i'm an eyebrow girl i want to make out with him and chew his eyebrows off

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I'm new at requesting but, I was wondering if you write a Thomas Jefferson x reader? maybe they could go ice skating together, in the spirit of winter! thanks and if you dont wanna do this you don't have to! :)

Thomas Jefferson X Reader: I Promise I Won’t Let You Fall

Warnings: Fluff, angry alex, cute flirting

Time: Current 

Words: 913

A/N- This was extremely thrown together and unedited but if a part two is wanted I will edit this and make an edited part two I promise! 


You couldn’t believe you had let those three drag you here, you could barely walk and chew gum at the same time and they expected you to be able to ice skate?

“I think you guys only brought me here so I can fall and you three can laugh!” You huffed, blowing a piece of hair out of your face with a pout.

Hercules laughed loudly, smirking and putting his beanie on your head. “We actually brought you here for bait.” He teased, making you whine, throwing your head back like a child.

“It was one time! I didn’t even know that guy was flirting with me! I thought him letting us in for free was just him being friendly!” You clenched your fist.

“Woah, woah. Relax (Y/N) Herc is only kidding!” Your best friend, John Laurens shot you a toothy smile before continuing to his conversation with Alexander Hamilton. You knew these three probably only brought you so they could laugh when you fall down.

You sighed softly before making your way over to sit down on a bench and pull your skates on, tieing them in a small swift bow. You tuck a stray piece of hair behind your ear and smile at your work. You were not going to let those three see you fall. You nodded at this conclusion.

You glanced over to the three boys and watched as Alex spun his girlfriend, Eliza around in his arms. John and Angelica watched them with sad smiles, you knew how they both felt about Alex.

You shook your head and pulled yourself up, your body quickly wobbling before you finally caught your footing and smirked, shooting a glance at the boys and pouting when you saw none of them watching you. Weird.

“Its odd for three men to leave such a beautiful girl, are you not accompanied by one of them?” A smooth voice rang through your ears and you were soon met with a pair of chocolate eyes that instantly made your cheeks redden. You froze, eyes fixated on his grinning face.

“O-oh um…no. No..” You laughed lightly. “They are just my friends.” You nodded, shifting slightly as you struggled to keep your balance. “They brought me here to wait for me to fall.” You shook your head, smiling.

The man in front of you chuckled, his eyes gleaming. “Well, if you allow me to I can guarantee you don’t fall.” He stated simply, offering his arm to you.

You raised an eyebrow at him and smiled, shaking your head. “And how can I trust that you’ll stick to your promise?”

He thought for a moment, moving closer to you with a smile. “You’ll just have to trust me. Plus I’m charming so that must count for something.” His mouth shaped into a cheshire grin.

You smiled, cheeks reddening before taking his arm and in a swift movement he had tugged you onto the ice, your knees wobbly as you struggled to find your footing. You smiled at your friends, Alex staring in absolute horror, his face red in anger. What’s wrong with him? You thought

“Relax, you’re better at this then you think.” The man that was basically carrying you across the ice chuckled, eyeing you. “I never got your name..”

“(Y/N).” You smiled, looking up at him as your feet glided across the ice, this wasn’t so hard.

“Thomas. Thomas Jefferson.” He grinned proudly, you looked at him for a moment before blinking in surprise, his grip has loosened on your arm and you were easily gliding along side him, the flakes of ice hitting your skin softly.

As the both of you made your way back around where your friends were you noticed Alex pulling on his skates, his eyebrows furrowed as he angrily stumbled onto the ice, Eliza pleading as he quickly moved away from her. You rolled your eyes, looking back at the man next to you, he grinned, slowly releasing your arm and spinning around gracefully, facing you as he skated backwards, grinning at you brightly.

“You’re a show off.” You giggled, hands behind your back as you glided carelessly.

“And you’re beautiful.” He grinned, causing you to giggle.

“Well-” You were cutt off when Thomas was tackled onto the ice, Alex breathing heavily as he growled at the much larger man.

“Jefferson you better get the hell out of here.” You grumbled, eyes narrow.

“Stop! Wait..you two know each other?” You looked at the two of them.

Thomas rubbed the back of his neck, sighing as he pulled himself. “Yeah, but Alex here is holding so many grudges against me.”

“Because you’re a slimy, untrustworthy-.” Alex started before Thomas cut him off.

“I WAS. Not anymore, and yet you still try to keep me away from her.” He snapped, making your cheeks redden.

“Stop fighting.” You sighed, looking at Alex. “You don’t need to always play big brother, Alex. Just. Please.” You smiled, leaning against Thomas with a smile. “Believe I can handle myself.” You nodded, looking at Thomas with a smile.

Alex sighed, throwing his hands up in the air in frustration. “Fine, but..” He narrowed his eyes on Thomas. “You hurt her and you’ll have to deal with a lot more than just my foot up your ass.” He smirked, pointing at Hercules and John.

You rolled your eyes, laughing lightly. This was either the start of something beautiful or the start of world war 3.


