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Life Is Strange sentence pack [EP5]
  • "Is anybody out there? Please, help!"
  • "The slightly unconscious model is often the most open and honest."
  • "Oh, Christ... look at that perfect face."
  • "Stay still!"
  • "Nobody will be surprised, or care."
  • "I wasn't lying when I said you have a gift."
  • "Goddamn, you're a fighter, though."
  • "Always take the shot."
  • "Please, I'm sorry for everything."
  • "I don't want to die like this!"
  • "Yes, you're a psychopath."
  • "Always remember that you're not alone. I've got your back, no matter what happens."
  • "You always know the right thing to do."
  • "You're smart enough to know how easy it is to hurt somebody, to destroy their life."
  • "I know you've got a good heart. I've seen it."
  • "Wouldn't it be better to lift people up than to bring them down?"
  • "After everything that's happened, this should be the least scary thing you've ever done."
  • "Eat shit and die."
  • "You are not going to stop me!"
  • "You didn't fail... you did your best."
  • "Everybody... used me."
  • "All this shit will be over soon."
  • "I hate to say I'm glad to see you, but I'm so glad to see you."
  • "Hey... be careful out there."
  • "I always wanted my life to be special... an adventure... but not without you."
  • "Holy shit, are you cereal?"
  • "Thought you could control everybody and everything, huh?"
  • "You've left a trail of death and suffering behind you."
  • "Just shut up. You're not scaring me anymore."
  • "This is reality!"
  • "That nightmare was so real, was so horrible."
  • "All I really created was just death and destruction!"
  • "This is the only way."
  • "You are my number one priority now."
  • "You are all that matters to me."
  • "I know I've been selfish, but for once, I think I should accept my fate."
  • "You made me smile and laugh like I haven't done in years."
  • "All those moment between us were real, and they'll always be ours."
  • "I'm gonna miss you so much."
  • "I'll always love you."
  • "Now get out of here, please! Do it before I freak!"
  • "Don't you forget about me."

To this day, I never understood why the people who cringe so badly over Juvia washing her private parts with her Gray sponge never seem to give a flying fuck that Gray and Natsu very much tried to peek on her and Lucy respectively while the girls bathed. Watching a person do something as private as bathing, STARK NAKED and without them knowing they’re being watched is effectively voyeurism. Remember that, back at the time, Juvia was extremely body conscious, hesitated to be around her female guild mates with less than a towel wrapped around her and, when Erza caught the boys peeking, she firmly refused to believe Gray would ever do such a thing. So imagine her discomfort if she knew that her Gray-sama did try to see her nude. I’m not going to question why Juvia’s practices in her dorm room would make someone uncomfortable, but at least she didn’t actually involve Gray in person.

Ironically, those are more often than not the same people who paint gruvia shippers as sexists and hypocrites supposedly because “when a guy stalks a girl, it’s creepy and problematic but when Juvia stalks Gray, it’s cute”. Nevermind that Juvia hasn’t spied Gray around for over 400 chapters now and even when she did, it never was with the intentions stalkers traditionally do.

Don’t you just love double standards?


DHMIS OT3: RGB x Paige x Tony

Because come on who doesn’t love two psychopaths and an ambiguously evil man together plus they are just two perfect, and a merge of my two favorite things The Property Of Hate and Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared. Both of which I love more than anything plus I mean come on the interactions would be compelling and you never know what could happen with these three always a surprise and just a compelling OT3 in general 

Art credit goes to the always and forever spectacular: http://modmad.tumblr.com/ 

`{/ little moe things }

When Guzol was at the end of his life, Lala sang him into eternal sleep. They wanted to die by their own terms. “And when I die, let my hand be the one that breaks you…”

There’s probably no doubt at this point that the Earl is Mana (or something more complicated). I suspect that the one who wanted to be destroyed by Neah is Mana himself–perhaps to save the him that went mad as the Millenium Earl?

Alma went mad with hatred, anger, and sadness. He loved Kanda, and wanted Kanda to belong to “that person” forever by being bonded by the promise of meeting again. That as long as Kanda spent searching for her, he’d belong to her. (*cough* he found her thanks to someone and stopped searching *cough* and now “Search for A.W.” *cough cough*)
But he couldn’t stop killing back then. He wanted to kill Kanda, and then kill himself–for them to die together. So Kanda destroyed him to stop him.

Allen straightforwardly told the others that if he were to lose control, that they should kill him. And it seems as if history would be fated to repeat itself. It seems that someone, likely Kanda, would have to be the one to kill Allen when Neah becomes the Millennium Earl and becomes a mad puppet too.

Neah, who seems intent on killing the Earl (Mana), probably to save him from his madness.

Destroying someone you love to save them is a reoccurring theme of this manga. That much is apparent.

“But Kanda… I want to become a destroyer who can save others.”
In other words, to save someone by destroying them.

I wonder if maybe it’s up to Kanda this time to recall those words, and live up to, or maybe even go beyond those words. If he could somehow, along with the others, find an answer to save Allen Walker from his fate of disappearing, that would be nice…

But my point is:
Guzol and Lala loved each other.
Kanda and Alma were friends while Kanda and past!Alma were lovers.
Mana and Neah love each other

While Kanda and Allen…
WELL. Kanda and Allen.
They obviously break this pattern, huh?
Or maybe even, just so far.
Maybe they have even further to go in their development of their relationship. It was obvious since the beginning that the potential for growth and change in their relationship dynamic was great.

So. I wonder what that means.
–/eyebrow wag.


“… how ardently I admire and love you” - 4/25 (part 1)

Aiba Masaki


Can you take yourself to the next level in this game?

  • me: *does a mistake*
  • me: but...
  • my mom: *does a mistake*
  • me: mom you...
  • my mom: fine i did a mistake, it happens, we're all humans. humans make mistakes. and don't forget that i usually am always right you know? also you've done worse

anonymous asked:

I love how you've always said that things are going to happen just not necessarily in the way/time we expected them to, and yeah, it showed exactly that, when the pap issue came up, and we just stopped seeing pics of Louis/the baby, but nobody actually saw THAT coming, we were just wondering what was going on with the huge amount of pap walks, then this, and it's so quiet now...I'm sure they know their way around this, and will surprise us (hopefully in a nice way🙏🏼) soon...

in my four years as a fan of this band (and three years as a proper larrie) the main thing i’ve come to realize is that things never happen the way we expect them to. 

even if we’re right about the broad strokes of what will happen (i.e. the elounor break up, tmz being involved in babygate, etc etc) we’re almost always blindsided by the manner in which things go down (did any of us anticipate pool girl? did we expect tmz to go with the custody battle angle?).

hindsight is 20/20 and things always make sense in retrospect so i’m prepared (and expecting) to be surprised by how things play out but not by the end result: