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Headcanon where Tony loses his voice after a fight against Loki. He keeps it as a secret at first because he doesn’t want to see another doctor or even worse get the teams pity.

But… nobody even notices that he can’t talk. No they seem happy that they don’t have to listen to his usual chatter. They seem relieved when he doesn’t tell jokes anymore.

And when Tony gets his voice back, he stays mute. It’s better for everybody anyway.

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A langst head canon

I just thought of this, but what if one night, Lance just breaks down and is sobbing to himself and he’s looking at himself in his helmet, saying out loud everything he hates about himself and how worthless he feels and like “you’re not good enough”, without knowing that the helmet com was on, and everybody in their rooms just heard something from their helmets, not knowing what (say it’s like late after a battle and everybody doesn’t have the energy to take off the armour) it is and then they hear. Hunk is crying, Pidge is about to break down, Shiro feels so guilty because why didn’t he notice before or pay more attention, Keith is just in shock, Allura is on the verge of tears, and Coran is already making way to lances room. Lance realises his com is on and freaks the fuck out. Coran goes in there and just holds Lance, then the rest of the team come, Hunk being the first just sobbing out apologies and hugging him. This could end two ways, very happy yes yes wee haw, or sad because Lance is like “oh wow I can’t even suffer right”

I was talking with @lovelylangst and this just popped in my very sad mind so like here take it

I'm so slow at processing things...

5 hrs later the BBMA’s I began to cry meanwhile listening to 봄날 and realized that I just witnessed one of the most exciting and most beautiful moments in THOUSANDS even MILLIONS of people’s lives on TV.

This award is not just for us (ARMY), but for those 7 boys who became men right before our eyes.

They made history; from being the first Kpop group to be nominated, having the most votes and surpassing JB, to being the first Kpop group to win the TOP SOCIAL ARTIST AWARD!!!

Taehyung almost cried meanwhile standing on stage accepting the award, Yoongi immediately grabbed the award with a big smile on his face, Namjoon (from my perspective) was stuttering- not because of his bad English, because his English is better than mine- out of shock, and Chim, Kook, Jin, and Hobi were absolutely speechless.

They went through the hardest things in life from mental illnesses to leaving their families, being dead ass broke, and growing up under a spotlight; they deserve this award.

I’m glad to call myself an ARMY and be a part of this fandom watching our boys grow.
I’m proud of our boys and I’m 10000000% sure you are too.

Let’s continue flying with our beautiful wings.


Rich: …The Squips did this to him. Threw him off his balcony. It’s a miracle he’s still…ya know?

It’s been three months…but I’m not giving up hope yet! Jakey D is tough as nails and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just waiting for the perfect moment to wake up again…

Just. I’ll be here for ‘im, like always, ‘cause he’s my pal. The closest bro I got.


Jikook AU

Famous dancer Park Jimin gets severely injured in an accident and goes to stay in a physical rehabilitation clinic where he meets long-term patient, Jeon Jungkook.

After months of trying to regain the use of his legs, Jungkook has essentially given up all hope, resigning himself to a life in a wheelchair despite his doctor saying there’s still a small chance.

When Jimin arrives, Jungkook sees in him the person he used to be–determined, passionate, stubborn. Jimin refuses to give up on healing so he can get back on the stage. His courage and compassion inspires Jungkook to try again and creates a deep bond between the two–something that Jungkook has not felt in a long time.

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“Silly me, I thought I had it. I came so close this time…I knew your heart was plastic…Thought I could make it…MINE.”

So how about that good ol’ Shiro angst am I right? :V This reminded me I want to see more of Shiro dealing with his PTSD damnit the poor guy needs to deal with it because he really hasn’t had time to do it…? Also WHY HAVEN’T WE SEEN KURO THE EMBODIMENT OF SHIRO’S FEARS. BRING BACK KURO 2K17

Song: Bringing it Down - Starset

Shiro - 7 Years

Lance - Castle on the Hill

stopping for gas (1306 words)

based on the snippets of footage from 13x03 we’ve already seen, here come the angsty scenes between dean and jody you never wanted (but they were in my head nevertheless so now you can suffer, too!!)

having jody sit next to him in the impala has to be one of the strangest experience dean has ever had to live through. she doesn’t fit naturally like sam who spent most of his life in this car; she doesn’t have the same terrifying yet calming presence that cas has.

