❞
  • ❝Calling somebody else fat won't make you any skinnier. Calling someone stupid doesn't make you any smarter. And ruining [name]'s life definitely didn't make me any happier. All you can do in life is try to solve the problem in front of you.❞
  • ❝Hey, buddy, you're not pretending anymore. You're plastic. Cold, shiny, hard plastic.❞
  • ❝You know what! It's not my fault you're like, in love with me, or something!❞
  • ❝See? That's the thing with you plastics. You think everybody is in love with you when actually, everybody HATES you! Like, [name], for example, he broke up with Regina and guess what? He still doesn't want you! So why are you still messing with [name], [name]? I'll tell you why, because you are a mean girl! You're a bitch! Here. You can have this. It won a prize.❞
  • ❝And I want my pink shirt back! I want my pink shirt back!❞
  • ❝That is so fetch!❞
  • ❝Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen! It's not going to happen!❞
  • ❝God! I am so sorry [name]. Really, I don't know why I did this. I guess it's probably because I've got a big lesbian crush on you! Suck on that! AY-YI-YI-YI-YI-YI!❞
  • ❝[Name], I'm sorry I laughed at you that time you got diarrhea at Barnes & Nobles. And I'm sorry for telling everyone about it. And I'm sorry for repeating it now.❞
  • ❝And none for [name], bye!❞
  • ❝Get in loser, we're going shopping.❞
  • ❝Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die! Don't have sex in the missionary position, don't have sex standing up, just don't do it, OK, promise? OK, now everybody take some rubbers.❞
  • ❝I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school... I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy...❞
  • ❝She doesn't even go here!❞
  • ❝Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Regina George?❞
  • ❝I hear her hair's insured for $10,000.❞
  • ❝I hear she does car commercials... in Japan.❞
  • ❝Her favorite movie is Varsity Blues.❞
  • ❝One time she met John Stamos on a plane... And he told her she was pretty.❞
  • ❝One time she punched me in the face... it was awesome.❞
  • ❝Why are you eating a Kalteen bar?❞
  • ❝Man, I hate those things. Coach Carr makes us eat those when we want to move up a weight class.❞
  • ❝Why should Caesar just get to stomp around like a giant while the rest of us try not to get smushed under his big feet? Brutus is just as cute as Caesar, right? Brutus is just as smart as Caesar, people totally like Brutus just as much as they like Caesar, and when did it become okay for one person to be the boss of everybody because that's not what Rome is about! We should totally just STAB CAESAR!❞
  • ❝[Name] had cracked.❞
  • ❝Hell, no. I did *not* leave the South Side for this!❞
  • ❝Somebody wrote in that book that I'm lying about being a virgin, 'cause I use super-jumbo tampons, but I can't help it if I've got a heavy flow and a wide-set vagina!❞
  • ❝There's a 30% chance that it's already raining!❞
  • ❝I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me... but I can't help it that I'm so popular.❞
  • ❝I gave him everything! I was half a virgin when I met him.❞
  • ❝Do you wanna do something fun? Wanna go to taco bell?❞
  • ❝I can't go to taco bell, I'm on an all-carb diet. GOD [name] you're so stupid!❞
  • ❝It's like I have ESPN or something. My breasts can always tell when it's going to rain.❞
  • ❝That is the ugliest f-ing skirt I've ever seen.❞
  • ❝She's totally rich because her dad invented Toaster Streudels.❞
  • ❝That's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets.❞
  • ❝She's the queen bee - the star, those other two are just her little workers.❞
  • ❝And they have this book, this burn book, where they write mean things about all the girls in our grade.❞
  • ❝Oh my God - Danny DeVito! I love your work!❞
  • ❝At your age, you're going to have a lot of urges. You're going to want to take off your clothes, and touch each other. But if you do touch each other, you will get chlamydia... and die.❞
  • ❝Is butter a carb?❞
  • ❝You can't sit with us!❞
  • ❝Fine! You can walk home, bitches.❞
  • ❝And on the third day, God created the Remington bolt-action rifle, so that Man could fight the dinosaurs. And the homosexuals.❞
  • ❝My grandma takes her wig off when she's drunk.❞
  • ❝I love her. She's like a Martian!❞
  • ❝Are they not suppose to be let out when they're grounded?❞
  • ❝She thinks she's gonna have a party and not invite me? Who does she think she is?❞
  • ❝I like invented her, you know what I mean?❞
  • ❝I just want you to know, if you ever need anything, don't be shy, OK? There are NO rules in the house. I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom.❞
  • ❝Can I get you guys anything? Some snacks? A condom? Let me know! Oh, God love ya.❞
  • ❝Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.❞
  • ❝Sorry, we only carry sizes 1, 3, and 5. You could try Sears.❞
  • ❝Regina George is not sweet! She's a scum-sucking road whore, she ruined my life!❞
  • ❝I know it may look like I was being like a bitch, but that's only because I was acting like a bitch.❞
  • ❝Your face smells like peppermint!❞
  • ❝Oh, you'll get socialized all right, a little slice like you.❞
  • ❝You're a regulation hottie.❞
  • ❝We do not have a clique problem at this school.❞
  • ❝But you do have to watch out for "frenemies".❞
  • ❝I know she's kind of socially retarded and weird, but she's my friend... so, just promise me you won't make fun of her!❞
  • ❝Half the people in this room are mad at me, and the other half only like me because they think I pushed somebody in front a bus, so that's not good.❞
  • ❝I don't hate you cuz yo' fat... yo' fat cuz I hate you!❞
  • ❝You smell like a baby prostitute.❞
  • ❝Is your muffin buttered?❞
  • ❝Jason, you do not come to a party at my house with Gretchen and then scam on some poor innocent girl right in front of us three days later. She's not interested. Do you want to have sex with him?❞
  • ❝Good. So it's settled. So you can go shave your back now. Bye, Jason.❞
  • ❝Finally, Girl World was at peace.❞
  • ❝Hey, check it out. Junior Plastics.❞
  • ❝Damn, Africa, what happened?❞
  • ❝I saw [name] wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops.❞
  • ❝Oh, hi. Did you wanna buy some drugs?❞
  • ❝Make sure you check out her mom's boob job. They're hard as rocks.❞
  • ❝Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries.❞
  • ❝Okay, I'm going to forgive you because I'm a very Zen person... and I'm on a lot of pain medication right now.❞
  • ❝Can you believe my f-ing mom is here?❞
  • ❝I have this theory, that if you cut off all her hair she'd look like a British man.❞
  • ❝I care. Every year the seniors through this dance for the underclassmen called the Spring Fling. And whosoever is elected King and Queen automatically become head of the Student Activities Committee and since I am an active member of the Student Activities Committee, I would safely say, I care.❞
  • ❝Irregardless, ex-boyfriends are just off limits to friends. I mean that's just like the rules of feminism.❞
