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Jfc I hate the “well that’s how it is in the wild” defense to shitty animal care. 


There’s a big thing about all of the negatives of captivity & how animals are so much more restricted and it’s so unnatural, etc. etc. And hey, guess what. Captivity actually has benefits too, if you actually do it right! Benefits like keeping predators away from the animals and treating diseases & injuries and providing plentiful appropriate food to avoid starvation & malnutrition. These are generally agreed to be improvements over the wild.

Yes, providing a more natural environment is ideal for allowing natural behaviors. It’s a good idea to look at the animal’s natural environment to emulate things such as temperature, humidity, landscape features, and challenges that stimulate the animal safely. That does NOT include things like live feeding “because it’s natural”, cohabitating animals that are aggressive or solitary “because it’s natural”, or feeding an incomplete diet “because it’s natural”. 

Natural is not automatically better. The wild is not automatically better. If you’re going to keep animals in captivity, you have a responsibility to provide a balance between a stimulating environment that allows natural behaviors and a SAFE environment that provides freedom from hunger, malnutrition, injury, and illness to the best of your ability. Your goal is not to be the wild because captivity is NOT the wild and it shouldn’t be. 

The world is kinder to pretty women and that’s always going to sting.

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I took your advice and I read the manga to make my point. It changed, I must say, but I will stay with the same opinion, they will never become something more. honestly, DekuxUraraka is the couple that will end up together. But I've to say that your determination to ship them is cool.

i’ve said this time and time again, and i’m sick of repeating myself, so let me say this one last time:

If they are friends, FANTASTIC.

If they work together as hero partners, FANTASTIC.

If they develop a romantic relationship, FANTASTIC.

As long as they are safe, healthy, and happy, I do not care whether or not tododeku becomes canon.

nonetheless, thank you for being nothing but polite^^


From Matt’s Twitter

Matty & Moosh went to pride for a little bit after brunch yesterday…this somehow resulted in Matty giving Moosh the nickname “Waffles”…

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INTJ Levels of Anger

2-second Annoyance: someone cuts in front of them, doesn’t hold the door, etc. The INTJ huffs, grumbles a bit, then moves on.

What Even: someone tries to insult the INTJ, but INTJ is not affected, simply wanting for that person to quit so that INTJ can get on with important things.

*Heaves a Sigh*: someone won’t stop gossiping, pestering INTJ, etc. Sigh is often internal, and INTJ slips away from the conversation.

Extended *Heaves a Sigh*: person mentioned above keeps hounding INTJ, who then tries to avoid all future encounters with the person.

Frustration at Self: INTJ can’t get the notes right/solve a problem/do something right. There’s some self-hate, but will get over it either by going at the problem until it’s fixed, or backing off and gaining perspective.

Brief(ish) Spat: INTJ is drawn into an argument that is a) personal from the beginning or b) starts out as a logical, rational debate but disintegrates. INTJ gives dirty looks, perhaps biting remarks, retreats for a while. Most times the relationship returns to normal, but it can also escalate.

I Hate You So Much: Often a result of unresolved conversations, festering feelings, you know the drill. INTJ will tear the other person to shreds. Normally to get to this level, person must personally insult INTJ or their friends, or break a promise.

You’re Dead to Me: INTJ does everything possible to keep this person out of their line of vision. The person has stopped being worth the INTJ’s time and thoughts. Happens because someone does something against INTJ’s morals/ethics, for example betrayal, bullying, hypocrisy.

“I understand that the 2P personalities aren’t canon, but I’m seriously sick of the same edgy gritty 'happy murderer’ crap in every piece of fanwork with them.  If you are at least going to make them the antagonists, make their goals more reasonable rather than ‘just because’.”

Not to mention the 2P fandom gets easily gung-ho if you try and portray them as other than ‘happy murderer’, yandere, “edgy badasses”, or jerkass woobies.  Even giving them the “wrong” name can get a negative reaction.  Like frack, man, there’s barely anything set in stone with these dudes, so kindly sit down.

This is why I prefer 2P Nyotalia.