used to have. he chokes back tears. no use thinking about that now.

they’ve been silent almost the whole drive – what started as a forced conversation about the case soon became an uncomfortable silence. thankfully jody doesn’t ask, doesn’t press, just accepts dean’s unwillingness to talk and scribbles down some notes for the case.

still, it’s different. her presence reminds him of everything that went wrong in the last few weeks: sam taking off with jack, jack being there, having no leads on his mom, and cas –

well, cas.

at this point, he’s too tired to even think about it. it’s like running the same laps for years before finally collapsing and giving up; he won’t reach the finish line anyway. not that there ever was a finish line, because a happy end has never been an option for them.

he taps on the steering wheel and sighs. jody looks up and frowns at the fuel gauge. “we should probably stop soon,” she says. “we’re almost out of gas. i thought you’d take better care of your lady.”

it’s a joke, it’s a joke, it’s a joke, he knows this when he grips the wheel tighter. “i know,” he answers curtly. i haven’t taken care of anything the last few weeks would be the better answer; i couldn’t.

the truth is, as pathetic as it is, stopping for gas used to be easier when not everything reminded you of your dead – whatever. he knows it’s bullshit, he knows that all these gas’n’sips aren’t out there to hunt him down, to mock him, to remind him of one of the worst mistakes he’s ever made, but somehow his brain and his heart don’t connect all that well these days.

sam has taken care of filling up baby the last few weeks and every single time dean had sat in the front seat, hands curled so tight around the wheel that they started to hurt by the time sam went to pay.

thinking about the time he let cas go when he was his most vulnerable, without – almost – without a second thought, he wonders how different it would have been if cas had just been able to stay. how different they would have been.

maybe cas would still be human. hunting with them. being with dean (in every sense of the word). at the very least, he probably wouldn’t be dead, stabbed in the back because he thought that he isn’t worth anything to anyone.

because dean never told him. anything.

he almost misses the next gas station because he’s too lost in thought – if not for jody’s disapproved humming, he probably would have.

then, he just sits there, frozen in place.

asking sam – or rather, commanding him – to fill up the tank had been easy. sam knows that asking questions is futile. jody? not so much. the most terrifying thing is, he probably would answer if jody asked the right questions.

when he feels jody’s gaze on him he knows he’s been silent too long for it to not be weird. he’s pathetic.

“you okay, friend?”

and there it is, the million dollar question.

no would be the easiest and the hardest answer.

“could you, um,” he says instead. “would you mind filling up the tank?” please don’t ask, please don’t ask, please don’t ask. “i got cash,” he continues and pulls out his wallet. jody puts a hand on his arm.

“i got this,” she says. “but would you mind telling me why you want me to do this?” of course she would ask.

dean takes a deep breath. “never mind,” he panics and is out of the car in one swift motion. jody sighs and gets out of the car, too.

“dean,” she says forcefully when he fumbles with the gas pump. she sounds so scarily like a mom – not his mom per se, which makes it even worse – that he can’t help but stop and listen to her. he’s terrified.

“i don’t… want to say that i know what you’re going through. because i don’t. but i want to say that i’m there for you. for whatever you want to tell me. trust me, i’ve got two teenage girls at home, whatever it is that’s eating you up it can’t be worse than this.”

i bet it could, he thinks and for a moment he contemplates just breaking down and emptying his heart out right here, right then, in this dingy gas’n’sip, but he can’t. if he breaks down, he’s done for good and that’s not an option.

he tries the next best thing. “cas used to work here,” he says. “i mean, not here specifically, but – you know.”

jody’s face softens and he wants to cry. “oh, dean,” she says, slowly approaching him and taking the fuel hose out of his hands. when she pats him on the back, his entire body tenses and relaxes at the same time. “i’m sorry.”

they fill up the tank, dean just standing next to her, helplessly – he doesn’t know what to say and he isn’t entirely sure what she may already know.

“i wish i could have met him,” she says after a few moments, cautiously. “you should have brought him over to dinner sometime.”

it’s not an accusation, far from it; it’s more an acknowledgment of everything dean can’t say. he swallows. the thing is, he would have loved to bring him over to dinner. his mom is gone right now and the truth is that she was gone long before that – jody is the closest thing he ever had to a mother.

although it wouldn’t have meant anything, he would have loved to bring him over. fake it for one night. just one. “yeah,” he agrees hoarsely. it’s getting harder and harder to choke back his tears.

