i'm amused tho

When your reading a sex scene and can't figure out how it works...

OK what? How did their bodies contort to do what now? Imma need a map, a diagram, something!

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Heroic Protection

The lack of Protective Danny Fenton prompts in my inbox has me crushed, so here, have something I more or less wrote for myself

The battle lasted several hours. Ghosts had flown through almost every building and street in Amity Park, most of them cackling with glee as they fired ectoblasts at cars and windows. Some had hidden or cowered in tight spaces, and Maddie knew she and Jack would be finding their ilk for days afterwards, but at the time, they had focused their attention on the most aggressive specters, starting with a white-skinned ghost in a tailored suit and ending with Maddie’s ecto-rifle and Jack’s ecto-blaster aimed at their town’s most tenacious invader.

Exhausted, it had only taken one shot from Maddie’s rifle to knock the Ghost Boy out of the sky, and as he lay on the ground, ectoplasm dripping between the fingers of the hand he pressed against his chest, he stared up at them with wide, shocked eyes. On a human, the shot would have been fatal, but the ghost seemed merely pained as he tried to push himself further away from them. Maddie wasn’t worried he’d get far.

His weight on the bedsheet “cape,” he had knotted around his own throat kept him as tethered as any net.

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thinking about the voltron fandom is like thinking of an ex. a terrible shitty ex. i don’t wanna see anything even remotely related to it because all i get is bad memories but i can’t help but wonder how it’s doin’ nowadays


Brian&Justin + domestic bliss pt 2

The way racism has infected our brains would make Finn being the Skywalker the plot twist of the century:

Finn: “You’re Rey’s father, how could you just leave her like that?!”

Luke: “No, I am your father.”

Most of theater: *heads explode* 



“This girl was waiting for me after the show, she came over and said, ‘Are you James Bay?’ I was like, ‘Excuse me?!’ It was Taylor Swift! She told me she loved my songs, and that she had a few of them on her playlist. She was dissecting the lyrics in front of me. She said she particularly enjoyed the verse lyrics to, ‘Let It Go’.”

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Plssss someone write about the drama going on between markjae and 2jae!!! I feel that there's some internal war going on between jaebum and Mark concerning the oblivious youngjae who would rather play games all night, write sad love songs and play with coco. Jaebum clearly wants him back and Mark is taunting/daring him to do so.😂😂😂😂

YES SOMEONE PLEASE WRITE THIS OH MY GOD i mean like the ending will probably be youngjae picking neither of them bc he won’t even know what they’re fighting over buT STILL

like after the got2day ends and youngjae is like SO WHAT DID YOU TWO TALK ABOUT and jaebum is like oh u kno just whatever and mark is like WE WERE TALKING ABOUT ALL SORTS OF THINGS~ LIKE LOVING OUR ROOMMATES AND GAMING~~ and youngjae is like HAHA O U HYUNG ILU2 WAIT GAMING U SAY while jaebum is like pretending he’s not seething in the back and youngjae launches into a rant about gaming while mark is just smiling and nodding and jaebum is outtie bc he can’t deal with his emotions as we all know

BUT YES THE MARK VS. JAEBUM TENSION IS REAL except it’s mostly just mark teasing him ya feel maybe he doesn’t consider jaebum competition MAYBE HE’S JUST TEASING HIM BC HIS AWKWARD TURTLE ROOMMATE CHOI YOUNGJAE IS COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS TO JAEBUM’S BLATANT CRUSH ON HIM AND MARK FINDS IT TOO AMUSING NOT TO TEASE PINING!JAEBUM WHEN IT’S SO EASY TO MAKE HIM JELLY meanwhile jackson is also pining after mark like what a big gay mess

what have you done anon you’ve opened the floodgates OKAY NOW I’M REALLY ENDING THIS before i write anything else this markjae vs. 2jae shit has me SHOOK

for real tho -

the face of a man who knows exactly what he’s doing:

the face of a man defeated:

just let jaebum have his youngjae back 2k16