i'm am excited and nervous for the end

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So I'm the best (wo)man at my brother's wedding and the plan was to originally have me wear a bridesmaid dress but in grey. However, at the dress fitting, I was really anxious and nervous about putting it on, but I was actually thinking of you at one point and it gave me courage to go out of the changing room and ask his fiance if I can wear a suit too, and she ended up loving that idea and apologized for making me try the dress on in the first place. Now I'm excited to get my first suit ever!

Ahhhhh this absolutely made me tear up some- I am so happy that you were able to stand up for yourself and so happy that you have people in your life who are that respectful and considerate. Thanks so much for letting me know about this- it really warms my heart. Much butch love your way, and I hope you look absolutely stunning in that suit :*

an update about my fics i’m sure no one really cares about but whatever:

  • the epilogue for heart rise above is about halfway finished, should be up by next week, if i get all of my rl work goals done on schedule
  • the first chapter for my @jeemyjamz baseball instaedit fic (titled stealing home) is written, outline laid out, and will be posted fairly imminently 
  • the winged beast is, unfortunately, stalled. i’ve really tried so many times folks but i am so blocked on it, so i’m hoping that the upcoming serpent arc will set off that last push of inspiration. but until such point, i can’t force it without being unsatisfied with the ending. and i want to do it right

okay that’s it! x 

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Talk to me sweetly about Nobubu, fam. I'm sure you must be having some feelings about the fact that his sequel is coming out so soon! I know I am. In fact, more than anything I'm really really surprised; the promo says early May. EARLY FREAKING MAY. Are you kidding, Voltage? You can not just spring this on us. Are you excited? Nervous? Do you already know what's going to happen? What do you expect or hope for in his sequel? Yo, I'm super curious to know your thoughts. 💕💕

i’m so nervous because i know the ending to one and i’m not ready to deal with that yet… i’m hurt that voltage is putting an attempt on my life like this? i’m so excited, jem, i’m so so so so excited i could probbaly burst. i have so many hopes and so many opinions about this that it’s gonna get a little long.

in contrast to his main route, act one i guess, i’m really hoping that they’ll focus less on making him such a smug brat? we don’t get much insight on nobu’s character in his own route which i found a little odd, and i didn’t get along with his mc at all but more on that later. nobu’s main route, from what i remember, was mostly him kind of pulling an ieyasu on us a little. he’s too prideful to speak about his emotions and in one of the epilogues, it is physically hard for him to say that he loves mc and has to plan out when he’s going to say it. it’s canon that he has a really hard time saying it and i don’t think that means he loves mc any less, i just think that he’s about as emotionally adept as ieyasu. he can’t express his feelings all that well because they seem really personal to him. i’m excited to see how nobu is going to be in act two because this just means more character insight, and i’m all for it. 

checking off my hopes for more soft nobu in act two, i’m really just… not hoping for extra naive and dramatic mc here. i’ve got no real beef with mc, i don’t… but i can’t stand this whole “my father died in war so i am going to be extremely surprised when my lover (who is equated to satan quite often) does ruthless or violent things”. one of the things i like about nobu is that he’s considered ‘bad’ and he knows it, he embraces it. in his mind, he’s doing what he needs to do to unite everyone so there won’t be any more bloodshed later. i personally don’t even think he’s that bad, he’s simply doing what’s necessary. he’s got an awful temper, sure, but he doesn’t actively aim for excess violence a lot of the time unless he needs to make a point. realistically, as a couple? they really wouldn’t work out if mc is going to keep being surprised that the man she loves kills people. i just need myself an mc who is willing to own up taking on the role of lady oda and being just as headstrong as he is. 

but! that’s changing, i think! there was this one event story not long ago, i forget which one, where she doesn’t reach out to someone who’s begging nobunaga and reaches for her to help him. she says that she knows if she does it’ll be bad for nobu so she doesn’t, and she’s sad about it but what’s important is that she does it. i’m forgetting the context of why he was begging, but i remembered the fact that she didn’t take his hand because she knew it wouldn’t be good for nobu. i mean later on she gives him food in his cell when no one sees her and nobu is all, “fine okay” and finds her secretly giving him food endearing but that’s fine, nobu does have a heart but he has to do what’s necessary when it comes to making decisions. that was just a nice fresh breath of air that i didn’t know i needed, mc finally owning up to having to, at the very least, act like lady oda. i need more of that. 

i just overall need a lot more situations where nobunaga has to remove that king of hell mask. we know how scary he can be, we’ve seen it and it’s what he’s known for, now what does he look like when he hangs up his crown for the day? i want to see him in diverse situations where he needs to act differently with mc around to witness it. and i don’t just mean when he slumps on mc’s lap and looks all puppy-ish while she strokes his hair (although i enjoy that just as much), i mean i want nobu to be in a situation where he’s forced to be vulnerable towards mc and i want some more damn character development for him. he needs to be more honest about his feelings for him to grow and for the relationship to work, and i’m looking at ieyasu and saizo too when i say this. nobu is one of my favorites and he had me at taking the nation and mc with it; i’m nervous but a little excited to finally see for myself exactly where this story goes.

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Hi! I'm about to graduate nursing school and am a bit nervous to start the interview process. Have any suggestions? THANKS!

Hi! Congrats on nearing the end of nursing school! So exciting! Interviewing can be nerve racking for sure. Here you’ve done all this work of just surviving during nursing school and now you’ve got about an hour to prove to some panel of people that you’re worth hiring and putting those skills to use. 