Forgive Me If I'm Bad With Words

Request: hello. I was wondering if you could do a pan imagine where y/n is evidently in love with pan and felix tries to persuade her to tell him. so when wendy comes a long and pan starts to focus on her, she realises she should tell him. however when y/n does, pan in other words tells her to jump off a cliff(hope that’s not too bold) and that he’d be happier without her. so she says a secret farewell to the boys and goes to the mermaids. when the boys and felix realise y/ns missing they approach peter Felix tells peter that he’s made a mistake because the reader was so devoted to them all and Peter especially. So Peter rushes off to bring y/n back and goes to every place he thinks she’ll be but ends up panicking until he sees her with the mermaids as they are about to drag her in and they have a little argument and he has to explain why he said what he said etc. And could it be dramatic but adorable? I’m sorry about my computer it’s so shifty I’m telling you it wants to causee pain! But tha

Rating: PG

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Note: There are implications of a suicide attempt in this imagine. If it is a trigger for you, please skip over this. Also, I do not support attempting to kill yourself over rejection. You are important and you don’t need to be accepted by someone else to be worth something.

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I just got my wisdom teeth removed and as I'm laying here slightly drugged, I'm wondering if you might have any small drabbles or deleted scenes from the run verse that you feel like sharing? Anything might make me feel better. Well probably not but it might distract me..: you're a really good writer.

Ouch, dude. I’m sorry, that sucks. 

I had to dig into my files and see if I had anything already typed up. I did come across this one for you. It’s part of one of my versions of how Darcy met Coulson’s team. 

“Son of Coul, I bring greetings!”

Skye started, nearly dropping her tablet, as the very loud and weirdly formal greeting rang out through the hanger.

“From whom?”

When Coulson’s voice responded next to her, she jumped again, slipping down the hood of the SUV, and had to scrabble to catch herself. He was exactly next to her. Like, five feet away, tops. Sure, she’d been working on her report, but she’d never even had an idea he was there. The man needed a bell. Or six.

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I’m a Goner (pt. 18)

Previous parts

Hello friends! So this story from this point on, is taking a bit of a turn from the rest of it. The next few chapters will take place in a mental hospital. Although this is a Jonnor fic, it’s mainly about Connor, so I wanted to follow Connor at this point in his story. Also, wanted to warn you in case anything might be triggering. I’ll always say at the beginning if the chapter is still in the hospital. This chapter specifically contains and anorexic character and characters going through drug detox. Other than that, hope you enjoy it, friends!

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so we all see the blurbs where y/n and one of the boys go to dinner at their parents hand and they sneak their hands up each other's pants and they sneak away from the table - but how about y/n EMBARRASSES the boy by saying something like "um excuse me, please take you hand away from under my skirt thank you :)" AMD MAKES THEM GO ALL RED AND EVERYONE IS OAUGHING AND HE SAYS "I'm so gonna get you baby girl" OH YEA THATS WHAT I, TALKING WBOUT PLEASEE

You and Luke were sitting at his parents dinner table as it was a tradition that you two would come over for dinner with the family sometime in the first week that he was back home. It was actually one of your favorite parts of the blond being home. You got to see Liz and Andy which was always a good time. But it was even better when Ben, Jack, and Jack’s girlfriend Celeste were there. It was a dinner full of joking, never ending conversation, and, of course, Liz’s amazing food. The presence of Luke’s hand on your upper thigh while sitting at the dinner table was nothing but normal for the two of you. He seemed to have some sort of obsession with touching you. It didn’t have to be sexual or mean something more but whenever he was around you, he wanted to be touching you. Holding your hand, you leaning against him, or even just your knee touching his knee was all he needed to be completely content anywhere.

The warm feeling of your boyfriends hand on your thigh made you smile as Ben was talking about something that happened at work but what you weren’t expecting was the way he was tracing small circles into the skin just below the line of your skirt. You turned your attention slightly away from the eldest brother and eyed your boyfriend quickly. He was looking at his brother as he spoke as if he didn’t even realize what he was doing. You turned your attention back to Ben and after a few moments felt Luke’s fingertips slip underneath your skirt. Automatically, your eyebrows rose along with your heart rate and Ben’s voiced slipped into the background.

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Congratulations for your milestone! I've just read your giveaway fics and they're all awesome(as always). :) Might I ask for this one? 78: Are a tourist who gets hopelessly lost and a local who offers to show them around.

aw thank you so much! if I remember correctly, you’ve been in the fandom for longer than I have (or at the very least, just as long), so congratulations to you, too. ;-)
Anniversary Ficlet 7/10.
Rated G. FitzSimmons. Non-SHIELD AU.

Nothing exciting ever happened in Birnam. This was fact, and anyone who thought differently was kidding themselves. The most interesting things they ever got were particularly weird Shakespeare fans who made the trek from Glasgow just so they could laugh at their own forest jokes. From the city himself, Fitz had considered more than once how he would pay someone to get him out of Birnam, but unfortunately his job prevented him from leaving for another two years, one month, and seventeen days. Not that he was counting.

The company had offered him an exorbitant amount of money to do R&D on a new type of rocket fuel, as well as provide them with weaponry consultations while he was at it, and Fitz had initially jumped at the chance. He should have known that the job had sounded too good to be true, and the isolation of the development facility was high on his list of reasons why he couldn’t wait to leave this little town in Perthshire for good. Convinced that this would always be the case, Fitz went through the motions of living in the Scottish countryside without ever trying to find a reason why he would stay. So it made complete sense that, one gray afternoon, said reason would literally knock him on his arse.

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