i'm always a burden to you

I'm sorry

for all the times I can’t think of a things to say
for when I talk too much about things you clearly don’t care about
for when I don’t put in the effort we both know I could
for when I make it worse
for responding too quickly
for singing too loudly
for laughing too obnoxiously
for letting myself get so fat
for being too clingy
for not understanding
for trying to understand
for bothering you when you’re busy
for over reacting
for being bad at everything
for messing everything up
for not being able to hold a conversation

I’m so infinitely sorry for being me

Drarry Soulmate AU
  • Draco (preening): I'm not surprised- I, a pureblood Malfoy am the Chosen One's soulmate.
  • Someone: Don't you hate Potter though, Malfoy?
  • Draco: Yes, so?
  • Harry (arriving): You cried when you found out we were soulmates.
  • Draco: Yes, well it was a rather devastating realisation, but I have come to accept and bare my burden.
  • Harry: You cried and told me you'd always known we'd be soulmates since first year.
  • Draco: That could have been anyone.

I’m alone
i’m unwanted
i’m undesired
i’m worthless
i’m a burden
i’m a freak
i’m an anomaly
i’m the problem

“you’re not alone. you are loved. I’ll always be here for you”

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hi, i'm looking for some fics with pining!clarke? modern or canon verse, thanks!



+ pining clarke tag!

today is mother’s day and all I have to say in here is:
I’m so sorry that I was born,
I’m so sorry that I’m not what you wanted, I’m sorry for being weak,
I’m so sorry for hurting you all the time,
I’m so sorry for being alive cuz I don’t wanna hurt u when I kill myself but I still hurt you being alive,
I’m so sorry that I make you think that you’re not a good parent when you’re the most awesome person,
I’m so sorry that I always fuck things up
I’m so sorry that I’m alive
I’m so sorry that I’m a burden for you, I’m trying not to be one anymore
I’m sorry

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Since requests are open, i wanted to ask for a scenario where ignis' s/o would start to be a bit sad but then it gets worse and worse. When iggy finds out, it's because the s/o feels that they don't deserve him because they're not THAT pretty/handsome, not THAT good of a fighter and can't cook for shit. They feel like a huge burden and undeserving of ignis' love. How'd iggy handle that? Wow sorry forthis

You kids are throwing so many emotions at me I don’t know what to do with myself I love it though don’t stop.
Fem!s/o for ease of reading/writing!

Unkiss Me

She flopped onto the motel room bed with a heavy sigh. The mattress was lumpy and uncomfortable, but at least it wasn’t camping.

Through the paper thin walls she could hear Gladio’s deep voice followed by Prompto shrieking something in dismay as Noctis laughed. She could almost see Ignis rolling his eyes.

Her eyes grew hot as emotions began to make themselves known yet again. They were all so perfect. Funny, strong, attractive… everything she felt she wasn’t. How could she possibly fit in with them? Not only that, but how could she be worth Ignis’s time?

She quickly wiped her eyes as the door opened and the four men entered, Prompto chattering away while Gladio occasionally interrupted with sarcastic remarks.

“We missed you at the Crow’s Nest!” Prompto’s voice finally reached her ears as he gave her a playful nudge. He wasn’t quite sure what was wrong, but it was obvious Prompto could tell something was off.

“Yeah, yeah,” she smiled slightly, “I needed a shower and some rest.”

The chatter and card games continued into the early evening, but she didn’t say much. She was much quieter than usual - normally she was in there with the boys, laughing with and teasing them.

Rolling off of the bed, she quietly slipped out of the motel room. She need some time to herself. They had gone on a hunt that afternoon, but things had gone terribly wrong. It ended with Ignis and Gladio both taking harsh blows in her stead. If only she had been stronger…

Wiping her eyes again, she made her way to a bench and plopped down, leaning her head up against the wall behind her. Her eyes fluttered closed in an attempt to stop the tears from rushing down her cheeks.

She didn’t deserve Ignis. Why was he wasting his time on her? She was such a mess… she couldn’t cook, she always forgot which cabinet she had stored the spices in, she was always having to be saved during battle…

The sound of the bench creaking startled her; she hadn’t heard footsteps. Opening her eyes, her gaze fell upon Ignis. He was sitting beside her, a cup of tea in his hand. But he didn’t drink tea.

