i'm an evil human being


But I don’t want you to thank me, we’re even now

Other names for pizza hut
-The devil’s frisbee
-a grease mirror for my own shame
- why didn’t we get dominos

Dragons living alongside humans in society but as equals and not pets.

Dragons who are huge scaly and fire breathing and rule the skies and annoy the fuck out of air traffic sometimes.

Dragons who live underwater and love to create huge splashes, so any and all ships take to sending out frequencies to let water dragons know that they’re moving through so please hold the splashing?

Land locked dragons who walk around, and grumble about needing more dragon only roads, because traffic.

Tiny adolescent dragons who prank cities, towns and villages, by gathering up water in their wings and then flying overhead.

Tiny small feathered adult dragons who like to nest on their human friend’s hair or shoulder.

Dragons who are politicians, and all the other dragons grumble about them because politicians can rarely be trusted no matter the species.

Dragons with cultural differences, having their own customs and traditions, and even religions that vary from place to place.

Dragons who are old and live in homes along with humans and plays board games and reminisce about the good old days.

Baby dragons who are learning to fly, walk or swim, and occasionally have to helped when they falter by passing humans and other dragons.

Baby dragons and children playing together and building sandcastles, and fighting over toys.


ok, but get this:

jason rothenberg originally intended to have jasper kill himself, and then made the decision not to do that. changed his mind. realized, “this is probably not the best idea,” and Did Not Do It.

the original idea was a mistake, but it didn’t happen. do we not want people to learn from their mistakes and attempt to make them better?

jason rothenberg is not a saint but he is not the fucking anti-christ either and some of you need to put your pitchforks down already for god’s sake. we don’t have to have an issue with EVERYTHING just for the sake of having an issue