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Since Gryffindors value Honor, Hufflepuffs loyalty, and slytherins fraternity/familial loyalty, yet ravenclaws individuality, why doesn't the school paint them as the other, do you think? i'm not saying the house is generally disloyal, but every other house has something about loyalty listed

Well, part of it is because canon Slytherins are just kind of… not nice (at least the ones we get to see) with their history of wizarding racism.

Also, while Ravenclaws value individuality, there’s not a lot of mention of self-preservation, and our society certainly does not appreciate self-preservation. There’s this negative conotation with it, a sort of “screw you guys, I got mine.” And while Slytherins do value fraternity, there’s still this mentality in Hogwarts where Slytherins seem like “protect our own, screw everyone else.”

Lots of other posts have discussed the reasons behind this and why it makes complete sense, which basically boils down to “everyone else is a jerk to Slytherins, so we’ll take care of our own.” And there’s nothing wrong with that, but it definitely explains why they are painted as “other.”

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

The 'creating a community' panel

The thing that pisses me off the most is the potential the panel had. It’s genuinely such a good selection of people and the topic is really interesting too so all in all a really good premise, personally I was really looking forward to it because we never really hear about Dan and Phil’s actual opinions on the phandom and that would have been so interesting to me and I’m pretty sure everyone else. But the host made it so there was no format, no preparation to give any room to talk about anything meaningful. The (few) things that were meaningful were just turned into jokes like toms point about individuals and dans story about the mum. Even the questions that were asked were so meaningless, people could have said things with more depth or things genuinely interesting.

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Lol I saw the anti terf post you reblogged and honestly what the fuck? Here I am thinking you cared about me and wanted to help me because I was sexually abused as a fucking five year old and because I don't cater to male delusions I'm not allowed to feel safe and validated and normal just like everyone else who follows this shit blog? Lol. And you allow littles to follow you? You're a fucking joke and a piece of shit. Fuck you and fuck this blog.

Wow, this is the first hateful message I’ve gotten. I knew it would come eventually though..

First off, if you are pro trans exclusionary radical feminism then you are not welcomed on this blog. I am accepting of anyone and everyone including trans individuals, and they are always welcomed on my blog. Hateful people are not. 

Secondly, I allow littles to follow me (only those who have been sexually abused) because it’s all about the individual’s experience. I understand why some survivors get involved in that and while I do encourage them to leave that type of relationship, I am not going to forbid them from following as long as they respect my followers who do not like littles interacting. 

Lastly, I am truly sorry that you felt the need to send me such a spiteful and hateful message. I see you have been through a lot and I truly hope you find healing because you must be in a dark place to send me this. I will keep you in my prayers and hope you never have to stoop this low again. 


If you think that Jonathan Byres is just “some emo creep” then you’re no better than everyone else in the show who is so quick to judge him because he doesn’t conform to what everyone else is doing and I don’t judge him for wanting to be away from people like that. He has already acknowledged that his actions were wrong and apologized to Nancy.
Jonathan Byers is NOT his mistakes.
Jonathan Byers is a strong, mindful individual who loves his family and would do anything for them, he puts others well-beings before his own, and he is so much more than the labels people give him.
Everyone has made mistakes, but they do not define who we are and no one should be judged solely on them.

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onlymarkjin(.)tumblr(.)com(/)post/139442220038/markjin-gets-their-own-article-markjin this one~

oh my god…………………

“During a magazine interview, Mark commented that Junior is kind and helpful and takes care of others well and always asks if he has had something to eat. When Junior heard Mark’s comment, he turned to face him and the two of them exchanged looks and smiles. This is one example of their closeness really showing.”

“It is well known that Junior, who is good at taking care of others and serious, has listened in and accompanied Mark in many of his individual interviews that were conducted in halting Korean.”

“Having exchanged hugs, kisses and other signs of closeness on TV and photoshoots, it is well known that they stick to each other like glue and are two birds of a feather. Furthermore, various pictures and videos of Mark watching Junior with a just too cute, fond smile are renowned by the fans.”

oh my god okay………………..so to conclude……………

- mark went on a complimenting jinyoung spree which resulted in them looking at each other and smiling

- they “stick together like glue” and are “two birds of a feather” I cant


- “Mark watching Junior with a just too cute, fond smile” in the words of one direction, everyone else in the room can see it?????? oh my god?? ????

in conclusion, markjin is real

❤ Happy Valentines Day! ❤

Thank you so much for following me! I know I’m not the best artist nor am I very elegant with my words but I just want you guys to know that you guys brighten up my day and I wish I could bring you guys cake~ I hope you guys have an amazing day ❤

I was thinking of sending out individual notes to a ton of people but I’m not sure I have the guts o//u//o;; not to mention I don’t really celebrate V Day like everyone else in America so this is kinda weird but ohwell any excuse to express my undying love for you guys is a good one

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Yo I'm the only black kid at my school and everyone else is white there all so conformed and the same when I came to the school I was wearing IC stuff and Golfwang looking pretty colorful and cool everyone always makes fun of me and says why do you buy this stuff and not just Nike or some bullshit and I say because I'm individually and independently handling my business if it wasn't for someone like you guys putting out a good message I probably would have killed myself man for real

yo fasto don’t murk yourself that’s never a good decision BUT I SEE YOU. KEEP HANDELING BUSINESS AND BEING CONFIDENT AND THE WORLD IS YOURS. real business attire coming April 24th man thank you

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Okay not EVERY white person is against you! AND saying stuff like this is just as rude and racist! "You whites" what the hell man? If you want racism to stop then do your part and stop ALL racism! Not just against ONE race! And I'm not trying to start anything I just hate that everyone is hating on the white race because of this?! It's single individuals not the whole race.


Before you tell me to stop “all racism”, you should know what the word means. So… there you go.

As far as everything else… 

You can exit my inbox and blog with that ish here, here, here and here.

Thank you. Please make sure the door don’t hit you where the good Lord split cha!

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In reaction to the anon : I've been suicidal for 2 years, cut myself and fought anorexia. In 2007, I tried to kill myself.When I tried to kill myself, I panicked just after tacking a lot of pills. Like, suddenly, I didn’t want to die. I called the 911 by myself, and I run outside, just to have help if I had to fall before 911 arrives.I’m so glad I’m alive. I’m so glad they could save me. Remember : when I knew I could die, I didn’t want to die. Suicide is not the solution. I'm 21 and happy.

Thank you for sharing your story with me. You are right! Suicide is never the answer for anything, it will only stop the battle for yourself, but in the end suicide is an action that influences everyone else. Also attempting suicide may seem like it is the act to end all suffering, when really it is just an illusion that allows an individual to feel temporary comfort. What a person really needs is support and to become motivated to see a world that is not just dark. To anyone who is having thoughts about suicide or anything they just want to let out, I’m here. Please message me, I promise to answer.