“For you,” he said with a small smile, “Chamomile with a bit of honey.”

Hesitating slightly, she took the cup of tea, halfheartedly smiling at him in thanks. Chamomile was her favorite. He was always taking such great care of her. Yet another reason she didn’t deserve him.

The two sat in silence, Ignis watching the stars beginning to speckle the evening sky as she quietly sipped her tea beside him.

“This has gone on long enough.”

His voice finally broke the silence. She froze, unwilling to even steal a glance in his direction.

“You haven’t been yourself for quite some time. You need to tell me what’s going on. Are you alright?”

“I…” her voice caught in her throat, so she cleared it, hoping it would come out firmly, “I’m fine.”


That hadn’t sounded convincing.

“You’re not fine. Please talk to me.”

She finally looked over at Ignis; he was looking at her, searching her, his green eyes filled with concern.

“I…” she started again, but this time she couldn’t continue. Tears began streaming down her face, and she let out a small sob, looking away from Ignis.

“Darling…” his voice was soft and quiet, warm and gentle… home.

He gently placed his hand over hers, lacing their fingers together. There was a long silence, only occasionally broken by her sniffles.

“You’re too good for me,” she whispered, still not daring to look at him.

Another pause.


“I can’t cook. I can’t fight; you’re always having to save me. You take better care of me than I do of myself. And I’m not of noble blood. And…” she paused for a sniffle and a shaky breath, “And I’m definitely not pretty or smart or even worth your time in any way. Why do you even waste your time with me? You could find someone so much better so quickly… There are tons of people that would line up just for a possible for a chance with a guy like you. Just… just leave now so you can find someone better… quit wasting your time on me, okay?”

There was another gap of silence as Ignis processed the flurry of words that had spilled out of her. His grip on her tightened, gently stroking the back of her hand with his thumb. He reached out his other hand and touched his fingers to her jaw, turning her face towards him. He brushed the hair out of her eyes, tucking it behind her ear as a soft smile played across his face.

“You don’t need to be spectacular, darling. You just need to keep being you. That’s why I fell in love with you.”

She let out another shaky sob as Ignis pulled her into a tight hug. He kissed the top of her head, allowing her to release her tears for a few quiet minutes.

“Now, are you done?” he said as he leaned back, a glint of amusement in his eyes, “You’re being rather melodramatic.”

Iggy had finally gotten the response he wanted. She gave his chest a playful shove, muttering something to the effect of, “Oh shut up.”

He pulled her in for a quick kiss, smiling slightly after.

“You know it’s frustrating when you’re so hard on yourself. Even if that, there’s no one I would rather walk this life with. Please allow me to bear your burdens with you.”

She smiled and nodded, snuggling in closer to him. She rested her head on his chest, and his fingers were soon gently combing through her hair. He was so good to her. He always had been… how did she get so lucky?

“I love you, Iggy… thank you for loving me even though I’m such a mess.”

“I will always love you so much more than you know, darling.”

The only thing that hurts more than having scoliosis itself is the fact that nobody understands/wants to understand the pain I’m in everyday. They will say “you always feel like that.” or “what else is new” Like shit, excuse the heck out of me. I’m sorry I don’t get to chose when I’m in pain? It hurts to think that the disability that’s affecting me physically & mentally is such a burden on those who have no clue what kind if pain I’m in. Nobody would last a week in my shoes.

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We don't know each other, but I feel you'd understand. I'm a queer p.o.c. in the U.S., and I've been afraid with anxiety since Trump took office. People are openly xenophobic, sexist, and homophobic since inauguration day and it's scary. Rewatching Sailor Moon has eased my burden by giving me an escape, a sense of hope and confidence to continue to push on. Also, I come to your site sometimes to just be a part of a community that you helped make. I just wanted to say thanks.

Sis don’t feel anxious.

People like that have always existed unfortunately, it’s just with Trump’s win that they’re voices are getting louder.

