i'm also too lazy to look properly

“If you could know what I’ve been through lately…”

One of these days I’ll figure out how to draw Susan properly, but until then y’all can join my journey as I redraw random scenes from one of my favourite games~ <3


Once a King in Narnia, always a King in Narnia – rule 63!Pevensies

madison davenport as petra pevensie
asa butterfield as stephan pevensie
willow mccormick as eleanor “ellie” pevensie
max charles as lucas pevensie

good “dirks robots are human” au:
dirk and brobot are twins, and the oldest (16)
dave is younger by a few months (15)
hal is their younger brother (13)
lil seb is younger yet again (7)
hal’s responder is a baby(3)
squarewave (20) and sawtooth (25) are their weird uncles
alpha!dave (29-30) is Not Good at looking after all these goddamn kids
bro (32) spends all his time mooching off of alpha!dave and playing video games