  • ❝Did your teacher ever try to sell you marijuana or ecstasy tablets?❞
  • ❝What are marijuana tablets?❞
  • ❝You cannot do that. That is social suicide. Damn! You are so lucky you have us to guide you.❞
  • ❝Oh, I love seeing teachers outside of school. It's like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs.❞
  • ❝Everyone in Africa knows Swedish.❞
  • ❝Made out with a hot dog? Oh my God that was one time!❞
  • ❝I know having a boyfriend might seem like the only thing important to you right now, but you don't have to dumb yourself down in order for a guy to like you.❞
  • ❝Come on! We could publish it and then everybody would see what an ax-wound she really is!❞
  • ❝And you can only wear your hair in a ponytail once a week, so I guess you chose today.❞
  • ❝She's not even that good looking if you really look at her.❞
  • ❝I don't know, now that she's getting fatter she's got pretty big jugs.❞
  • ❝Watch out please! Fresh meat coming through!❞
  • ❝I'd rather see you out there shakin' that thang.❞
  • ❝You can do this. There's nothing to break your focus, because not one of those Marymount boys is cute.❞
  • ❝There are two kinds of evil people in this world. Those who do evil stuff and those who see evil stuff being done and don't try to stop it.❞
  • ❝Well, I mean you wouldn't buy a skirt without asking your friends first if it looks good on you.❞
  • ❝The limit does not exist!❞
  • ❝I just wanted to say that you're all winners. And that I couldn't be happier the school year is ending.❞
  • ❝It's called the South Beach Fat Flush and all you drink is cranberry juice for 72 hours.❞
  • ❝She's fabulous, but she's evil.❞
  • ❝So, are you gonna send any candy canes?❞
  • ❝No. I don't send them, I just get them. So you better send me one, byotch.❞
  • ❝'Cause she's a life ruiner. She ruins people's lives.❞
  • ❝Oh no, I can't say anything else until I have a parent or lawyer present.❞
  • ❝Did you see nipple? It only counts if you saw a nipple!❞
  • ❝Oh, no. It was coming up again, word vomit... no, wait a minute... Actual vomit.❞
  • ❝Grool... I meant to say cool and then I started to say great.❞
  • ❝I'm a cool mom! Right Regina?❞
  • ❝Good news, they didn't get run over... Bad news, they're still flat.❞
  • ❝Hey, hey, hey. How are my best girlfriends?❞
  • ❝Oh god, busted! Just start apologizing and crying. No, play it cool.❞
  • ❝I mean no offense, but how could she send you a candy cane? She doesn't even like you that much. Maybe she feels weird around me because I'm the only person who knows about her nose job. Oh my god, pretend you didn't hear that.❞
NateWantsToBattle Lyric Starters
  • (Rearrange, combine, edit as you want!)
  • "It takes forever when you go all about it wrong."
  • "These halls are lined with blood I can't have on my hands."
  • "These walls they seem to call my name."
  • "I refuse to be another puppet in your game."
  • "Your eyes are dead inside."
  • "Tonight I leave alive."
  • "I won't let you back in no more, no more."
  • "I'm sick of getting stuck in the same routine again."
  • "But I'll never ever be like you."
  • "I know what happened here, and you can't erase your past."
  • "I've done what I can to try to hide, but even you can tell who I really am inside."
  • "It's not my job to watch you."
  • "Maybe one day you'll find humanity."
  • "Don't you dare say that we are the same."
  • "I crave the light of day."
  • "It's driving me insane."
  • "We're back. Revamped."
  • "The madness never ends."
  • "We're not alone. This time we brought some friends."
  • "You keep coming back."
  • "But if this is what you want, then you can be just like us."
  • "You act like we're to blame."
  • "You wear a mask to hide yourself when really it makes us the same."
  • "A couple hours, but it's feeling like days."
  • "Now you're running out of power."
  • "We'll leave you mangled and winding away."
  • "Did you hear that?"
  • "There's banging in the walls."
  • “It’s been years since I’ve seen a face around here.”
  • “I was broken and alone in that hell I called my home.”
  • "You think you stand a chance to last against the ghosts of your past?"
  • "Finding me was your worst mistake."
  • "Now it's just you and me."
  • "You turn away? I'll be right beside you."
  • "You cut me off, but I'll always have another way to find you."
  • "Another night, but it doesn't get easy."
  • "Because you're stuck picking up all the pieces that they salvaged."
  • "No matter what the ending, you won't last the night."
  • "Now don't you panic. It'll all be over soon."
  • "You'll never be free!"
  • "You block me out all you want, but I hear the sound."
  • "I'll come back around."
  • "No happy ending will ever find you."
  • "All of these ghosts, they're from deep inside you."
  • "I found you."
  • "You've been asleep in your room."
  • "You can scream. You can shout. This'll all end soon."
  • "I'm your nightmare."
  • "I'm broken inside."
  • "I'll be the end of you."
  • "Just tell yourself that this is all in your head."
  • "I hear them running."
  • "They're banging at my door."
  • "It's gone for days and nights, but I can't take this anymore!"
  • "I hear them breathe."
  • "We hear you scream."
  • "They won't stop haunting me."
  • "They're right behind me."
  • "And I won't take this no more!"
  • "This can't be real. It's in my head."
  • "Give it up. You're better off dead."
  • "Some things are best forgotten."
  • "We're voices in your head."
  • "We're the monsters under your bed."
  • "Come take a closer look."
  • "We're all still your friends. Do you still believe that?"
  • "You say that this is over."
  • "I cannot pretend."
  • "I know that this can't be the end."
  • "It's bad enough I'm fading out, and still you torture me."
  • "Why can't you let me be? I just want to be set free!"
  • "Now this is the end."
  • "We can't promise you no more."
  • "You say you're sick of all your fears, but you keep coming back around here."
  • "Perhaps it's time for you to be one of us now."
  • "Now it's the finale, and you weren't ready."
  • "Don't cry. We're not so scary."
  • "Don't make a scene, and we'll end this quickly."
  • "Maybe you've just lost your mind."
  • "Now you've lost your time."
  • "We all know you're said and done."
  • "Now we're bringing it back, and the gang is on track."
  • "There's so many of us, and we're causing a fuss."
  • "We all know how the night will end."
  • "Now you're hiding yourself, but you know very well that it's making us one and the same."
  • "On strings you will dangle with only yourself to blame."
  • "There's not a thing you can do to stop us."
  • "I've forgotten what it's like for me to smell your fear."
  • "Am I driving you insane?"
  • "Am I eating at your brain?"
  • "Your heavy breathing and pain will end soon."
  • "You're picking up the pieces to the ghosts that will haunt you, too."
  • "There's no tomorrow for you no matter what they said."
  • "You know who you are."
  • "We know everything."
  • "You've come so far."
  • "Now you pull the strings."
White Stitches

