i'm also procrastinating my paper


It’s really weird that there are all these last classes and everything for the semester. We still have finals, but…I don’t know.

My professor basically let us off for one class even though we were all supposed to be working on something, just out of class. We did work on it. But definitely not the whole class time.
My next professor took videos of everyone in class talking about the class. So that worries me just a little. But in the end everyone applauded her because, hey, she’s awesome.
My other professor decided to end the semester on a depressing note. I actually don’t remember what she said, so…I don’t know what that says about whatever it was, but hooray. Hooray for ending with something unmemorably sad and then having that class for the first final. …I’m scared for that final.

And tomorrow should be fun. Even though I’m taking the same Spanish again next semester and a lot of people from this class are also going to be in that one.

There was a point in the semester where I wanted it to never end. I don’t dislike my classes now. I’m just ready to go home then start a new semester.

One more week…