- Mod V

@People in the RP scene ESPECIALLY the WWE RP scene right now. 
If you’re going to play a person of color with a differing culture and/or religion from your own, holy shit, do your fucking research and pay homage to it. 
Especially if the character you’re suppose to be emulating IS VERY VOCAL ABOUT THIS ASPECT OF THEMSELVES IRL 

If you can’t do that, go and play someone you can relate to instead of stripping them of their cultural/religious identities 8/ 

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The Gnatsy post is kind of really offensive. In my opinion, at the very least it should be tagged pcs aren't always pcs. But this is your blog. Sorry if I'm being an annoyance or anything, I'm just a bit uncomfortable with that.

Sorry! We do try to catch offensive submissions, but sometimes one slips through. We’ve added the “pcs aren’t always pc” tag. 

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I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak 


I finished reading I Am the Messenger in the early hours this morning.  I first resolved to stop reading at 11 then 12 then 1 then 2 and finally I finished the book at 3am.  I would get into bed and not five minutes later I’d be sitting in my reading chair absorbed in Ed’s next message.  I literally could not sleep without knowing the fate of Ed Kennedy, the anti-achieving hero, his friends and all the recipients of his messages.  

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Book Thief and I refer to it as one of my all time favorite books, but I’m delighted to report that this book has surpassed all my expectations to become my favorite book ever and I will refer to it thus.   

This book made me have all the feels.  To the hilarity that ensued in the opening bungled bank robbery to Ed’s arduous fulfillment of each ace.  For the ace of diamonds, I felt hatred, outrage and disgust at 45 Edgar Street, pitiful, bereft and forlorn at 13 Harrison Avenue, and giddy and hopeful at 6 Macedoni Street.  My faith in humanity was restored by Ed Kennedy at the Tatupus home, at the Meet the Priest Sunday at Father O’Reilly’s church and at the park where single mother Angie Carusso received her own ice cream.  Too many instances of overwhelming feelings to list.   

We all need help at some point in our lives and I sincerely hope that someone as dedicated, courageous and caring as Ed Kennedy is there to help you in the best way possible.  

Favorite book quotes:

“I didn’t know words could be so heavy.”

“Big things are often small things that are noticed.”

“speaks with a sincerity that’s hypnotizing.”

“Surviving. Sometimes that’s enough.”

I owe a huge thanks to @aimeereadsalot for recommending this book.  

hey remember when sdr2 said nanami was a member of the future foundation, even though according to dr3 kamukura made her and inserted her into the new world program?

remember when she implied fujisaki to be her and monomi’s dad, and alter ego to be her brother, even though according to dr3 kamukura made her, and if so, it would make no sense for alter ego to be her brother, unless i guess kamukura made him and monomi too, because fuck canon amirite? (plus if she sees hinata/kamukura as her dad then h1nanami is suddenly kinda creepy)

remember when she was friends with monomi, who definitely was made by the future foundation since gekkogahara uses her, even though, if she’s an ai inserted into the program by kamukura, monomi should see her as a foreign invader, akin to monokuma?

remember when dr didn’t use cheap tactics to make everything revolve around these two? remember when they had relationships with other people, and character depth besides how much they totally love each other!!! 

i miss those times.

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I know that your probably really busy and I'm sorry for being an annoyance but I really love ur blog and your fics. Also if it's not too much of a bother could you write a fic where Alice kicks lily Marlene and someone else out of the dormitory early in the morning to get ready for her date with frank and so the girls are left outside of the dormitory in just their pjs and of course lily is wearing an oversized t shirt and knickers and the marauders see them. Written in james pov bc he is a dork

NO STOP YOU’RE NOT AN ANNOYANCE. I hope this is reasonable oops.

a continuation of this

Alice sat at the mirror, straight-backed. Rubbing her ruby lips together for the thousandth time, she tried out a nervous smile. Dorcas stood behind her, deftly pinning her curls into place. She held out her hand silently as Alice obediently passed another clip. Mary was sprawled on her bed, her pale face reddening as she tipped her upper body upside-down off the edge. Lily and Marlene sat cross-legged on either side of an impressive collection of sugar quills.

“Hagrid’s not the only giant at school, if you know what I mean.”

Lily nodded grudgingly, and Marlene smirked as she picked a purple one out of the pile. 

“Can I have one?” Mary’s voice inquired from the other side of the bed.

“Earn it,” Marlene said with a loud smack on hers.

“Where’d you get them from, anyway?”