Fortunately, people in America (and all over the world) are marching and protesting because we won’t allow hate to win over love.

Don’t let negative (and temporary) things in life get to you and just focus on the good things:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Music that you love
  • Shows that you love
  • Books that you love
  • Basically anything that you love that makes you happy

There will always be bad not as good times in our lives so we have to focus on the best aspects of our lives, learn from the bad times, grow up and get back on our feet again.

Life’s a bittersweet symphony so we have to live the happiest times to the fullest and endure and pull through during the bad times, that’s what life is all about: growing up, getting stronger, getting to know/loving yourself and appreciating life.

I hope my good sis Amuro-chan can explain this better than I have.

This song is for you my beautiful moon rabbit 💖.

Lyrics here (the song is in English but still…).

Just drop me a line if you ever need anything sis, we’re a family here.

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Could you please do some human! Swerve, Rung and cygate fluff head cannons? Thank you very much!



  • He’s really into PDA, like, he’ll be mercilessly flirting and calling you pet names at the bar, he’s super sweet and a loyal boyfriend
  • LOTS AND LOTS OF INSIDE JOKES BETWEEN YOU TWO. You’ll say thing funny, and Whirl and/or Skids will look confused as the both of you laugh.
  • He’s insecure about his body weight, so make it known you actually like how he looks. (If you’re a fucking bitch who tells people how to look/tells him he needs to lose some weight. You, my friend, don’t deserve him.) 
  • He fears you’re just joking around, so when you do anything like cuddling or sex, he really takes his time to get the best out of every moment he has with you.


  • Like swerve, he at times thinks your joking about being in a relationship with him, so he appreciates when you go out of your way to spend time with him.
  • Nobody really treats him that nicely, so when you do something like buy him a gift or tell him you love him, his heart flutters quite a bit.
  • He treats you like the most precious being in the universe and in his eyes, you definitely are you are.
  • He’s the type of person who would buy you flowers or stuffed animals during dates 
  • He uses pet names all the time. If he ever uses your actual name, it’s because he’s being genuine or serious.


  • Cyclonus in any AU is obviously the most cuddly, but he’s not really into PDA as much as you’d think.
  • Some hand holding.
  • Tailgate always likes to be around you and Cyclonus, so he’s always inviting you two to come with him to whether that be Swerve’s or some other fun activity he likes to do.
  • Even as much as Cyclonus will mother you two, he very much is (invertedly)happy to help you two if you ever need help, and he will say it does not burden him to help you.

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"Oh, look at those eyes." prompt for the cutie Tamaki please. I'm hoping this is the last one tonight T~T --Tamaki Anon

Just look at her. She’s so strong and courageous. Everyone looks up to her, I’m almost jealous. How can she be so happy all the time? Don’t people usually have to try to be so incredibly good? It’s as if she’s a natural. 

She’s so easy to love.

Oh god, oh god, she’s looking at me. Don’t stare, Amajiki. Just… wave back. Maybe smile. Am I smiling? Oh god she’s grinning, it must have been a stupid look. Oh no, she’s coming over here what do I say if she tries to talk to me–

Oh, wow. Look at those eyes. They’re beautiful… She’s beautiful. 

When did she get so pretty? She was cute when we were kids, but when did she grow into such a beautiful woman? When did I fall so hard for her? Oh, right. I didn’t. It’s always been this way. I’ve always been in love with her, even Mom saw it. But I’m not good enough for her. No one is, really, but I’m certainly not. She shouldn’t be burdened with my feelings, not when we’re such good friends still.

She can never be allowed to know. 

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I have a prompt based on my own insecurities. I've never related more to a character than I have with Maggie. I have depression and I deal with feeling like I'm not good enough or I'm always a burden to talk to.. maybe one where Maggie feels that way and Alex being amazing? It's okay if you don't wanna write it?

First of all I’m so sorry you deal with this kind of pain. I get it, and it’s definitely not fun. I hope I did this a little bit of justice.


Maggie Sawyer had a dark side.

A sad side.

A side Alex had yet to see.