also available on ffnet | AO3

Fandom: Detective Conan / Case Closed

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot

Summary: Her brows arch in disbelief, a meaningful look thrown his way. “Jeez, Kudo. You don’t have to put yourself between a bullet and me to prove that chivalry isn’t dead yet.” [Shinichi / Shiho] [ConAi]

Pairing: Shinichi Kudo / Shiho Miyano ; Conan Edogawa / Ai Haibara

Genre and Rating: Humor / Romance ; K+

Word Count: 1371

A/N: Coai romcoms are impossibly OOC so forgive me

 @jackel-gull  @hcibara  @chanting-to-u

He wakes up to the faint smell of anesthetics in a room of blinding white: The walls, the bed sheets, the light on a bedside table and the shuffling curtains of creamy tulle. White upon white overlap before his eyes, disrupted only by the blurry shade of strawberry blonde standing over an open window.

Shinichi blinks at the dazzling light as a guttural sound manages to make it past his throat, dry as sandpaper. It burns with so much thirst that he’s barely able to breathe, and the struggling makes a spot over his left chest numb with indescribable pain. He finds himself bedridden, limbs unresponsive of the simplest command.

The floor echoes footsteps that feel like a thousand miles away.


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99 Prompts
  • + this was inspired highly on the lovely @sentence-fragments post “101 fluffy prompts” so, thank you <3
  • + these prompts are tailored to be written in the reader's point of view OR the character's point of view.
  • YOU AND I:
  • 001: "One day I'll sing you to sleep, and you'll wake up in love with me."
  • 002: "If only you knew who I am, maybe... maybe you'll love me like I love you."
  • 003: "We're just two poor kids, from a really rich city. Isn't that a pity?"
  • 004: "(You/I) come in, with mud on (your/my) face, holding a dozen roses. Shouldn't (I/you) be suspicious?"
  • 005: "Just please, please hold me so I won't fall apart."
  • 006: "You don't even know my name, and you're suddenly in love with me?"
  • 007: "I would appreciate it if you would stop taking my breath away whenever you walk by. I kinda need my breath."
  • 008: "You stupid, adorable idiot."
  • 009: "Can you help me with my homework? I figure since you're smart you know what you're doing."
  • 010: "You're fixing me in a way that no one else could."
  • 011: "Please don't leave me when I'm this weak. Please."
  • 012: "You're fluffy, like a pillow... or a well-written fanfic."
  • 013: "I'll make you know love again."
  • 014: "Aren't we passed 'hello'?"
  • 015: "Kiss me as if we'll never see each other again."
  • 016: "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream."
  • 017: "You make me sane again."
  • 018: "Wise men say only fools rush in. But I can't help falling in love with you."
  • 019: "Stay with me. Please, if you'll leave me tomorrow and never come back, stay one more night."
  • 020: "Take my hand. Take my whole life, too because I can't help it that I'm madly in love with you."
  • 021: "We're such opposites, and I couldn't be more attracted to you."
  • 022: "Can you sing to me until I fall asleep?"
  • 023: "I'm tired of being alone. Don't let me go."
  • 024: "You're just jealous because you're the little spoon."
  • 025: "You're cute when you're pouty and jealous."
  • 026: "She doesn't deserve you. That should be me."
  • 027: "You're sitting there, oblivious at the bar, when (she's/he's) sleeping around and you're just letting this all happen?!"
  • 028: "Number one: stop feeling sorry for yourself and get out of that loveless relationship."
  • 029: "I never meant to get attached. Now that I am, I'm trapped."
  • 030: "Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you?"
  • 031: "(He/She) won't love you like I would."
  • 032: "(He's/She's) an idiot for letting someone like you go."
  • 033: "I have loved you since we were fifteen. You just never noticed."
  • 034: "While you were chasing her, you were oblivious that I was struggling to get your attention."
  • 035: "It's like you casted a spell on me. And from the start, I was hooked."
  • 036: "The thought of you with (her/him) makes me want to vomit, just saying."
  • 037: "If you want to keep me then you better treat me like a damn princess."
  • 038: "This superficial love shit got me going crazy."
  • 039: "If you like (her/him), go for it. Just stop stringing me along."
  • 040: "You're such an idiot, you've been chasing for the right person when I've been standing here all along."
  • 041: "I think I know (he/she) doesn't love me. That's why I mess around."
  • 042: "I don't want to marry someone who broke me on the inside."
  • 043: "I keep falling for your fool's gold."
  • 044: "I thought it was supposed to be you. That you'd be the one to save me."
  • 045: "You're not the person who gets to be in my happily ever after."
  • 046: "It's sad because I still love you even though you're with (her/him)."
  • 047: "I'm not your side piece. If anything, you're my side piece."
  • 048: "After all these years of not apologizing, you're on your knees begging for my help? After all you did?"
  • 049: "And if one day, you wake up and realize you want to be with me again, you better be ready to slay a dragon to win me back."
  • 050: "I trusted you and you abused that trust. That's not right. You can't waltz in here and think everything is okay."
  • 051: "I had a few drinks now and the only thing on my mind is you. It's always you."
  • 052: "I'm not the same (girl/boy) you left broken-hearted two years ago."
  • 053: "You don't get the glory of seeing me cry."
  • 054: "People may call you a hero, but you're a villain in my eyes."
  • 055: "Sorry, I'm all out of love."
  • 056: "You were the best drug my heart got addicted to."
  • 057: "You left me and went on to become bigger and better."
  • 058: "You saved me from death, and now you want to kill me? You had your chance."
  • 059: "No one came when I was about to die. You left me to die."
  • 060: "I am so done, trying to be your number one."
  • 061: "Every little thing you do pisses me off and it makes me mad because it makes me love you more."
  • 062: "You had no trouble tearing me apart and poking holes in my heart."
  • 063: "You accused me of murder and now you want to go out for dinner?!"
  • 064: "No! Stop feeling sorry for yourself again!"
  • 065: "I'm not the damsel in distress anymore! I. Don't. Need. You."
  • 066: "Don't pretend you're sorry. I know you're not."
  • 067: "You stop being sorry three years ago. Stop saying you're sorry."
  • 068: "You. Don't. Own. Me. You never did, never will. People can't own people."
  • 069: "There is not a single bone of humanity in you. You've turned to the monster I feared you were gonna become."
  • 070: "You're terrible. And to think I actually fell in love with you at one point."
  • 071: "You sicken me, you pathetic low life. Stop stalking me and trying to save me."
  • 072: "I can save myself, thank you very much for your unnecessary and unwanted help."
  • 073: "I don't need you to be happy. I never needed you."
  • 074: "So... you're actually undercover pretending to be a high school (girl/boy)?"
  • 075: "(You/I) just saved (me/you) from a burning fire and now you're asking me out?"
  • 076: "Why are my clothes on fire? Why aren't your clothes on fire?"
  • 077: "What crawled in your pants and made you a fuck(boy/girl)?"
  • 078: "You're sick? I'll be over with lemonade in five."
  • 079: "Stop hiding in the bathtub and eating pizza."
  • 080: "So my dog is a robot that you've been using to spy on me?"
  • 081: "Explain to me why you are covered in marshmallow fluff and Nutella."
  • 082: "Don't tell me you're filling up water balloons with hot tea again and throwing them at your enemies."
  • 083: "(You're/ I'm) (my/your) little sister, so naturally a cold-crazed psychopath man is gonna want to make (you/me) his bride."
  • 084: "Did you just ride on a horse all the way to my house to ask me out?"
  • 085: "Why the hell did you just kick me in the (boob/nuts)?"
  • 086: "You're like a little, shiny potato chip."
  • 087: "Can I dance spontaneously in the rain now?"
  • 088: "Stop using my tooth brush to brush your hair."
  • 089: "What song do you want me to play while you throw up?"
  • 090: "You smell like burps and giggles."
  • 091: "Can you stop rubbing butter over yourself for a minute and listen to me?"
  • 092: "Stop running around the place screaming that you want to be Blue Ivy. We're at a grocery store."
  • 093: "Can you stop hitting me in the butt with a water bottle?"
  • 094: "So you called me over because you poured hot sauce in your hair?"
  • 095: "Am I the first person to tell you that you cannot rap? Because if I am, I'm surprised."
  • 096: "I don't want to know why you're dressed as a banana."
  • 097: "Please don't tell me I just fell into dog poop."
  • 098: "I'm calling you Captain Savage Worm."
  • 099: "You're just an adorable kitten in a way too tight jumpsuit."

