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good morning i know i made my jokes yesterday but listen: liam not tweeting for the anniversary is not as bad as yall say. of course it’s a bit sad that we didn’t get 4/4 tweets but over the years, liam kept telling us how grateful he is for everything we’ve done for him and the boys and that he loves us a lot. he often thanked us for something when the other boys didn’t. he often just randomly said thank you. just bc he forgot to tweet yesterday doesn’t mean he’s horrible and doesn’t care about us. he’s probably busy at the moment and didn’t have time to check social media. so anyone who talks shit can fuck off.

Summary of Pokemon GO Teams

Team Mystic ( Team Blue ) 

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Team Valor ( Team Red ) 

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Team Mystic and Team Valor together 

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Team Instinct ( Team Yellow  ) 

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Being a writer consuming any form of media is like:

-“See I would have done it like this. Not that THAT wasn’t good but…this would have been better.”

-*predicts plot twist*

-“Why aren’t we focusing more on that character? They have so much potential! I’ve already thought of their own character arc, relations, and backstory in excruciating detail and it would be great!”

-*rewrites shitty line in head*

-*hears amazing line and sits in awe and doesn’t know how to write something as good*

-“It was good but the writing at the end was lazy.”

I have an au Bucky series idea

So I’m sat watching Cinderella and I can not get the image of Bucky as Prince Charming out of my head!! And I’m inspired to write something marvel/Cinderella au Would people be interested in this or has something like this been done? If so can someone link me because Bucky as a prince is a delicious image 😍

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someone kick my butt into gear holy cheezus. i don’t understand. i’m sitting here with a shitload of feels, off work and everything, and instead of actually writing, i’m browsing stuff aimlessly while checking the clock every 30 seconds already counting down the hours until monday (which inevitably makes me feel anxious because time is passing by and i’m not doing shit). why am i like this. i want to write and i just. i just don’t

w h y

I should've probably posted this sooner, but I was busy.

Anyways, I have arrived, and I’ve already done a whole bunch of things.
- I went to the college I’m going to to ask some things. I had to talk since my dad doesn’t know how to speak English that well. I was really nervous, but I did it! (Yet somehow, my parents keep thinking I can’t handle social situations. I can, I might get nervous as heck before it, but if I have to I can).
- Also, I DROVE to the college. That’s right, me behind the wheel. It was exciting, and driving a car here is much easier than in Brazil, but I was still nervous (I think it’ll take a while for me to get the courage to drive alone).
-Went to some stores with my dad, bought some things (a part of me started worrying this would be just like last time).
- We at lunch at Golden Corral. And from that experience, I’m already certain I’m going to end up getting fat again.
- I just now finished unpacking (sort of since there are some things I don’t know where I’ll put).
- I also caught some pokemon (I don’t understand how you catch more).


As soon as he was done with breakfast, Emmett took off to the beach with his siblings. The annual vacation was something they all looked forward to, just because they all liked being together. With so many kids, they were never bored. Caleb next to him, they both searched the beach high and low for Felicity. Deciding that she wasn’t there, they searched the next best option: the roof.

Once they got to the top, Caleb took the right while Emmett took the left. Hearing a faint sound, he turned around and saw the redhead and she was sniffling. His heart ached to see her like that; they were supposed to be having fun. Quietly, he sat next to her and put a hand on her shoulder. “Hey. What’s going on?”

Sorry for not uploading often even since I’m on summer vacation already. Things got sorta complicated in real life for me and I’m not motivated at all to draw like before so getting a single pic done takes more time for me lately.

I’m working on something that I’ll be uploading hopefully in the next days. I dislike having my blog inactive but I think anything I can say now is explaining my current hiatus.

11 Questions Tag

I was tagged by @bambamscloud thank you cutie!! Since I’ve already done this like…. 3 days ago or something… I’ll just answer the questions

1. What would you want to do before you die? What is your biggest dream?

Meet Choi Youngjae. Kidding (although that kind of is a dream) urm I actually don’t have a ‘biggest dream’ right now… my only goal atm is to eventually learn how to love myself. Also live in Korea

2. If you could have a super power; which one would you like to have? How would you use it?

Umm… the only thing I can think of right now is flight or teleportation… I’m terrible at this

3. In your life was there already a moment that changed you as a person? [Only answer this if you feel comfortable]

Many moments and I’m hella glad those moments changed me. But nope I am not gonna say what happened 😂

4. Is there something [like a song, a movie or a show] that changed your mind on sth.?

Hmm.. probably! But I can’t remember anything right now… its like my memory just failed me.

5. What is your most important goal you want to reach before you turn 30?

Meet Got7 umm probably find a stable job and maybe have a family? idk I don’t plan out my future much

6. In the future do you imagine yourself having a family or do you imagine yourself working hard for your career?

Both probably? I mean whats stopping me from doing both?!

7. Do you like the way you have grown? What is a thing you are really proud of yourself?

… I’m kind of proud of how I turned out considering the stuff I went through… umm I guess I’m proud of my generosity? idk

8. Imagine a person stole something very important from you and it turns out it was a person you trusted. How would you react?

If it was something small I’d probably let it slide… but if its something huge I’d talk to them first see if they actually did it on purpose, if they did and it was a regular thing I’d probably stop being friends with them?

9. In which way your bias(es) show your ideal type? Were they your type from start or did you need a while to bias them?

Youngjae was so awkwardly cute at the beginning how could one not fall for him?!?! But I must confess I did bias mark and jb for 2 weeks at the beginning oops 
Honestly though idk what my ideal type even is haha But youngjae is perfect so maybe he is my ideal type?

10. What song has a deep meaning for you? [Only if you feel comfortable I dunno?]

I can’t even think of one wow I’m so useless

11. Imagine your life without your best friend? Would you be able to live without him/her?


So they can make root beer, orange soda, and every other weird flavor flavored pop tart but they haven’t made a pop tart with pop rocks. Like pop tarts and pop rocks haven’t teamed up? Please tell me one of them has tried and they’re just in a feud or something?


if I seem a bit quiet/stressed OR if my talking about D*sney goes up (because y’all know I love D*sney) it’s because today Culinary Internship applications dropped today and USUALLY those come out about a week or so before the applications for the d*sney college pr*gram drop.

That’s something that while I’ve already done it once I intend on doing again and it’s one of the longest processes because they release applications, then a web-based interview, and then you schedule a phone interview. Where a representative from D*sney CALLS YOU (literally seeing The Walt Disney Corporation on your caller ID is one of the most nerve wracking things) and then it can be up to two weeks at a minimum (if not longer) before you hear if you’ve been accepted or not.

and that’s…really…important to my future career. ; u ;