They had been dating for 4 months, and Maggie hadn’t had one episode. She was just so happy. She was blissfully happy. But that 4 month mark is where things usually start to change in her head. Because after 4 months she either finds a reason to leave, or they find a reason to leave her. All of her most recent relationships hadn’t made it much past 4 months, and the ones that had were just unhealthy.

But 4 months in and Maggie couldn’t find a flaw in Alex Danvers system. The flaws Alex had were manageable. They were things Maggie understood and could deal with. But, for the most part, Alex Danvers was an untouchable angel. She was perfect. And that was when Maggie began to find her out. Nothing was wrong with Alex, and everything was wrong with her, and she didn’t deserve a woman like her. She didn’t deserve her kindness, and her warmth, and her joy.

Because if she knew, if she really knew how Maggie got, Alex would run. They all ran.

She was having one of her bad days. Her really bad days where the only thoughts in her head were negative. She tried the exercises her therapist taught her, she tried her happy music playlist, she tried running, she tried distractions, but none of it worked. Nothing worked, so she dug herself into her hole and let herself get buried by the negativity, the sadness, the anxiety. The depression.

But Alex still existed. And Alex called. And called. And kept calling. And Maggie kept not answering because she couldn’t hide this. She knew Alex would hear it in her voice. Maggie couldn’t even bother to lift her hand to send a text. What would she even say? So she let it ring. And she blocked out Alex, because soon enough Alex would block her out.

But that’s not Alex. When Maggie heard the knock on the door she knew who it was. She knew it was her girlfriend. Her perfect. Compassionate. Loving as hell, girlfriend. She stayed quiet.

“Maggie, babe I know you’re in there.” Alex spoke through the door. “I can hear your music.”

Maggie didn’t reply. She stayed still. She stayed silent. But her heart beat a bit faster than it had at all that day, and that was something.

“Baby please open up.”


“Maggie Sawyer open this goddamn door, you’re scaring me.”

Maggie heard the sound of the knob jingling. She still didn’t move. She was molded to the couch. She wanted to yell at Alex to leave, to never come back, to save herself from the pitfall that is Maggie’s fucked up head. But something stopped her. A small small part of her wanted Alex to bust through the door and hold her.

And that’s exactly what Alex did.

She picked the lock. She threw open the door. She found Maggie on the couch. And she held her.

Maggie was numb. She wasn’t crying like she did sometimes. Those times were usually good because it meant she was feeling something. But no, this time she just felt numb and cold, but Alex’s arms warmed her up.

After god knows how long, Maggie finally spoke, for the first time in almost 24 hours. “Alex you should go.”

“No.” Alex replied.

“You should leave.”

“No Maggie, I don’t know what this is but I’m not leaving.”

Maggie sat up and looked at Alex. She felt tired, like you would if you took a sleeping pill but never fell asleep. “This is me Alex, and you deserve better than this.”

“Maggie talk to me.” Maggie felt the emotion seeping out of Alex’s eyes and her mouth. “Please talk to me.”

“They’re called depressive episodes.” Maggie sighed. “It started at 16. They were frequent and so horrible I couldn’t move sometimes. I was put on medication at 17 for depression. It helped sometimes but I still have my days. My really bad days.”

“Mags.” Alex grabbed her hand. “I’m here fo-”

“You need to leave Alex.”

“Maggie, nothing you say is going to get me to leave.”

“Please, I don’t want you to see me like this.” Maggie could feel it, the emotion entering back into her body. It felt like shame, disappointment, sadness, but it was feeling nonetheless. She felt the tears prick her eyes.

“Maggie this is nothing to be ashamed of. We all have something.” Alex squeezed her hand.

Maggie felt the tears begin to fall from her eyes. “But this is a bad something Alex. This is a dark, sad, depressing something that I don’t want to pull you into. You’re too good for this Alex.”

“Maggie look at me.” Alex said lifting Maggie’s head with her finger. “I am not to good for this. I have my things too.”

“Not like this.”

“I’ve been on medication for PTSD and extreme anxiety for the past 8 years.” Alex admitted. “And I mean crippling anxiety Maggie. Can’t move my body, panic attacks that feel like heart attacks, kind of anxiety. I get it Maggie.”

