i'm already counting down

you know what makes me really sad about all of this? 

how MUCH ricky loved this show. 

how MUCH he loved lincoln. playing him, being him, bringing him to life for us. 

how MUCH he loved linctavia. 

how MUCH he loved his vanfam. the friendships he had with them, and working with that cast. 

how MUCH he loved his fans. you only need to look at his twitter to see how engaged he is with us all, and how much he appreciates every last one of us, and the things fans create to thank him. 

and he was bullied until he got to the point he had to say goodbye to it all. i would go as far as to guess he probably went further than that point, that he took it because of how much love he had for it all. 

ricky whittle is a blessing and he deserved so so much better. 

anonymous asked:

I haven't actually explicitly seen the "asexuality itself is homophobic" fresh bs yet (probably because I block every aphobe I see) but I have seen a few posts about how the mere existence of ace visibility and ace-spectrum labels can "confuse" gay kids into IDing as ace due to internalized homophobia, which is already a ways down that slope. Also I'm pretty sure that counts as another "repurposed biphobia" argument too.

I’ve seen people mention that version, though haven’t seen it myself. And it absolutely is repurposed biphobia. The argument that we’re “confused” has been used against bi/pan people since only when, forever?