I actually just spent a day sitting in interviews for nurses who want to join our new grad program. Here are some {lengthy!} things that would be helpful to keep in mind (side note, these are good for any RN interviews, no matter how long you’ve been doing it and (2) while some of these may seem critical of the interviewee, please know that I LOVE new RNs and student nurses and this is all said out of wanting you all to do the best you can):

1. Research the hospital/institution you want to work for. We’re looking to see that you’re going to be a good match, for our retainment purposes as well as your own job satisfaction. My hospital asks specifically what you’ve heard about us that makes you want to work there. Be specific and genuine. That fact that we’re Magnet is great but not the end all be all. I chose my hospital because of their commitment to diversity. At another hospital you may value their Christian mission. Whatever it is, show that you have a basic understanding of who you’ll be working for and why that means something to your personally.

2. Many interview questions are behavioral based now. What that means is we’re asking you questions to try to understand how you think and will approach a situation. You should answer these in three succinct parts. (1) what the situation was (2) what did you do about it [not your nurse/instructor/preceptor] (3) and what was the result. We’re not looking for perfect situations. You’re a new nurse, you won’t do everything right. But you should be able to show your process for working through things. And if you didn’t do it exactly right, tell us how you’ve learned from that situation and what you would do differently next time. Also there are some basic themes to these type of questions. For example, a tough clinical case, what you did when you had a patient diagnosis you weren’t familiar with, how do you handle conflict, etc.

2a. Personal pet peeve. Do NOT tell me that you’ve never had conflict. Do NOT tell me you hate and/or avoid conflict. This isn’t healthy. Everyone has conflict at some point. We’re not asking you about a shouting match or a fist fight. We’re asking how you handled a difference of opinion, a misunderstanding, or a difficult patient. Conflict can be a good thing! Challenging others and ourselves helps us grow. Show that introspection and maturity in your answer.

3. In conjunction with #2, be thinking about your previous clinical situations before the interview. Have a crazy story? Chances are that’s the one you’re going to want to share with us. Memorable for you will be memorable for us. Especially when we’re interviewing dozens of people for only a few select spots.

4. ASK. US. QUESTIONS. I don’t care if you think you found out everything you need to know from the hospital’s website or recruiter. This is the 45 minutes or so you have to convince us that we want to hire you. We want to have a conversation with you. Even if it’s, “the recruiter told me a lot about your great staffing ratios, how did you come up with those?” or “I saw on your website that you recently embarked on xxx study. I was interested in what other kinds of studies you do, or how are the bedside nurses involved in efforts like these?” so on and so forth 

5. Think about what you want to convey to us at the beginning of the interview and let that be your theme throughout. What makes you you? Are you naturally funny? Tell us a story about how joking around with a patient distracted them during a painful wound dressing change. Are you a nut for details? Tell us about how you caught an error before it hit your patient. 

6. Don’t worry too much about being nervous. Prepare ahead of time and the rest will come. We know that you’ll be nervous, your first RN job is a big deal. But the thing is, we’ve all sat in that chair. And no matter how your interviewer comes across, they all want you to do well and be successful. If you’re not a match, it’s okay. (repeat that, alright?) Being a match is important. Being happy at your job is important. You interviewer is trying hard to determine if they’re going to be an equally good match for you. So a “no” is not always a bad thing. 

I hope this all helps! Feel free to add or ask any other specific questions about the interview process that you have. Of course every hospital will be a little different but I think this will get you started. They’re are a lot of articles out there on this too that you can find through a google search. Also try your career services dept on campus who can practice interviewing with you. 

Journal Entry - Stream Of Consciousness
  • I went to sleep early because I was exhausted from the week of rehearsals, but now my body is awaken by my mind racing... My play opens tonight at 8pm, but it's nearly 3am and lay in bed listening to the silence of my home. I'm thinking of the scenes and all the lines I wrote. To quiet my mind I browse online. I reminded it's Zutara week, I should contribute something this year. I listened to a podcast, it usually lulls me to sleep, it often happens on planes. No luck tonight. Although, a fascinating story on Radiolab. Instead of just keeping some of these random thoughts swimming around my head while laying in bed, I figure I'll write a bit. Yes... I'm a writer, I shall write. Just a journal entry. This little screen, me tapping out words into the middle of the night... I'm not really nervous... Maybe I am. Not about the acting of it all, maybe I feel we need more rehearsals. Well, I guess we can always use more rehearsals. But I'm not really nervous. Excited a bit I guess. I have trust in the cast and all the artist involved, they can really do no wrong. I just hate waking in the middle of the night, it's so hard for me to get back to sleep. Maybe I think too much. Yes, I can't stop my mind from thinking. It's the end of the year, what did we accomplish? Is it enough. Well, I'll be onstage with friends at least a few more times before it ends... Ending the year strong. I hope I fall asleep soon. It's ok, I can always take a nap tomorrow... Yes, it will all be alright. My thoughts are slowing down. You can only work as hard as you can and then you let go. That's how it works. I need a massage, I hold tension in my lower back. I can't believe I'm writing this all on tumblr... Awe, who cares, they understand. We're all just working things out. This is how my journal looks sometimes, not all concisely, constructed poems. Sometimes it's just messy.

i am more than my body
i am butterfly kisses, the lilac tinge of skin after sleepless nights, the soft whisper of wind in your ear. 
i am that feeling between when you jump off a jetty, and when you wash up, like driftwood, on the shore.

i am more than the perfection i crave
i am unshaved legs, a tiny forest growing from my flesh, i am fallen eyelashes, fallen wishes.
i am a complex network of nerve connections and endings, an almost completed puzzle with a few pieces lost, forever.

i am more than my feelings, my thoughts, my mind
i am goosebumps, the excited yet nervous kind, stray curls, the anxious foot that can’t stop shaking.

i am trapped between all three; my body, unattainable intentions and mind.

—  someday i will realise that I have always been complete