sergeanttomycaptain  asked:

Hey Ally sweet ^^ I'm sad today and need some wisdom. Can you talk to me about that scene in CACW where Tony realized the secret about his parents, and while Bucky reacts quite abruptly, Steve does not really physically react at all? Truthfully, I found Steve's lack of a physical reaction to be very in character with the weight of that moment, but I'm seeing a lot of posts using it as "evidence" that Steve is somehow immune or uncaring as to what Tony is going through. What are your thoughts?

Hey, lovely. I’m sorry you’re sad today. :( I will do my best to discuss CACW w/o getting too angry. lol Let me just put it out there that I am sick and medicated, so any snarkiness about the movie is probably exacerbated by meds. 

I am going to put my response below the line AND let me make something very clear to anyone else who might read it:

My response is NOT CACW positive.

So DO NOT READ IT IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS ON CACW. If you do read it, despite my warning and get mad at me, that is on you. I am not going to fight you about it. You have every right to love the movie and I have every right to be angry with it. Just don’t read below the line and we’ll all live happily ever after. :) 

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How it could’ve gone...

Like a lot of you, I was pretty disappointed with tonight’s episode (I just wanted something like this, that’s all I asked for), so to try and calm myself down a bit, I wrote this little “what if” of what I’d wished happened. Trying to stay positive now after my initial freak out, but I still wanted to put this out there for anyone else that wished it had gone a bit differently or just wanted to see what could’ve been. Hope it helps!


Jemma Simmons has been to hell, she has lived six months in hell, she has faced down the “demon” that called that hell a home.

That was nothing compared to this.

Her throat burns every time she swallows, her heart is pounding so rapidly in her chest it aches, and her leg is on fire because the love of her life just shot her. But it isn’t the pain that makes this hell, or the fact that it’s Fitz wielding the gun – what makes it hell is the fact that there doesn’t seem to be anything she can do to wake him up. He’s pointing a gun at her, saying all these vile things the real Fitz would never say, and all she can think is how horribly awful he’s going to feel when he’s free of the Framework.

She knows guilt, knows it intimately, and she knows that whether or not he deserves it, the guilt of what he’s done here will haunt him – and there doesn’t seem to be a damn thing she can do about it.

Crying openly for the way her heart is breaking in her chest, for the way she can’t seem to save him this time, Jemma begs softly, “Please. You don’t have to do this.”

His cold, empty eyes continue to stare straight through her, gun trained on her head in a hand shaking with barely contained rage. What has AIDA done to him, what has she done to twist and pervert the brightest of lights into such darkness and evil? Where has she hidden the man he truly is, the man she knew better than she knew herself?

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anonymous asked:

omg would you mind writing an angsty scenario in which seven and MC getting into their first real fight. like it goes from 0-100 real quick and he says some mad hurtful things and MC is just heartbroken af, kind of like a break up scare. You can decide how this ends! 💓 Thank you so much! (I'm sorry, I'm a sucker for angst! T^T)

