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Why I Love the Gone Series #2
  • Sanjit: Do you know my name
  • Lana: Which part of 'go away' do you not get
  • Sanjit: It's Sanjit. It's a Hindu name.
  • Lana: One word to Orc and he'd play basketball with your head
  • Sanjit: It means 'invincible'. I can't be vinced.
  • Lana: That's not even a word
  • Sanjit: Go ahead: try to vince me.
When you wanna talk about your faves but everyone else is focused on The Last Jedi

That and you have writer’s block so you can’t do anything productive.

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My Nightbrother OC

Based on this post I made a while back.

At this point, he’s pretty much an OC now XD

He used to work as a bounty hunter during the Clone Wars. He was employed for a few months by the Jedi to train clone cadets, but eventually just decided to take his own path. He’s had a few run-ins with Maul and Savage, who don’t see eye to eye with him, to put it mildly. Before he left Dathomir to explore the Galaxy, he and Feral were…close, to say the least. *wink wink*

Lash is the last surviving Dathomirian Zabrak by the time of the Rebellion. At this point, he has become an expert pilot and is part of Phoenix Squadron. His helmet has been modified to fit his horns. The boy always survives through battle after battle, the brave little soldier. 

Minor details: He has a scar on his cheek, just below his left eye. Welp, that’s what happens when you’re a Nightbrother and Asajj Ventress finds you. His markings are also a little darker than the design he’s based on. He’s got a diamond shaped design on his forehead, similar to Ahsoka Tano.

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  • What she says: im fine
  • What she means: Lana Arwen Lazar is one of the strongest female characters in literature and nobody even appreciates it like damn she's brilliant? Lana goes through so much she suffers through everything like she's got the gaiaphage in her head and she was dragged into a fucking mine by coyotes and she's still cool asf??? Also she's relatable asf and she can HEAL people's wounds like damn she's so important?? I just wish people would appreciate her more like damn she deserves to be showered in gold and like wow??? Also she has a dog.

Eclipse is so good every person from every reality loves it

  • Everyone who's read the Thrawn novel: *desperately shipping Thrawn and Eli*
  • Me, completely broke and with no means of accessing said novel: Wut?