“well, maybe you can make good for that when he comes back.” she smiles. he wants to object, wants to say he won’t come back, but she doesn’t let him, already knowing what he’s about to say. “aww, come on, don’t be like that. you know i saw my own son come back from the dead. and you two brother have died more times than i can count. nothing’s final. you just have to have confidence.”

she doesn’t say hope nor faith, and he’s eternally grateful for that. she also doesn’t expect an answer which makes his heart swell up even more.

“alright, i’m gonna go pay,” she says. “you want any snacks?”

he shakes his head and watches her shrug and make her way to the building before surprising himself and saying: “wait!”

she stops in her tracks and turns around. “you’re worse than alex,” she says. “what do you want?”

he can’t say anything; if he says something, he’ll cry, and that’s not an option. instead, he takes the few steps and pulls her into a hug. she needs a moment before leaning into the hug, putting his arms around him and embracing him firmly.

“it’s going to be okay,” she says softly. “you can tell me anything when we get out of here, okay?”

he nods. his face is probably a grimace by now, strained from the efforts not to cry, but the prospect of maybe – just maybe – telling jody everything is making it harder to bear all the shit that’s currently going on in his life.

after a few seconds, she pulls out of the hug and nods towards him. “i’m gonna bring some ice cream,” she says. “the monsters can wait.”


Finally finished _(:3」∠)_ very belated monthly Kanadian Day comic, as voted from this poll.

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Crowd silencing quotes from cartoons
  • Avatar the Last Airbender: "You might have everyone else here buying your ... transformation, but you and I both know you've struggled with doing the right thing in the past. So let me tell you something, right now. You make one step backward, one slip-up, give me one reason to think you might hurt Aang, and you won't have to worry about your destiny anymore. Because I'll make sure your destiny ends right then and there. Permanently."
  • Over the Garden Wall: "At least wait until the storm dies down a bit. You'll be no good to your brother dead." "I was never any good to him alive, either."
  • Gravity Falls: "You really aren't gonna thank me, are you? Fine. On one condition: you stay away from the kids; I don't want them in danger. 'Cause as far as I'm concerned, they're the only family I have left."
  • Adventure Time: "... if I do things... if I do things that hurt anyone, please, please forgive me! Just... watch over me until I can find my way out of this labyrinth in my brain and regain my sanity! And then maybe Betty, my princess... maybe you will love me again... please love me again, Betty!!"
  • Steven Universe: "What do you know about my Mom?! I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO KNOW MY MOM! But I do know, she saw beauty in everything! Even in stuff like this, and even in jerks like you!"
  • Legend of Korra: "Don't pretend you know what it felt like! The Avatar is adored by millions! I was cast aside by my own parents like I meant nothing to them. How could I just stand by and watch the same thing happen to my nation, when it needed someone to guide it?"
  • Lilo and Stitch: "But if you want to leave, you can. I'll remember you, though. I remember everyone that leaves."
  • Rick and Morty: "That - out there - that's my grave. On one of our adventures, Rick and I basically destroyed the whole world. So we bailed on that reality and we came to this one, because in this one, the world wasn't destroyed, and in this one, we were dead. So we came here and we buried ourselves and we took their place. And every morning, Summer, I eat breakfast twenty yards away from my own rotting corpse. I'm a version of your brother you can trust when he says 'don't run'. Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die. Come watch T.V.?"
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog: "There's no such thing as 'perfect'. You're beautiful as you are, Courage. With all your imperfections, you can do anything."

More art for Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts by @kazliin

What I can do, I can’t stop reading it lol. Chapter four killed me and by this scene I was nearly crying a river, poor Victor T w T). 98% of the painting with tones of yellow/orange/red, the only exception begin Victor’s Eye, I was trying to keep the soft+angst feeling from the scene. 


“Is this…” Dirk whispers, eyes darting back and forth between Todd’s face and his hands. “Is this helping?”

Todd doesn’t turn to face him- can’t turn to face him. He stares instead at his own hands, frostbitten fingers carefully encased by Dirk’s as he attempts to warm them. Cold enough to feel distant like a memory. But not numb. Not completely. Just enough feeling left in them to register Dirk’s well-meaning ministrations scraping his raw, freezer-burned skin like sandpaper.