Pairing: 707/GenderNeutral!MC

Word Count: 1239

Warnings: arguements, harsh words, cursing, all that jazz

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Starter Sentences: Movie Edition
  • "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."
  • "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse."
  • "Go ahead, make my day."
  • "Alright, I'm ready for my close-up."
  • "May the Force be with you."
  • "What we've got here is failure to communicate."
  • "Love means never having to say you're sorry."
  • "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!"
  • "I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship."
  • "Why don't you come up sometime and see me?"
  • "Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
  • "We'll always have Paris."
  • "We rob banks."
  • "I see dead people."
  • "You've got to ask yourself one question; 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?"
  • "You had me at 'hello.'"
  • "A boy's best friend is his mother."
  • "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."
  • "Elementary, my dear Watson."
  • "Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine."
  • “I am McLovin!”
  • "Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape."
  • "Wait a minute, wait a minute. You ain't heard nothin' yet!"
  • "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers."
  • "Hasta la vista, baby."
  • "My precious."
  • “What do tigers dream of when they take their little tiger snooze?"
  • "You're my knight in shining armor. Don't you forget it. You're going to get back on that horse, and I'm going to be right behind you, holding on tight, and away we're gonna go, go, go!"
  • "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."
  • "Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys/girls. Make your lives extraordinary."
  • "I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubblegum."
  • "It wasn't brains that got me here, I can assure you of that."
  • "You're a disease. And I'm the cure."
  • "I'd hate to take a bite outta you. You're a cookie full of arsenic."
  • "You're so ugly, you could be a modern art masterpiece."
  • "I want you to hold it between your knees."
  • "You can't handle the truth!"
  • "Yippee ki yay, motherfucker."
  • "You talking to me? You talking to me?"
  • "Wake up — time to die."
  • "Let's put a smile on that face."
  • “I can never have children!”
  • "When am I supposed to kiss her? Do I have to wait for the door cause then it’s awkward, it’s like well goodnight."
  • "There's no place like home."
"american beauty" sentence starters
  • "I guess I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me... but it's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world."
  • "Well, you have absolutely no interest in saving yourself."
  • "Lose my job? I didn't lose it. It's not like, 'Whoops! Where'd my job go?' I QUIT."
  • "I figured you guys might be able to give me some pointers. I need to shape up. Fast."
  • "You're right. I suck dick for money."
  • "Well, what do you say I throw in a little sexual harassment charge, to boot?"
  • "Management wants you gone by the end of the day."
  • "Your father seems to think this kind of behavior is something to be proud of."
  • "It's like God's looking right at you, just for a second, and if you're careful... you can look right back."
  • "When I was your age, I flipped burgers all summer just to be able to buy an eight-track."
  • "All I did was party and get laid. I had my whole life ahead of me."
  • "I rule!"
  • "She's not your friend. She's just someone you use to feel better about yourself."
  • "It's never too late to get it back."
  • "I have lost something. I'm not exactly sure what it is but I know I didn't always feel this... sedated."
  • "You think you're the only one who's sexually frustrated here?"
  • "Both my wife/husband and daughter/son think I'm this gigantic loser and they're right."
  • "I'm looking for the least possible amount of responsibility."
  • "You should see me fuck. I'm the best piece of ass in three States."
  • "Can you prove that you didn't offer to save my job if I let you blow me?"
  • "Are you just looking to lose weight, or do you want increased strength and flexibility as well?"
  • "I don't think we can be friends anymore."
  • "Just don't fuck my dad, all right? Please?"
  • "You're way too uptight about sex."
  • "I want to look good naked!"
  • "Someone really should just put him out of his misery."
  • "I'm not paying you to do... whatever it is you're doing out here."
  • "You don't really think [name] and I were..."
  • "Want me to kill him for you?"
  • "I need a father who's a role model, not some horny geek-boy who's gonna spray his shorts whenever I bring a girlfriend home from school."
  • "I quit. So you don't have to pay me. Now leave me alone."
  • "Remember those posters that said, 'Today is the first day of the rest of your life'? Well, that's true of every day but one - the day you die."
  • "She hates me. She hates you, too."
  • "There's plenty of joy in my life."
  • "Go fuck yourself, psycho!"
  • "My parents are coming tonight. They're trying to, you know, take an active interest in me."
  • "Gross. I hate it when my mom does that."
  • "Fuck me, Your Majesty!"
  • "I was hoping you'd give me a bath. I'm very, very dirty."
  • "You ungrateful little brat! Just look at everything you have."
  • "I'm so sorry for the way things look around here."
  • "I think using psychotropic drugs is a very positive example to set for our daughter."
  • "Who are you looking for?"
  • "This isn't life, it's just stuff. And it's become more important to you than living."
  • "There's nothing worse than being ordinary."
  • "Everything that's meant to happen does."
  • "You're one to talk, you bloodless, money-grubbing freak."
  • "Welcome to America's weirdest home videos."
  • "Oh well, all right, let's all sell our souls and work for Satan because it's more convenient that way."
  • "I'm sensing a real distance growing between you and [name]."
  • "My job consists of basically masking my contempt for the assholes in charge, and, at least once a day, retiring to the men's room so I can jerk off while I fantasize about a life that doesn't so closely resemble Hell."
  • "Don't you mess with me, mister, or I'll divorce you so fast it'll make your head spin!"
  • "Your mom's the one who's embarrassing. What a phony. But, your dad's actually kind of cute."
  • "If he just worked out a little, he'd be hot."
  • "You don't get to tell me what to do ever again."
  • "I'm serious. He just pulled down his pants and yanked it out."
  • "Never underestimate the power of denial."
  • "Are you trying to look unattractive today?"
  • "How dare you speak to me that way in front of her."
  • "Jesus, what is it with you?"
  • "I am sick and tired of being treated like I don't exist."
  • "Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can't take it, and my heart is just going to cave in."
  • "See the way the handle on her pruning shears matches her gardening clogs? That's not an accident."
  • "Don't interrupt me, honey!"
  • "[Name]'s a pretty typical teenager. Angry, insecure, confused. I wish I could tell her that's all going to pass, but I don't want to lie to her."
  • "I had always heard your entire life flashes in front of your eyes the second before you die."
  • "You better watch yourself, [name], or you're going to turn into a real bitch, just like your mother!"
  • "I marvel that you can be so contemptuous of me, on the same day that you lose your job."
  • "You're boring. And you're totally ordinary. And you know it."
  • "You have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm sure. But don't worry... you will someday."
  • "Uh, whose car is that out front?"
  • "Your mother seems to prefer that I go through life like a fucking prisoner while she keeps my dick in a mason jar under the sink."
  • "In order to be successful, one must project an image of success at all times."
  • "She's... she's really happy. She thinks she's in love."
  • "I think you just became my personal hero!"
  • "Man, you are one twisted fuck."
  • "The only way I could save myself now is if I start firebombing."
  • "You know, this really doesn't concern you."
  • "I mean, how's her life? Is she happy? Is she miserable?"
  • "I'd really like to know, and she'd die before she'd ever tell me about it."
  • "Your wife is with another man and you don't care?"
  • "It's a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself."
  • "In less than a year, I'll be dead."
  • "[Name], today I quit my job. And then I told my boss to go fuck himself, and then I blackmailed him for almost sixty thousand dollars. Pass the asparagus."
  • "I wish I could tell her that's all going to pass, but I don't want to lie to her."
  • "We've met before, but something tells me you're going to remember me this time."
  • "I can't believe you don't know how beautiful you are."
  • "Well, at least I'm not ugly."
  • "This will be the high point of my day; it's all downhill from here."
  • "[Name], are you masturbating?!"
  • "If people I don't even know look at me and want to fuck me, it means I really have a shot at being a model."
  • "In a way, I'm dead already."
  • "You are so busted."
  • "I feel like I've been in a coma for the past twenty years. And I'm just now waking up."
  • "Well, congratulations. You've succeeded admirably."
  • "The car I've always wanted and now I have it."
  • "God, it's been a long time since anybody asked me that..."
  • "Makes you wonder what else you can do that you've forgotten about."
  • "I'm just an ordinary guy with nothing to lose."
  • "Our marriage is just for show. A commercial for how normal we are when we're anything but."
  • "It would be nice if I was anywhere near as important to him as she is."
  • "Gotta spend money to make money."
  • "I refuse to be a victim!"
  • "I was filming this dead bird."
  • "Do you party?"
  • "Oh, what? You're mother of the year? You treat her/him like an employee."
  • "Could he be any more pathetic?"
  • "I think it's sweet."
  • "You need structure... you need discipline."
  • "He's just so confident, it can't be real."
  • "So, you're fucking psycho-boy on a regular basis now? Tell me, has he got a big dick?"
  • "He didn't even look at me once!"
  • "I don't think you'd fit in here."
  • "It seems unfair to presume I won't be able to learn."
  • "Excuse me for speaking so bluntly, sir."
  • "Oh, I'm in trouble."
  • "I didn't mean to scare you. I just think you're interesting."
  • "This country is going straight to hell!"
  • "[Name], when did you become so joyless?"
  • "I'm not obsessing. I'm just curious."
  • "What is this? The fucking Gay Pride parade?"
  • "Sorry about my dad."
  • "To you, he's just another guy who wants to jump your bones."
  • "This is my first time."

a week of iwaoi kisses
(thank you to imsosrsly for today’s kiss suggestion ^^)


6 ♥ desperate kiss //

It had gotten dark since he’d sunk to his living room floor, back against his couch, knee curled to his chest, but he hadn’t bothered to flip on a light or even stretch the arm’s length it would take to reach a nearby lamp. The cover of darkness seemed fitting for tonight, after all, as he swirled the whiskey in his glass and flipped through the dozens of voice mails on his cellphone. Iwa-chan, they read over and over and over again, and after hesitating over the keypad for a moment, he pressed on a random message.

Shit, Iwaizumi’s raspy voice came from the other line. Stop ignoring my calls, Oikawa. I didn’t say no, did I? I just… need time to think…

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anonymous asked:

I don't think Russian yuri would have had time to actually get a romantic partner, let alone Victor at his age. He seems to be very jealous and angry bc yuuri 'stole' his mentor(he didn't rly, but if I were in his position I'd jump to the same conclusion!). I'm not sure if I'm completely right or just blatantly wrong- what do you think about the situation? -someone who also used to be crazy angry for no big reason at that age

I have so much to say on the Yurio/Viktor dynamic! I love their relationship so much actually. ( I repeat, I do not ship Viktor with this 15 years old Yuuri, omg.I mean this as a friend, mentor, older brother figure, kind of relationship.)

