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Black Panther comes to your rescue when you’re hijacked by brainwashed Winter Solider. Despite he has never told, he is head over heels with you. Ironically, the only one you love is Bucky. During their battle, you stand up against the fatal attack from Black Panther and die for your love

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Hi! Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but. What's the difference between arousal and attraction? If I kiss someone and feel slight arousal as an automatic response but don't wanna have sex (w them or ever tbh) am I still ace? Thank you and sorry if that didn't make sense :/ I'm just confused

Arousal is similar to someone tapping your knee and having it kick. Or maybe being tickled, or even like pain. Something happens, it sends a signal to your brain, and your brain sends one back that causes a reaction. 

Attraction does not need physical stimuli. It can happen with arousal, or completely apart from it. If you never have sexual attraction outside of that context of your body going ‘hey we might do sexy times do you need this ready?” then I’d consider that asexuality.

Arousal equaling attraction is actually really really dangerous to abuse victims, because they can end up feeling like their body okayed it. Which is ABSOLUTELY not how it works. If I hurt my hand, and a bone breaks, I did not give my body permission, i’s simply reacting.

Nothing you body can do can invalidate you. It’s a machine to be really blunt with it. It tries to react in ways it was biologically designed too. And sometimes it fucks up or does things you absolutely don’t want it too or don’t expect it too but don’t mistake that for welp, I was wrong.