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I’ve tried to look up if anyone else noticed this but only found one instance on Reddit… and it was only a small comment. 


- ded, very ded


Happy 2nd Anniversary to Always Keep Fighting! (March 3rd, 2015)


Vogue, September 1996. 

Ralph Fiennes photographed by Helmut Newton.

History side of Tumblr, can you paint a picture about the conditions of the front line in WW1 so everyone knows just why that scene in Wonder Woman IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL AND HAD ME SHIVERING IN AWE?!?!

So many people I know admit they know next to nothing about WW1 and I think they would benefit so much if they understood what the fighting was like.


Try to keep up, Nonny…

AGA (Ask Greed Anything)! [Inbox Closed!]

Imagine reassuring bestfriend!Woozi when he starts getting doubtful of his own abilities as an producer and composer.

BONUS: Imagine bestfriend!Woozi telling you that he appreciates all the support you’ve given to him and his career.

Mini YoungLo Appreciation

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVOURITE GRANDMA @anna-something! Here’s some additional sunshine (and memes) after your lil trip! And what better way to wish you than a signature appreciation post.

(tbh this is a gift for everyone)

further tol & smol under the cut:

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Honestly just had to listen to cheerleaders doing a wild cats chant and I’m ready to go. Like. Forever. Just leave.


Emily ‘Sin to Win’ Prentiss 

i’m so happy hayley atwell exists

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raspberry, mango, blackberry

  • raspberry: favorite flower?

Uh… honestly I don’t know. I really love baby’s breath but I know that is more of an accent flower. I do like black eyed susans and violets. i like daffodils a lot too. 

  • mango: what is your trademark?

Oh god. Maybe my ability to hyper fixate? I am really good for knowing words and my ability to take people to the book they were looking for based on very basic descriptors. I can create stories with very little prompting or planning as well. If you are asking outfit wise it’s my ‘I want to leave’ hat and flannel. 

  • blackberry: is your life an action film, a comedy, a romantic comedy, or drama?

It’s a sitcom! It’s called Barnes and Noble v The People and I am a plucky head cashier who fans love for her deadpan snark, elaborate stories about Brian, and her camaraderie with her managers and co workers.  Everyone wants her to beat her co head cashier who is the worst. 

please remember that capheus repeatedly decides to try to fuck up gangsters with his bare hands and drives a bus with VAN DAMN painted on it in giant flaming letters and barrel rolls a car through san francisco in the middle of a police chase while giggling excitedly. i always see posts talking about how tender and hopeful and compassionate capheus is which is TRUE he is all of those things absolutely, but that’s half of his personality, and the other half is just him yelling FIGHT ME