i'm an architect

Other people do this right?

I recently noticed that when I read Klance fics, usually with modern AUs, I always have a pretty detailed picture of their apartments and stuff. But like, it’s weird because even if the author doesn’t describe the layout or decor vividly, I have very distinct apartments/dorms in my head for each individual fic and I easily go back and forth between them whenever a certain fic updates. Like I could legit draw a floor plan for almost every fic I read regularly and they’d all be varied. 

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dude, how do you know so much stuff?? like, reading your fic, it's evident you have a huge range of general knowledge – you drop facts about nutrition, chemistry, physics, botany, psychology, geology…are they all just things you've learnt unintentionally over the course of your life? do you do specific research? sorry if this is weird ask, i just find the breadth of your knowledge really impressive haha. (also, your writing is amazing, thankyou for sharing it with us <3)

alkjfdsafsa <3

It’s…a few things. It’s that I have an okay mind for science (it was where my career was supposed to be, except dyscalculia (number dyslexia) made the foundationals almost impossible for me at the time). Like, I just have a good mind for remembering things. I taught myself to read via scientific encyclopedias just as much as I did fiction. I remember being fascinated by On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin at the age of 9, and reading that in the library at lunch with a dictionary next to me.

It’s that I do research for things. Anything science-based usually comes from knowledge I already have. Anything architecture / furniture / etc. based comes from researching as I need. Some of it’s leftover from other stories, I read about 5 tomes on volcanology for a hard science fiction series I never ended up writing. As a result, I have a lot of useless information about volcanoes waiting up my sleeve, along with general geology, because I was trying to construct new planetary systems and I needed to figure out things like where did the sand come from if beaches couldn’t exist due to weather patterns etc. (answer, deep sea mining, making it an incredibly lucrative but dangerous career choice). Ditto knowing too much about the uses of bagasse and bagassosis (byproducts of farming sugar cane that can be used for a whole bevy of things) for a short Solarpunk story I was going to write and never ended up writing, and can now talk to sugar cane producers like I actually know something about it.

(You only need to dig a little deeper to realise I don’t, lol, but I have accidentally fooled people in their chosen professions into thinking that I was also a member of their chosen profession before! The surgeon who removed my tumour at the age of 18 was convinced I was pre-med, because of my ability to grasp the jargon / what he was talking about. Idk, I honestly didn’t think I was doing anything except learning and retaining that information. Glen gets this too, incidentally, the dude I live with - he often gets mistaken for being an academic economist. He is not any kind of economist except an enthusiastic armchair one.)

I read a lot of non-fiction, I enjoy reading books about biology the most? Like I just acquired a new book on the octopus brain that I’m really looking forward to. Some of what I read is like ‘pop science’ and some of it is academic science heavy on the references, and some of it is niche science like my weird art-science book on the spider web and only the spider web (it’s amazing), it mostly just depends on what I feel like. I once took out over 50 books in the library on many of the elements found in the periodic table, including three individual books on Iron and then Platinum. That was also research for that hard science fiction universe, but in the end it was also just because I found it interesting. And then I took notes. Which is a leftover habit from my university days (I did media, I’m too dumb to do any of the hard sciences academically, having a good memory is not being good at hard science), but helps with knowledge retention.

So I just seem to have a pretty okay mind for retaining some of that knowledge. I’m a bit of an autodidact, and if I want to know more about something, I just look it up. I’m that person in a conversation where someone goes ‘oh, well, I don’t really know how that things works so,’ and then I just look it up right there. I’m sure it’s very annoying. Mostly I also have a good mind for words. If someone tells me a paraganglioma is a rare type of tumour found primarily in the head/neck etc. I will never forget that word or how to pronounce or spell it, or that bit of information about it. It didn’t occur to me other people might struggle with that, until later.

But damn does it ever come in handy for writing. :D (Virtually useless for everything else though, lol).

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tumblr staff should be a lot nicer to you. You site all your sources. You help a bunch of people with little tips and tricks you know. Your blog has 30/10 on Aesthetics. And Honestly it's one of my biggest Reasons to stay on Tumblr. I'm not architect, I'm a Musician and a Photographer. Your blog archie, is a big inspiration to me. I hope you have many more days on this site, and the tumblr staff see everything you are doing right. Love ya Archie.


