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I’ve tried to look up if anyone else noticed this but only found one instance on Reddit… and it was only a small comment. 


- ded, very ded

tiny PSA about Jaqen: if you’re unfamiliar with GOT or ASOIAF, it may seem as though Jaqen is some suave dude who likes death and kills ppl. well…he is pretty suave… however, he never kills ppl for pleasure or for his own sake. he only kills people when instructed to do so by his master, via the Many-Faced God. so when he calls death a ‘gift,’ he truly means it — he believes it is a gift in that it saves us from the perils of this world. he bestows no judgement unto the people he’s ordered to kill or unto the people who come to the House of Black and White to die. 

he does NOT enjoy death, he does not think it’s rad, and he does not want everyone 2 know he kills people. ( except for arya stark? lol? ) it’s his religion; it’s his idea of serving a god he trusts; it’s his idea of mercy — it’s not for pleasure or excitement. that’s all. ciao. ! 


Emily ‘Sin to Win’ Prentiss 

please remember that capheus repeatedly decides to try to fuck up gangsters with his bare hands and drives a bus with VAN DAMN painted on it in giant flaming letters and barrel rolls a car through san francisco in the middle of a police chase while giggling excitedly. i always see posts talking about how tender and hopeful and compassionate capheus is which is TRUE he is all of those things absolutely, but that’s half of his personality, and the other half is just him yelling FIGHT ME

I have all the prompts you guys have sent me so far, it’ll take me a couple days to sit down with some time to write them as I’m back at work tomorrow, but worry not! I love all your prompts and they’ll definitely all get written! Thanks so much for indulging my need to write, you’re great!

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Hi, I hope you've been doing well☺ Over the past few months, I've put a lot of thought into possibly creating my own content for BTS (imagines, ships, etc). Are there any tips that you would give on just starting out a blog?💜💜💜

Tags, baby. Tag as much as your lil heart can tag. And don’t pressure yourself into making content because then it won’t be good. If you don’t have inspiration or motivation at any time, it’s okay because once you do I’m sure it’ll be 10/10 also be super nice to everyone! 🤷🏻‍♀️💞 idk what else to say atm but I hope it all goes well for you! Good luck and tell me when you start up bc I’d love to see 💁🏻

i’m so happy hayley atwell exists