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  • Flatmate;"So what obscure Berena related show are you watching tonight?"
  • Me;.....*HOw DArE She CAlL Me OUt In THIs Way*.....
  • "Nothing actually".
  • Also me; *plays Lewis series 1, episode 1*

I wonder how long it will take my husband to notice that I’ve had Riverdale 1x13 on repeat, easily 5 times a day since the finale 😏

Anyone want to take guesses? He’s already seen “that redhead” (Cheryl) and was like “didn’t she die?” My response: no, now she’s angry and burning down her house, because reasons.

I mean it’s like 150% because I won’t ever be over that bughead scene, until season 2 comes back. But also to bump up ratings on the CW app.

  • <p> <b>me, two weeks into a relationship:</b> hey do you like Sherlock Holmes?<p/><b>boyfriend:</b> no<p/><b>me:</b> wrong answer<p/><b>me:</b> NEXT<p/></p>
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Aries - Lee Pace

Taurus - Lee Pace

Gemini - Lee Pace

Cancer - Lee Pace

Leo - Lee Pace

Virgo - Lee Pace

Libra - Lee Pace

Scorpio - Lee Pace

Sagittarius - Lee Pace

Capricorn - Lee Pace

Aquarius - Lee Pace

Pisces - Lee Pace

Alright so, today a friend tagged me on this post reblogged by @drinkyourfuckingmilk and after discussing certain points and all regarding the ACWNR manga/ova/vn and making comparissons between them, I wanted to write this rant, and I hope it makes sense, i’m sleep deprived, my english isn’t good as y’all know and i don’t know what i’m doing

another reason why i hate the ACWNR ova: they cut out Hanji and levi’s first interaction.

As we all know, Levi and Hanji’s first interaction varies A LOT in both manga and OVA. In the manga, we can see this:

We have a young Hanji expressing her admiration and excitement over Levi, Isabel and Farlan’s recent titan kill and flawless team work. For those who read the manga, you might remember that the trio successfully took down an abnormal titan by themselves, working in unison and perfect syncronization which showed us the deep trust and bond they had. Hanji (and the rest of the survey corps) witnessed this, and she was THE ONLY ONE who made a REAL effort to talk to them to congratulate and compliment them. And as you all know, no one else, not even their squad leader, had shown kindness towards them. Nope, they all ended up treating them like criminal scum instead and showing some classist demeanors.

When they introduce themselves:

Hanji was actually the only one in the troop of soldiers who didn’t look at them as if they were about to kill everyone.

Basically, Hanji didn’t give a damn about his past or his roots. Nope. Not at all. She just showed up and complimented him and his friends for his team work and actually wanted to be friends with them! While everyone isolated them and treated them like scum for their past, Hanji didn’t give a fuck and wanted to befriend them.

ALSO, may I mention that Hanji had a key role in chapter five? (when she first interacts with them) look at this:

She gives them a speech regarding their recent fight. She tells them that everyone watched them fight, she tells them that watching them take down a titan was ENCOURAGING, that their skills makes them have high hopes about the future and that humanity will not lose to titans. She tells them THEY’RE INSPIRING. And now, if you analyze it: three young people from the underground, who went through a lot of shit in their lives, who were treated as scum everywhere they went… they are suddenly receiving kindness and inspiring words from someone they have just met, from someone who’s not part of their little family… do you know how much that means to them? People who grew up surrounded by misery, hardship and people being mean to them just for being thugs from the underground? (Come on, even people down there treated them like shit) 

And now, quoting what @trash-god said on the post:

That I think Levi’s so ?????? because 1.) he’s not used to praise, 2.) he’s not used to people acting positively toward him or his friends, and 3.) nobody else thus far has made an effort to be nice or even cordial to him or his friends. And here’s this random woman coming out of freakin’ nowhere all excited to tell him how cool he is and how much she admires his skill and it’s like. What. Why. Who are you. Why.

There is no doubt in my mind that Levi will never forget that. Ever. People don’t forget kindnesses like that. Everyone else treated him like a criminal/leper and Hange shows up and doesn’t give a shit she thinks he’s pretty neato and she’s gonna tell him. And it’s not a dare or anything. She’s genuinely. Interested. In him. (And his friends but mostly him since he’s the one with the skill.) But like. UGH. She’s just so nice and friendly here.

Exactly. I mean, just look at him!

He’s all “uhhhhhh” because he doesn’t know how to deal with this. He has never received kindness from someone. He was already used to be treated like a miserable criminal by people down in the underground and by his own superiors in the survey corps. The fact that a random soldier showed up and bathed him and his family in compliments was just to… beyond description. I just can’t imagine what he had thought when Hanji started talking to him all naturaly and gently. Come on, just look at Isabel after Hanji tells them how inspiring they are! She’s TOUCHED!  She’s clearly touched! And she goes from glaring at Hanji, silently demanding her to leave, to be truly interested in her and her opinion.

And at the end, when Hanji leaves, both Isabel and Levi end up thinking about her words.

To summarize what the manga shows us: Hanji being the first and only character to show kindness to the trio and treat them like normal human beings regardless of their past and roots, complimenting them for their hard work and efforts AND giving them a speech that has a certain influence in both Levi and Isabel beliefs and thoughts regarding the Survey Corps. Not to mention that in this chapter, Levi meets for the first time a character he’ll gradually become close with, one of his most important bonds after the loss of Isabel and Farlan.

And then we have the anime cutting out this meaningful scene to show us this Hanji spazzing over his skills and not even complimenting him directly. 

While Hanji does have this reactions in canon when it comes to titans and stuff related to them, I think the anime studio focuses a little bit too much on showing this stereotype of her??? idk it’s my opinion, feel free to disagree with it, but I honestly have prefered to see the manga scene above and not a 10 seconds appearance where she doesn’t even talk to him.

While I get that they couldn’t animate 8 manga chapters, it would have been nice to keep the important moments and not focus merely on Levi. Watching this OVA, i had the feeling that everything was too rushed and fast and that Levi’s bond with Isabel and Farlan was left behind, let alone the beginning of his relationship with Hanji, a character he’d get very close to in the main manga.

I might have forgotten to add something important /sweats but I really wanted to voice my thoughts about this whole scene. I hope this makes sense tho???

Any smart person probably would’ve gone to bed,

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