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Since a lot of people are talking about the experience of watching skam live, I thought I’d add some info about how it works and in what order you will experience things watching it live.

First off it’s not really a thing to tag things as “skam spoilers” simply because it was just released, or because it is a clip that won’t be shown on norwegian tv until in a few days. (at least I never saw this being done last season?? correct me if i’m wrong)

If you don’t know norwegian, “getting spoiled” is A PART of the experience. It’s not really spoilers though, let me explain. you will watch the clip as it comes out on the skam website (if you are online when it drops and have a vpn installed to see it). Probably the first time you watch it you won’t understand much being said. This is ok. the next step is to look/wait for a written translation. they show up quite quickly in the skam tag or in the comment section on the skam website (don’t spam the website by asking for translations, they will come soon and comments are published in batches so chances are many others have already sent comments asking for translations. that clogs up the commentator field so don’t ask for them please). once you find written translations, read them, and then either rewatch then re-read or watch and try to read at the same time. The effect of this is that you will understand a little more each time you watch, and until you understood everything, every rewatch is like experiencing the clip anew. so it’s a really cool experience! and you also feel really smart for looking up translations and all. eventually fully translated clips get uploaded in google drives and you can watch it AGAIN. (you will want to watch the clips many times, it’s only normal)

“If you could know what I’ve been through lately…”

One of these days I’ll figure out how to draw Susan properly, but until then y’all can join my journey as I redraw random scenes from one of my favourite games~ <3


Once a King in Narnia, always a King in Narnia – rule 63!Pevensies

madison davenport as petra pevensie
asa butterfield as stephan pevensie
willow mccormick as eleanor “ellie” pevensie
max charles as lucas pevensie

good “dirks robots are human” au:
dirk and brobot are twins, and the oldest (16)
dave is younger by a few months (15)
hal is their younger brother (13)
lil seb is younger yet again (7)
hal’s responder is a baby(3)
squarewave (20) and sawtooth (25) are their weird uncles
alpha!dave (29-30) is Not Good at looking after all these goddamn kids
bro (32) spends all his time mooching off of alpha!dave and playing video games