A few things about Plisetsky- 

Rather than saying he wouldn’t have time to get a partner, it’s also more  that he’s really quite the ambitious little marshmallow right now so he doesn’t really have an interest in a romantic relationship, he wants to win his senior debut, you know?

I think he has three sides to him -

1) The typical “teenager” side 

Look at him, rock up to a whole new place, goes “ugh, gross/creepy!” first thing upon arrival… and … what does he do, take out his phone, snap a pic, and hum a song… realises he can’t upload it onto inst@gram, because Yakov will find him.

but then, he sees a piece of clothing he likes, and he’s like, OH DAMN, THAT’S SO HOT RIGHT NOW 

*instantly instagrams anyway*

This side of him is really really cute.

What’s this face even mean? Is he sick of Yakov’s lectures, is he even a little bit concerned about Yuuri .K ? ಠ_ಠ

Also where he angrily demands food, accommodation, angrily eats Katsu-don, aggressively venerating it’s deliciousness… lol, this boy…

2) Really intense, aggressive side

I think I’d like to know more about this side of him - why he thinks people who are “mediocre” should just quit, why he’s so driven to get to the top. Is he also chasing after Viktor, or something else? He’s so intense, so angry - he needs to calm his farm, but - he is fifteen, and he’s at that age where I think it’s understandable to be so volatile. You want one thing and you chase it down hard, and if things don’t go your way and you feel like you’re losing control over what’s happening, well, I can understand why he is behaving so aggressively.

Also factor in the fact that he is a child genius, his skills were Nikiforov approved ™ so there’s probably a lot of arrogance as well as self expectations, and pressure, there.

(It’s a bit crazy how much he kicks Yuuri .K around, but I also really like the way Japanese Yuuri is handling him. Yuuri doesn’t get angry at this smol russian Yuuri at all and he just sort of takes it all in stride, and I don’t think he’d blame this kid even if Viktor chose to return to Russia. Which of course Vik wouldn’t do that.)

3) His vulnerable, pensive side

See here, he’s told Yakov that he’s been “thinking through a lot of stuff by himself, too.” (I know the english subs by horriblesubs says “I’ve got my own plans” but yeah I like my translation better ;p ) 

He’s quite desperate and vulnerable, actually, and I think he’s scared that he isn’t going to make it without Viktor.

Look at him talk about Viktor - “he had the whole world in his hands, but nothing he does surprises anyone anymore. And if you’re out of inspiration, you’re as good as dead.” 

He’s not some angry vapid kid - He knows what’s up. He’s just told us that Viktor, someone who has been incredibly hard to read (because he’s always so effusive and jubilant on the outside) has actually been in a pretty dark place lately. 

Can he relate to this, is he scared of this happening to him?

I’d also like to know more about this side of Plisetsky. You don’t see this side of him too much but it’s a side that definitely exists - a side that doesn’t consist of anger, spontaneity, and cat related accessories.

His relationship with Viktor

He obviously looks up to Viktor, and I feel they must have a lot in common despite their opposing personalities.

Viktor, and Plisetsky, at this age, both never liked listening much to Yakov, tried to push their skills and bodies to the limit (that quad salchow though) and were probably considered incredibly skilled for their age. 

I think Plisetsky feels “equal” to Viktor in this regard, and they have spent a lot of time together in Russia, so he doesn’t idolise Vik as much as Yuuri. K. This is why he can yell at Viktor and talk to him pretty much however he likes, make demands, etc. 

Despite the fact that Plisetsky comes off as an arrogant teenager, it seems to me like he has at least some degree of insecurity. Why does so much of his debut hinge on Viktor? Does he truly think that he won’t make it without Viktor? He must respect Viktor so, so, so much.

He is probably very jealous, that Viktor, a mentor he’s sort of taken for granted all this time, someone who has made a promise to him, has just up and left, and come to Japan to coach an ice skater who made last place in the last competition they were in ???  Someone so “unworthy”, coached by someone so incredible in Plisetsky’s eyes, at the cost of Viktor not being able to keep his promise. 

You bet he’s mad, and worried. Hell, I’d be pretty annoyed if I were in his place. I think this is where his character growth begins, though - Japanese Yuuri and Smol Russian Yuuri are such diametrically opposing characters, so I hope they can really learn and grow from getting to know each other.

 That’s basically my thoughts on lil’ Yurio for now, I hope we learn more about him in the coming episodes!

Mistakes, part 7. (Neymar imagine)

His p.o.v

If i ever thought i had felt pain before, i was wrong. Nothing hurts as much as remembering how it is to kiss her, to touch her and to hold her, and not being able to do it again. Hell it even felt amazing when she called me ‘babe’, even though i know she didn’t mean to call me that. You’d think that her kissing me would make me happy, but i feel miserable. I realize it’s because i know she regrets it. No matter how much she wants me, she won’t give in to me, and that hurts. She feels like a drug. You can’t give a heroine addict who is recovering 10% of what he usually would get, because you know his desire for more will slowly kill him.
I just put Davi in bed, and hugged him a little longer knowing he’s the reason she is still in my life. I need to get her back, i think when i get into my own bed. I need to win her back, and make her mine again, and i will do anything to make it happen. I drift off into a sleep, with dreams about her.

She was the last thing i thought of when i fell asleep, and the first thing i thought about when i woke up. I’m in way too deep. I watch as Davi eats his cereal, and go in instagram. I’m pleasantly surpised when i see pictures of her and Davi ice skating yesterday. I rub my temples and try to think of an excuse to go to her. Instead i text her, but as soon as i press send i regret it.

Her p.o.v

I got sick the moment i stepped into my house. It’s been almost 3 years since i was ill, and it feels like hell. I blow my nose in a kleenex and pull my blanket back to cover me. It’s 57 degrees in my house and i’m still cold. I sneeze and feel my eyes water. This has got to be the worst day ever. I wonder what my friends would think if they saw me like this. They’re used to my perfect make up face, and my prefect outfits and hair. When i think about it like this, i  realize that i don’t really have any real friends. In the show business everyone pretends to be your friend, and you feel like you’re really popular. But at times like these you realize how lonely you are. My only real friend was Neymar, but now i don’t even have him. I could call David or Oscar but they are somewhere far away from me, and busy with their own lives. I get startled when i hear some weird sounds from the kitchen. Is there a robber in my house? I stand up cautiously, with the blanket wrapped around me and go take a look. I freeze when i feel wetness down at my feet, and i see how there’s water coming out of the dishwasher. The washing machines are in the basement of my apartment building, so the dishwasher is literally the only thing that would ruin my house if it broke down. And it did.
'OH GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK!’ I yell throwing away my blanket. Now i have to call someone to fix this mess and who knows how long it may take? When i pick up my phone to call someone i see that i have a text. Somehow i just know it’s him. I open it.

We need to talk.

