i'm always able to get out of this by the end of the day

i ended up leaving the house after all to get that Too Faced Sugar Pop palette that I didn’t need. Soooo pretty though! I had to drive to Palmdale to get it. What an adventure. I always end up driving there at night, and I can’t see shit at night. I’m lucky I made it back alive. Also I found the B&N over there. Believe it or not, there are ZERO bookstores in Lancaster. None. Zero. I’m appalled as well as disgusted. If I want books, I either have to drive to Palmdale, or order online. But then I have to hope no one steals them like they did my last two boxes of books. So I won’t be ordering shit unless I’m home to pick it up (which isn’t likely). 

I haven’t gotten over those books. I will never get over them. Every day I wonder what books they were. I can always get more, but I hope none of them were by people I actually know. That worries the most. Look at me rambling, and not being productive. 

Okay. Food. Little bit of book writing. Drabble breathplay thing if I can figure out the characters. And then book again.