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Apparently I write Stormpilot now. Because, you know, what I really needed was another pairing to write for. *headdesk* Anyway, this is utterly self-indulgent and caters to a couple of bit of headcanon (one kind of amusing and silly, the other a bit more serious) I have after watching the movie six million times. Namely about the TIE fighters based on Poe’s rather startled reaction to flying one and one that arose after watching Finn use a blaster during the battle at Maz’s place. So, yeah, I’m sorry. This is self-indulgent fluff.

Oh, and for a proper summary: Finn is competent, Poe is dazzled and Jess thinks they should just kiss already.

“Come on. No Stormtrooper who was actually good at being a Stormtrooper would defect.”

Poe’s head whipped around and he scowled as he tried to determine who had said that but the mess was crowded and the voice wasn’t a familiar one so his efforts were fruitless. It wasn’t the first time he’d heard that sentiment voiced since Finn had woken up and started being more visible around the base but as far as he knew, Finn hadn’t heard the comments and when he looked around the former Stormtrooper, it seemed to be true now as well. At least, he didn’t think Finn had heard what had been said. Sometimes it was hard to tell. Even without the helmet, Finn was good at hiding what he was thinking at times. At other times, he was an open book. Poe liked those times because they were almost universally when Finn was happy and as Poe had usually been responsible for that happiness, well…

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me: you ever do somethin’ super dumb and it’s not until after that ur like…. boi am i lucky

jet: …what did you do

me: i balanced a plate full of pasta on the back of my hand while i was getting something… why i didn’t just hold it like a normal person is beyond me



jet: BABE

me: ?????????

About GrimmIchi

After all the Aizen problem, these are all headcanons becase I think Grimmjow is an idiot when it comes to the human world.

  • Grimmjow spies on Ichigo when he goes to school and he is like “Wtf are they a human society all dressed the same and sitting for hours in silence?”
  • While spying on Ichigo, some cats befriended Grimmjow.
  • Yuzu catches Grimmjow and as he seems confused, she treats him with an ice cream.
  • “What the fuck are those colorful things on cones that melts if you don’t eat them, I want ten of those!”
  • Kurosaki papa invites Grimmjow at home because reasons (because he is an idiot who knows things)
  • Ichigo comes back from school and almost has an heart attack because Grimmjow in the fucking living room and my father is freaking drinking tea with him!
  • Grimmjow commutes from Hueco Mundo and human world and becomes a manga nerd. Once they told him he was wearing a cool cosplay like, shinigami! Wtf is a cosplay?! I’m killing them!
  • No Grimmjow pls. I just want to live the life of a normal high school student holy shit!

I suppose this could be real.