“But this is different-”

“It’s not Maggie. I get the shame, and I get the loneliness, but I’m here for you.” Alex said holding Maggie’s face in her hands. “I’m going to sit here with you until you feel better. Until you’re bad thoughts so away. Until you understand that I’m never leaving you, especially not like this, because that’s what I’d want you to do for me.”

“And if they don’t…go away?” Maggie asked, because most of the time they did pass but every time these episodes came her biggest fear was that it would just be an episode this time. That it would last, and it wouldn’t just go away.

“Than I guess I should make myself pretty comfortable on this couch huh?” Alex smiled a bit. “They will go away Maggie. They will.”

She hugged Maggie into her chest. Maggie’s ear rested right where Alex’s heart was changed behind her breast. She could hear it’s beating, steady and rhythmic. Maggie focused on that sound. She forced herself to listen to that heartbeat until it drowned all her bad thoughts. This was something she had never tried before, but it seemed to work. She had never tried it because no one ever held her like this, when she was like this. No one stayed. They all just called her crazy. They all just got freaked out, or ran. But Alex held her, and stroked her hair.

Soon Maggie was sitting up and hugging Alex back. Maggie kissed her, and thanked her, and cried on her shoulder. Not exactly a sad or shameful cry, but a thankful, grateful cry. Alex made her coffee and cuddled up with her on the couch where they watched dumb movies. It didn’t fix Maggie but it helped.

Alex helped.

For the first time someone helped.

And she still felt like this woman was too good for her, but this time Maggie refused to push this one away. She refused to push Alex away.

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headcanons on how eren, armin, jean, mikasa and levi would react if their S/O (whom they're already in an established relationship with) told them they're bisexual and are concerned that they weren't valid in that sexuality? if that's alright for you to write. i often feel that i'm not valid and it would be nice to get some reassurance from my snk babes. thanks in advance, i love your blog and writing so much!

First of all!!! VERY IMPORTANT! No matter who you are or which gender(s) you are attracted to, you indeed are valid and important. You’re a human being and wonderful and if you – or anyone else with a similar burden – need someone to talk, my askbox is always open. I know what it’s like to question yourself because of your identity and it honestly helped me a lot to talk about it, so if any of you wish to do the same, hit me up <3

Eren: Honestly, his biggest concern would be – no matter how silly it might sound – that it would mean more competition for him. He’d say so in a joking way, without thinking too much about it. Nothing else comes to mind that would bother him about it and that alone is really nothing to get upset or angry about. He immediately continues to explain that he means no harm in what he said and that he loves them regardless, why wouldn’t he? If anyone ever gave them shit for it, they can count on him delivering a punch to the face in no second.

Armin: Armin always has an open ear and genuinely cares for them, wanting to help them, even if just through listening. “Okay, thank you for telling me. I’m happy you opened up to me, you can talk to me about anything.” and he keeps the conversation going, if they’re comfortable with talking about it. He wants to get to the bottom of the “issue”, he wants to know what it is that makes them feel upset. For example, if it’s because of something someone else said, he’s determined to cheer them up – though he’s not facing the exact same situation, he does know what it feels like to get picked on – and make them understand that they don’t need someone else’s opinion to actually be valid.

Jean: It could possibly be that he’s overwhelmed or at the very least surprised. He didn’t expect something like that, he didn’t expect them carrying such a weight on their shoulders, all by themselves. He’s not even shocked about the fact that they are bisexual, he’s just upset over the idea that they must’ve had these self loathing thoughts and he’s upset over the realization that he didn’t notice before. It’s his biggest concern in all of this and that’s exactly what he’d say. “You’re perfect, just the way you are. I’ll say it an endless amount of times, if necessary. But please, don’t feel like you have to deal with these thoughts on your own.”

Mikasa: She’d list dozens of things that she loves about them, to make them realize how admirable and amazing they are. She goes on to say that nobody is perfect and everybody has flaws, but being yourself certainly is not a flaw. Nothing would hurt her more than witnessing her s/o bashing themselves down so much. The second these words slip their mouth, she’d just wrap her arms around them, pull them closer, hug them tightly and say how it is “I will always love you, no matter what. To me you’re not only valid, but the most important thing in my life.”

