i'm also watching orphan black

here’s what i learned from this cosima-centric episode: all those quizzes i took to determine which clone i am that all resulted in cosima were telling the truth


Mrs. S in the trailer for ‘Governed as It Were by Chance’ (x)

the thing about filler episodes, is that a lot of time, they’re the episodes that people will end up rewatching

because filler episodes are just the characters doing their thing, living their lives, with some pretty not-major problem going on that they need to fix

and those episodes, when they’re good, are fun

they’re not stressful, or scary, and it’s just the characters being them and doing their jobs or going to school

and like. when i rewatch shows, those are the episodes i go for.

i want to experience their lives, just their average, every-day lives, not just their Big Problem Of The Season all the time

maybe it’s just me, but i prefer rewatching filler episodes. if your filler episodes aren’t good, then i don’t have much interest in rewatching your show.