I sigh and delete the message.
'No we don’t.’ I say aloud, before calling a plumber. 
About 4 hours later i’m checking in to a hotel, close to my house. The plumber said it would take at least three days to fix my dishwasher and fix the water damage. The people who lived below me came to yell at me and were suprised when they saw a famous person had been living above them. Irritared i give my credit card to the guy at the lobby, and he takes it cautiously. 
'How many nights?’ He asks, and i sigh.
'I have no idea, at least a week.’ Now that people know where i live i have to find a new house, on top of my new movie being filmed and all the problems with Neymar i feel like exploding. I feel like killing him for bringing me all this trouble. 
'Alright, if you don’t check out i’ll keep your room reserved for you.’ He smiles at me and nod.
'You’ve got room 203, which has a nice view on the skyline of London. It’s on the 6th floor, the last room on the right.’ I thank him, and walk towards the elevator with the guy who carries my bags and my two trolleys. I take one from him, and by the time i arrive in my room i’m sweating and puffing. I organize my clothes in the closet, and put my toiletries in the bathroom. After that i’m exhausted, so after i take a shower i collapse on the kingsized bed. I get a text from my agency, telling me that everything had to be stopped at the set today because i cancelled last. Which m minute. Which means i have no choice than to go tomorrow. I groan and set my alarm before drifting off into a restless sleep.

I don’t know how late it is when i hear someone banging on the door. I think it’s a dream, and turn around pulling my covers with me. But the banging continues, and i stand up, irritated and mad. I’m ready to slap the person who’s responsible for disturbing my sleep. But when i open the door, confusion takes over and i forget how to speak. Neymar is standing in front of my door, yelling at the guy who helped me with my bags earlier. 
'Sir if you harass people i’ll have to call the police.’ He says, holding his hands up, but Neymar has stopped screaming and looks at me now.
'What the hell do you think you’re doing?!’ I snap, and his face looks angry again. 
'Is everything ok miss?’ The younger boy asks. He looks a little pale and intimidated by Neymar but i nod and he leaves.
Neymar rudely walks into my room, and i wonder why he’s here.

'Are you gonna answer me or what?’ I ask, crossing my arms. He looks around, and turns around to me.
'YOU’RE STAYING AT A FUCKING HOTEL?!’ He yells, and i flinch.
'My dishwasher.. it-’ I start. 'I KNOW!’ He disrupts me and i’m honestly a little scared of him. 
'Do you know how i had to find out you were spotted in town at 2 fucking am?! I read it on twitter! I had to go to your appartment to find out what happened!’ I shake my head in confusion.
'Why were you looking for me?’ I ask, my voice sounds small and i see how he relaxes a little.
'I’ve been calling you all day, you left me no choice!’ He says, throwing his hands in the air. 
'I was too busy moving all my stuff. You can’t expect me to come running to you everytime you need me.’ I snap.
'And i’m ill, so i didn’t have the energy to talk to you.’ I add. His expression softens.
'You’re ill? How are you now?’ I sigh, and walk over to the bed to sit down. I’m wearing nothing but my underwear and  robe so i pull it down to cover my legs a little.  
'Not exactly great. Considering you just barged into my room.’ I say, looking up to him. He’s wearing jeans, and a tight white shirt and it looks amazing on him. He kneels in front of me. 
'Why didn’t you come to me meu amor? You could stay with us till your house is fixed.’  He says, and something inside of me snaps when he does. The fact that he acts like nothing happened, and we’re besties. Like i’m his puppy, who does everything he asks from me. I stand up, pushing him away and he stands up too.
'Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?!’ I yell at him, placing my fingers on his chest and pushing him away. He’s startled by my sudden mood swing.
'We broke up Neymar! We aren’t together anymore, and it’s all because of you! Because you couldn’t stay faithfull to me! You ruined everything we had, all because of her and you don’t even care about her!’ I dramatically grab my head. All my anger, my confusion and sadness comes together in one big ball of frustration and i’m glad it happens now. I’m not even finished yet.
'Because of you i had to move out in the middle of shooting a movie after months of hearing no, everytime i went to a casting! Because of you, everytime i see Davi i get reminded of what could have happened! We could’ve been happy!’ My eyes start to water, and i don’t care.
'How could you do this to me?’ I ask, and my voice cracks. Great..
'I loved- love you so much. I would have done everything for you! I would have moved to Brazil just to be closer to you, but you ruined it.’ I finish, with a sob, and Neymar’s hurt look satisfies me in the weirdest way possible.
'I’m sorry i ruined everything.’ He says, and i see the tears in his eyes.
'You gave up everything for me and i threw it away. I just want to ask you for one more chance baby. I miss you so much.’ His voice cracks too, and we’re a mess. 
'I don’t know why i didn’t realize this before but you are the red string in my life that keeps everything together. You were my first girlfriends Davi liked, and i’m so stupid for not seeing it before. Please give me one more chance.’ He says, getting down on his knee for me. He takes my hand, and i get the crazy idea he’s going to propose to me but that can’t happen. He wouldn’t do that. That’s crazy even for him. He can’t do that. I thought.. Because Neymar reaches for something in his pocket, and when he opens the little velvet black box, i feel all the blood drain from my face.

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I'm so stressed with this whole Lexa thing like OMG I want at least when clexa shipper to screen the episode and ugh I have no clue anymore and I'm scared for Lincolns death and everyone to start blaming it all on clexa which people are doing and saying the mains arnt getting air time because of Lexa/clexa

I think we can expect the show being called racist once Lincoln dies. We already have 2 white females that have died in the show though…Monroe and Gina. But, since Lincoln is a PoC his death will probably be seen as falling into a ‘Poc death’ stereotype, without looking at the reasons behind his death and the progression of the story that has nothing to do with race. Additionally, i think it is important that the show did have a biracial relationship. I think we also need to take into account possible behind the scene things that might have caused Lincoln to be killed off the show. 

Lincoln being ‘killed off’ might be due to contract negotiations and Ricky breaking his contract with the CW to be a lead on American Gods. He may have wanted to still be part of The 100, but due to lawsuits and everything they decided to kill him off instead. That is just my thought and please don’t take it as truth. I won’t be speculating anymore about this….this is ‘real world’ and ‘real people’ and i don’t feel comfortable taking about it. 

I believe the reason why they haven’t allocated screen time to Lincoln is because they knew Ricky was leaving. Lincoln’s character this season has been set up to be a martyr and to cause a rift in the Blake dynamic. The Linctavia relationship has already been explored and built upon over the past 2 season. Therefore, no more precious screen time needs to be given to that relationship development. No more ‘screen time’ given to show how Lincoln’s death would impact Octavia and the Blake dynamic. They are instead focusing on Octavia. They are focusing on how she is independent and “already strong”…she doesn’t need anyone – doesn’t need a man. I actually love how they are making her a strong female character and not having her and Lincoln attached at the hip. I love that they are building back up the Indra/Octavia relationship and showing that awesome dynamic about a mentor-student relationship. The bond that forms not due to romantic love, but due to respect and trust. 

Of COURSE Lexa/Clexa will be blamed. Unfortunately The Guest Star™ will be blamed and will take the brunt of the hate. (there is a special place in hell for people that attack Alycia ). Honestly though, if you have read the articles or listened to the podcast Jason was on, it is CLEAR that they wanted to make ADC a main cast member, but AMC already snatched her up. Therefore, they were relying on AMC granting the CW permission to use their ‘main cast’ member. This is why she is a Guest Star that is in so many episodes. What other Guest Star has been in most of the episodes? Pike. Just sayin. The really only differences between a Guest Star and a Main Cast member are contracts, money, and who has ‘dibs’ on an actors scheduling. Being a Main Cast member doesn’t mean you are in ALL the episodes or are going to be in more episodes than a Guest Star.