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Basically, Kylux fandom :)

Lots of attributions needed here: CWU @hollyhark​, Myspace!AU @horatiosroom​, pink balloons for @smol-hux​, Witch AU @reserve​, architect AU and the screwdriver-as-murder-weapon @thissisatitle​, Void mask (To the Pure) @kdazrael,​ Coffee shop AU @kromitar​ and @rraffeh​, blue milkshake and pink haired hux @nightsofllyn, I’m not sure who started Emperor Hux and Sniper Hux and Hux’s fondness for cigarettes… and Millicent and Matt the radar technician are just canon at this point. (sorry if I made a mistake in the attributions or forgot people, feel free to correct me!)

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I had the result of my last exam yesterday and I got it! I'm officially an interior architect and designer! (I'm not sure of the right term in english :') I translated word to word from french) I'm so happy! And I wanted to thanks you for this also! Your blog and yourself were a great source of inspiration for me during my 4 years of training! I wish for you the best!


Congrats on all your accomplishments and thanks for your kind words!

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If you have Discord and for some reason that is beyond me you want to converse with me on it my user name is GratefulForGravity #3441 ( It’s a sense8 reference okay.) just let me know who you are because I got this stupid program for one person and she’s never on it so like…give me a reason to keep it before I uninstall the effer and keep using AIM which has turned into absolute crap.

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I want to write a long fic but i'm not sure how to go about structuring it. I've never written a long story before and I'm a little lost. Do you have any advice?

Hooooooboy, uh… I’ll be honest, I don’t have a process other than just sitting down and writing what comes to mind.  Literally this is what happens:

My Brain: Y’know what would be cool?
Me: Hm?
My Brain: So what if Character A owned a mechanic shop in a small town in the middle of nowhere, and Character B is a drifter on a motorcycle who stops to get something fixed, and they hit it off?
Me: Sounds good!  I’ll bet it’ll be 10K-ish.
My Brain: Oh yeah, 10K max.
Me: Let’s do it!
Me at around 80k realizing that there’s still soooooo much more to go until the end: *cries*

(This example happens to be Feels Like Home and it was meant to be for a Mass Effect Big Bang where the minimum wordcount was 8k, so the writing time was short.  Needless to say I shot way past that and missed the deadline.)

And then I start writing scenes as they come to mind.  I have a habit of developing most of the plot as I go, which means that when I start, I rarely have an idea of what all is going to happen.  

I’m more focused on character and relationship development than plot development and that’s why my stories balloon.  I write long scenes where the characters don’t do much other than hang out and get to know each other, which means my stuff is very dialogue heavy and plot/action takes a back seat.  I don’t know that I could write a more plot/action oriented story and have it be as long as the stuff I come up with.

Some advice that I can give is to follow the plot bunnies as they hop past.  If you’re writing and you have a sudden idea of something else you can add to the story, explore it and see what happens.  When I do this I usually find a whole bunch more baby plot bunnies bouncing around and I pick a few and take them home with me to love and cherish and add another 50k to my original wordcount estimate.

That may not be the most helpful advice, but it’s all I got.  I don’t know exactly how I do what I do, and I’m constantly asking people *cough* @jupiterjames *cough* how to cut things short because shortfic is something I’m weak at.


If Uzushiokagure was shown in Naruto, I bet it would be a cross between Venice and Tokyo

Maybe other places from Japan?

I have no idea what part of Japan this is…

and this?

And who knows maybe San Fransokyo could be used too….

I guess this would be probably more of a modern version of Uzushiokagure… not the past version. But it’s fun to imagine. I imagine Uzushiokagure was probably very ahead of it’s time.

Especially thanks to this fic: Chronicles of the White Fang by MorteOsiris 

And as always the Uchihas are great! But I love the Uzumaki’s and their villages being told here and how we see how it falls in the fics. Love fics like that! Their gut-wrenching Dx

I have my own headcannons about Uzushiokagure and the Uzumaki clan however…probably not as original idk

Really need to get around finishing that fic…