“Nicked it from Sirius.” Marlene shrugged.

Lily thought for a bit. “Wanna make some magic together, Alice? My wand is at the ready.”

Marlene snorted, tossing Lily a red sugar quill. Alice glared at her through the reflection in the mirror.

Mary sat up and cleared her throat. “Been using the Petrificus on me? Because you’re making me stiff.”

Alice gagged. Lily laughed. “Awful. Try again.”

“Fine. I’ve been Whomping my Willow thinking about you.”

Marlene looked at Lily, who shrugged. “Bearable.”

Mary gave Lily a shove before bursting into laughter. She sifted through the lot, settling on a green one.

Lily deepened her voice. “I must have had some Felix Felicis, because I think I’m about to get lucky.

“That’s it.” Alice stood up abruptly. “That’s it. OUT.”

Dorcas had collapsed with laughter, gripping the back of the chair with white knuckles. Lily grinned, helping herself to three. Marlene rolled her eyes, a smirk on her face.

Alice crossed her arms. “Out.” She looked down. “You too, Doe.”

“I’m doing your hair!” She protested, pulling herself off the floor.

“You just said you finished. I can do my makeup myself.”

Mary swiped at her eye with the back of her hand, unable to contain another snort from escaping her. “We’re just trying to make you feel better…”

With surprising force, Alice grabbed the four girls, hurling them out of the room.

“…about how Frank’s gonna SLYTHERIN TONIGHT!”

The door slammed in their faces, but not before Lily caught Alice’s escaped laughter as she turned away. She turned to Mary, handing her a quill. “You earned it.”


James recognized the high peal of laughter before it even properly registered in his mind. Lily. He’d know her anywhere.


Hearing her, a smile tugged at the corner of his lips.

Also pathetic.

“Now what?” He heard another voice ask. Marlene? Dorcas, maybe?

“She’ll be done soon enough. God, I’m freezing.” Lily.

Ducking through the open entry, the Marauders encountered a group of four girls by the stone staircase that lead up to the girls’ dorms. Dorcas sat high on the stairs, rolling her eyes. A few steps down sat Mary, bright red with laughter. Standing against the wall was Marlene, arms crossed, and…


In a Quidditch shirt.

His Quidditch shirt.

He didn’t dare look lower.

Lily noticed him looking, and her eyebrows rose. “Oh,” she said, crossing her arms. “I forgot to give this back.”

“’sfi-fine,” he mumbled, kicking himself mentally. Losing coherency was a new low for him.

Sirius frowned at the girls. “Where’d you get those sugar quills?”

“Honeydukes’.” Marlene replied smoothly. James didn’t notice Mary glance sideways at her as he stared into Lily’s green eyes.

He could get lost in those eyes. Those eyes were safe. Looking at those eyes meant they weren’t looking at other things. Like what she was wearing. Or not wearing. NoJamesfuckSTOP. He did notice her looking back at him a little weirdly, but he kept his eyes trained on her face.

But no. She was looking at him weirdly, like she was expecting him to say something. He should say something, since he was staring at her like a creep, which was actually kind of what he was trying not to be. Say something.

“I like-” he started.


Marlene’s arm flailed out suddenly, knocking the remaining wrapped sugar quill out of Lily’s hand. As Lily rubbed her hand and glared at Marlene, James instinctively bent to pick it up for her.

Curse mum and her Good Manners.

As he looked down, his eyes trailed the length of her endless legs, and he got that distinct, uncomfortable feeling where you want to throw up and giggle at the same time. Pale and smooth, they crossed over casually as Lily leaned back on the wall again, tugging his shirt over her thighs. Under which she was wearing knickers. Fuck.

James averted his eyes as he handed the quill back to Lily, who blushed and muttered a thanks. James let out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding as he took a shaky step back.

Remus glanced at James, then cleared his throat loudly. “We’ve got to get on with our Potions homework.”

“We don’t have any-”

“Yes we do, Peter. We have Potions homework.”

With that, he nodded to the girls before turning to go up the boys’ stairs, with the rest of the somewhat confused Marauders following. They made it to the top of the stairs, when…

A “You’re like Skele-Gro; you’re growing me a bone.” was followed by an almighty THUMP and a muffled oof.

James looked down, and slowly closed his eyes.

He could die.