People that get mad about Clexa/Lexa having screen time aren’t looking at the overall picture of the show and how Clarke is the lead lead. Clarke is the lead lead and her connection with Lexa is important for that character. ALSO Lexa is the Commander of the Grounders…THAT is important. I think Lexa’s importance to the story will come to light as we see how she is connected to the AI story. Truthfully, I don’t see what else they could do with Lincoln’s character. 

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I'm feel sad because I think Clarke rejected Lexa when she said I did it for my people or something like that and when she said goodnight commander. :( I don't understand Clarke, I mean I get it she is still mad but she kind off broke lexa's heart. :(

Hi Anon! I love you guys coming in my ask box to scream about Clexa! Is there anything more fun to do? Hell no!

Clarke says all those things because she’s obviously emotionally invested in Lexa and I’m guessing she feels vulnerable af. They both do. And Clarke is still rightfully hurt and mad and feels that hurt on such a deep level because she was betrayed by someone she never expected it from. And even tho Lexa is doing everything in her power to win her trust back it’s not going to be easy and I think despite everything that’s happened Lexa is radiating with trustworthiness because she also cares. And Clarke knows this. Clarke gets Lexa and Lexa gets Clarke and they have this understanding on a deeper level and that’s what’s going to bring then closer and closer again. But it’s a slow burn and it’s angsty and… Don’t you just think it’s perfect? I sure as hell do! It’s so well written and it’s in character for both of them. They’re careful and taking baby steps and are somewhat playing all these games with each other because hell. Clarke said earlier “this isn’t just about my people anymore”. Well no shit. She cares and she can’t even hide it anymore. But she can try right? She’s stubborn and it’s another level of stubbornness because it’s Clarke Griffin we’re talking about. And Lexa knows this. She’s a bit disappointed of course. I mean think about it. She’s like what 19-20 mayyybe 21 y/o. And in that last scene with Clarke she gets a break from it all. For a few moments she doesn’t have to be the commander. She’s just Lexa in Clarke’s presence. Wanheda isn’t there either. It’s two young adults being bad at flirting and being damn adorable. So just imagine. Even if she’s pragmatic and stoic because that’s just how she is, Clarke makes her softer. Not weak. Just human. So of course she has hope. But also she’s very careful and tender and respectful. So even though she obviously knows Clarke cares she’s not going to take advantage of that in any way. She gives all the control to Clarke. She lets her dictate the pace. She’s showing her that whenever Clarke’s ready, she’ll be there. As Lexa not just as the commander.
When Clarke asked her about how she’s going to move forward after being betrayed she gives her an answer that Clarke needs to hear directly form her. Even though they both know the answer Clarke needs to process it but she’s definitely not ready to talk about it.
Clarke’s playing the “I did it for my people” card because she’s not ready to out loud admit that she cares. But she showed it with her actions anyway. And then she shuts Lexa out because she’s not ready for that whole betrayal conversation. Or she doesn’t even sees the point of it anymore. Plus I’m guessing she doesn’t trust herself around Lexa so she polity says good night. The fact that she uses the word “commander” let’s me know that she’s not ready for anything personal yet, but I think it was also a bit playful. And Lexa totally gets what she’s doing and where she’s coming from so she goes along with this little “game”. Lezbehonest. Lexa just wants Clarke to be okay. So she’s just going to do whatever Clarke wants and needs. Yeah man, she’s whipped af.

Well that got longer than I wanted it to. Damn. I hope it makes some sense because I was just jumping from one thing to the other and I made a mess. Clexa makes me incoherent. They have a weird effect on me

I feel as though I should address a few things about how I feel about Tom Hiddleston right now…

In all honesty, I feel the same way I’ve always felt about him. He’s charming, kind, handsome, wise, funny and so much more, and in my opinion he’ll always be that way.

People are freaking out about him now, and all of this freaking out happened when the photos of him with Taylor Swift came out. All of a sudden Hiddlestoners hate Tom and are questioning his motives. It’s heartbreaking to see just how many fickle fans this charismatic man has. He deserves way better than this.

Tom is intelligent without a doubt, I mean all you have to do is watch a two minute interview to know that this man ain’t no fool. So why are a few of his fans questioning his intelligence now? I can’t answer this question because there are so many answers. For some it’s who he’s chosen to date, while for others it’s a photoshoot…

I see people who are saying that he’s changed and that he’s not the same. But who the hell stays the same? No one stays the same! We, as humans, are changeable. Like, look at yourself now and compare your current self to yourself one year ago. I can guarantee that you’ve changed. I know I’m not the same person I was one year ago, so why does Tom have to stay the same? Why does he have to stay constant? I guess what I’m trying to say is that Tom is human too. Yes, he’s a very famous and very rich human, but he’s still just a simple dude who is subject to change.

And what is the major factor for people saying that Tom has changed? A photoshoot in which Tom was in some underwear.

I’m sorry, but, magazines aren’t put together in a few days or in a week. Photoshoots can be done in an hour (this I know because, as a photographer, I’ve done my fair share of photoshoots) but photos, especially photos for any kind of magazine, take time to go through (because in one photoshoot a photographer takes thousands of photos), edit and process. And then there’s the whole thing where the spread is put together and so on and so forth. What I’m getting at is that this photoshoot probably happened MONTHS before Tom and Taylor got together. Like, I’m almost 100% sure that if these photos had come out last month, before Tom and Taylor were announced a couple, the people complaining about them now wouldn’t have complained about them back then. Why? Because Tom was single and not “trying to sell his body to get more attention in Hollywood” or whatever other bs anybody says. Simply put, people are complaining about these photos simply because Tom is all of a sudden being showcased as a “hunk” and as “Taylor Swift’s latest arm candy” and blah blah blah. I’m sorry, but no. I mean come on you guys, Tom bared his ass for the whole world to see in Crimson Peak, in High Rise, in Only Lovers Left Alive and many other films. It’s obvious that Tom is comfortable with being completely naked, if not partially naked, in front of a camera.

Basically what I’m getting at is that some so-called fans are getting angry and upset with Tom, and yeah if you’re mad you have every right to be. What you don’t have the right to is to judge Tom for his career and personal life choices. He’s a 35 year old man with a brain of his own. He can do what he wants. He can say what he wants. He can make his own choices. We, as his fans, have no right to judge him for his life choices. It’s not our place. We can either support his decisions and choose to be his fans, or we can just not be fans anymore.

I, for one, am still going to be a huge Tom Hiddleston fan. I don’t care who he dates, I don’t care what film he stars in or what photoshoot he chooses to do. I’m a fan of the man. The intelligent, charismatic and kind dork who happily does impressions of velociraptors and sings off-key in a car. I’m a fan of the man who is so diverse in his skill and lives his life to the fullest and doesn’t care what people think of him. I’m a fan of the man who takes time to sign things for his fans, who takes the time to interact with his supporters, who will gladly do silly things for his fans, even though he doesn’t have to. I’m a fan of Tom Hiddleston, plain and simple.