i'm an impressionist at heart


Keith repeated this under his breath every time he trained, his muscles echoing almost as if in response to the mantra.

By this point, Shiro had been gone for months now. The remnants of his physical existence on board the castle were nearly gone, however, mentally everyone still remembered.


A hole had been torn, and the hole would not heal until he was back; Keith wasn’t going to let him disappear and die… 

Not again…

He refused to go through that again, he knew deep down he would lose it if he found out -again- that Shiro had died.


Again he sung, swinging and thrusting his blade at imaginary foes. On some days he faced training bots, on others Galran Soldiers, and occasionally… even Zarkon himself.

Their fight had been good for one thing, Keith could now prepare. He had had a taste of the emperor himself, and his hunger would not be satiated until he pierced him with his bayard and let his blood flow endlessly.


Keith knew his bloodthirst would lead him nowhere, however at this point in time, that was his drive, the thing that kept him going.

It was time he stopped fearing the past and the future.

It was time he stopped fearing the part of him that was different.

It was time he stopped fearing the monster he may become.


As if by response to his wishes, his eyes turned golden, his skin began to change hue, and his hair grew lighter.

It was time to stop his fear.



Have a colored picture - it represents Keith’s change in perspective and also I wanted to do a pretty *u* also there’s a reason i don’t do backgrounds but it just didn’t look right without one ;u;

I know Sheith week ended but i’m having too much fun XD And Shiro may not be in the picture but he sure is in the description and the rest of the story so it counts (I hope ಥuಥ).

Day 5: Training/Playful