Levi: He genuinely can’t think of a single reason their bisexuality would lower their worth or make them less of a valid human being. It’s what he tells them, too, not because he wants to shrug off their concerns, but because he wants them to think of one themselves in hopes of them realizing there really is no reason to think that way. “It’s not like you made a choice or whatever. It is what it is and you should roll with it. You can’t change it and you don’t have to, either.”

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I just asked my other queer friends to use they them pronouns for me when we're alone and I just feel really... sick inside?? And I feel guilty and dirty and wrong. Is this normal? I just fee like that was selfish of me and I'm going to regret it. Does this mean that I don't actually like they them pronouns ? I'm sorry and I appreciate any help you can give me. Btw this blog has helped me so much I love you very dearly.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t like they/them pronouns. Changing your pronouns is a big upheaval and can sometimes feel like a burden on others, even when they’re supportive. Personally, I think it’s totally normal to feel kind of… off, or wrong, I guess, when asking people to change pronouns for you. I know I certainly did! You always hear of people who experience nothing but euphoria and relief when their pronouns change, especially on tumblr, but that can’t be the case for everyone. 

Maybe the pronouns, once actually in use, will grow on you. Once you get used to them, and realize that they aren’t a burden on others. Or, maybe they won’t. Maybe another set of pronouns will suit you better. However, I don’t think these initial feelings can be a complete indicator of how they’ll fit for you. You won’t know until you try them out properly.

Just know that it is in no way selfish of you to change your pronoun. Your existence and comfort is not a burden on others. You should be able to present and be referred to in the ways that are most comfortable for you.

I can’t promise you won’t regret it, but honestly? I doubt you will. Changing your pronouns shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of. You shouldn’t regret changing them, regardless of how it turns out.

I’m glad to hear the blog has been helpful for you, anon! You’re sweet

I’m very sick of people, including pro-choice and women’s rights activists saying “well I could never have a disabled child” especially in regards to abortion

If you utter the words “I could never have a disabled child” YOU SHOULD NOT BE A PARENT.

Your child can become disabled at anytime. You could have what looks like a completely abled infant, and when they grow up you realize they have autism. You could have a completely healthy and abled child who gets in a car accident and becomes paralyzed. Your completely healthy child could get meningitis and suddenly become non verbal due to the swelling of the brain. You should not become a parent if you “can’t handle a disabled child” because there is ALWAYS a possibility of having a disabled child and if your child becomes disabled for whatever reason they deserve parents who don’t feel like they are or a burden or who “can’t handle a child like that”

Bravely Second: Chapter 1 sentence starters
  • ~"Forgive me, everyone."
  • `"Don't put the weight of the world on your shoulders like that, (NAME). You've had it tougher than any of us."
  • `"No matter who turns against you, I'll always be here."
  • `"And as long as we hold hope on our hearts... We can fight back, over and over again if we must!"
  • `"Haha! Is somebody blushing?"
  • `"Our emotions, our passions can move the hearts of others."
  • `"Kapow! Mr. Oblivious strikes again!"
  • `"What're you writing, (name)? I keep seeing scribbling in there."
  • `"For the first time, I feel like I don't understand you at all..."
  • `"You suggest we simply sit by and do nothing? P-preposterous!"
  • `"Is is so hard to... Imagine a better future?"
  • `"It moved me a great deal, you know, when you spoke of your hopes and ideals..."
  • `"I will succeed... I will!"
  • `"Who said you have to shoulder the burden all by yourself?"
  • `"We can't have you catching cold. Here, come... Closer."
  • `"(NAME), you're all red! Have you come down with a fever?"
  • ~"Aiiiya! Get a clue, blockhead!"
  • `"What did I do now?"
  • `"Cats are great, they never betray mew!"
  • `"But you will be fine, as you always have been. I'm sure of it!"

Is it just me, or do people feel bad when others buy you something or they have to cause you have no money.

Like I always feel like that or a burden cause it’s like I can’t help split the food bill or I can’t buy whatever. And I’m making someone waste their own money on me and I feel like I’m irritating them with that.