i'm apparently really good at getting photos of her

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U saw them both & returned home saying they were a couple--right? I think they R couple but I am confused about where T fits in. A bar owner who manages local musicians-Right? Some call C's manager / assistant but he pops up everywhere. They show no affection towards each. For a SO of 3 years no hand holding or even photo on C's Instagram. I'm not trying to pry into their relationship if they have one but I'm confused by S&C behavior. SC don't stop their friendly flirt off screen.??

I think he’s a longtime friend of Cait’s who graciously stepped into a role she needed him in, which is some meld of things; probably closest to an assistant. However, I get called rude names by some people in this fandom when I say he’s her assistant bc apparently that’s offensive so I’ll stick with he’s a really good friend ;)

anyway, no they don’t stop the flirty behavior off screen. I came back from ECCC (even more) entirely and thoroughly convinced they were/are together in real life. hope that’s helpful!