It isn’t helping. It isn’t helping at all.

“Yeah, Dirk,” he chokes out through chattering teeth. “Thanks…”

But it’s all in his head. It’s all in his head…

(drawing variations courtesy of my camera’s cool filters)

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Ephemeral Michael¿ :0c

Ephemeral - lasting a very short time

Michael was in the bathroom. With Jeremy. A part of him wanted nothing more than to hug him, or kiss him, but another part was furious. He just, leaves, and doesn’t say a word to him, and the one moment he gets with him is in a bathroom while he’s drunk off his ass? No fucking way.

Michael stalks forward, pushing against Jeremy’s chest. They lock eyes, and Michael honestly can’t tell want he’s feeling. They used to be able to read each other like a book. What happened? The Squip.

“Squip got your tongue?”

“No, it’s-it’s off.” Michael felt a spark of hope in his chest. He could talk to Jeremy, no optic nerve blocking to get in the way.

“That would explain why you’re talking to me.” He looks down to the side, and breathes deeply, settling his nerves. “I was thinking about this moment, what I was gonna say to you,” he glances back up, “I had this really pissed off monologue, an epic journey through twelve years of friendship.” Jeremy shifts on his feet. Michael loses his train of thought. “What?”

“Nah it’s just…it’s really great to see you man.” Michael shoves that spark of hope back behind his anger and his pain.

“Well it won’t be when you hear what I found out.” Michael gestured with his hands. “This guy I play Warcraft with told me his brother went from a straight d’s student to a freshman at Harvard.” Jeremy perks up a bit, and Michael gets a bit of grim satisfaction that it isn’t gonna go the way Jeremy thinks. “You know where he is now?”

“Really happy and successful?” Michael waits a beat, then finally strikes his main blow.

“He’s in a mental hospital.” Jeremy’s face drops, and Michael presses on. “Totally lost it.”

“Alright, I don’t see how that has to do with me-”

“Think man!” Michael snaps. “We’re talking about an insanely powerful super computer! You think it’s primary function is to get you laid? Who made them? How did they end up in a high school, IN NEW JERSEY!?” Michael threw his hands up in the air in frustration. “Of all possible applications for such a mind-blowingly advanced technology, you ever wonder what it’s doing inside of you?!” Michael huffs as he ends his rant, and Jeremy stares back blankly. The air was tense, and it only got worse as Jeremy tsked.

“And I thought Chloe was jealous.”

“I’m honestly asking!” Couldn’t he see that he was concerned?! That he cared?!

“Oh really? Cuz I think that you’re just pissed that I have one and you don’t.” Was-was he serious? He thought he was jealous? Of a stupid tic tac?

“Come on.” Michael scoffed and Jeremy narrowed his eyes.

“Hey maybe I got lucky alright?! Is that so weird?!” He stepped towards Michael, forcing him to step back with him. “I mean with my history, I would say that the universe owned me one. And look, I don’t know about your ‘friend’s brother whatever’ but if you’re telling me the Squip made him crazy-”

Michael quickly interrupted. “The Squip didn’t make him crazy-”

Jeremy butted in. “Alright there you go-”

Michael had had enough. He raised his voice and shoved Jeremy hard in the chest.

“HE WENT CRAZY TRYING TO GET IT OUT!” Jeremy froze, then relaxed and put his hands in his pockets.

“Well, then I’ve got nothing to worry about.” He shrugged, and Michael’s breath hitched. “Why would I want that-”

Michael finally stepped forward and blocked the door as Jeremy tried to leave.

“Come on man, move.” Michael tilted his head forward. He had nothing else to lose. Not a friend, not a reputation, and certainly not a boyfriend. 

“Or you’ll what?”

“Get out of my way,” and Michael could sense it, this small moment, as alcohol swam through his body and numbed but also sharpened every sensation, like the music pumping through the door, the smell of vomit in the room, and the thud of his heart as Jeremy leaned forward to hiss at him, ”loser.”

Michael’s spark of hope fluttered out as Jeremy pushed past him, and slammed the door behind him. With a blank face and a heavy heart, Michael stumbled into the bathtub to relive that one, small, horrible moment in his head until it lost all meaning, or until he woke up from this nightmare with his player two by his side.