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Can we please talk about the faces Keith makes in s1e4 when Lance gets injured?? He arrives behind Allura and is like-

-and then he catches sight of Lance and it’s just-

he is so shocked. He’s reaching out, he wants to do something, he wants to help, but then Shiro is already there so he just-

-he just comes as close as possible and he does that thing where he crunches his right eye up a little-

-and then that Arusian guy comes and complains about the sentries in his village and Keith just-

-he’s looking back at Lance, he really doesn’t want to leave Lance, but he knows he has to and just. Fuck. All the others share these expressions too. But then these frames happen-

-and you know that he is so very upset. So incredibly worried about Lance. You can see him shoving his emotions aside to do what he has to do. I’m a m es s,, ,

DAY 9: Infiltration arc (my fav arc!) sorry this is so late lmao

I just needed an excuse to draw these babies_(:3 」∠)_ 

sober; jongin

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08. companion

jongin x reader

word count: 1.4k of fluffy angst

“part 2″

You clock out of the nightclub at midnight There are patrons scattered about the dimly lighted place, but otherwise it’s more of a slow night. The three men that you had been serving sat at the bar, more or less gone from the amount of alcohol you’ve poured them. There’s a group of men seated in one of the booths, seemingly in a serious conversation. You think it might have something to do with the two older women that sits across the room, if their methodical system of taking turn in glancing at them was anything to go by.

“Better leave now, Red, before I make you stay the night with me,” Jaehyung threatens while buffing a tumbler glass.

Jaehyung and you rotate shifts, and tonight he’s on from now to closing at five. Most of the time, you work the first shift, opening at six and leaving at twelve. Your boss is more considerate than he looks, and he tries to make it a point to let you out before late– well, despite it being midnight, but it was a nightclub afterall.

“Yeah, not a chance, Jae. I have a paper to write, so unless you want to write it for me,” you trail off, prompting him to bite the bait. But he doesn’t, not when he has an acrimony towards education.

“Get out of here, you.”

You laugh. “Thanks for switching shifts with me. See you.”

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Hello there! First I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the work you're doing and the amazing dedication, I'm incredibly grateful to you. I hope you could help me with a little curiosity about dwarves military organization. You think they would train for war together and maybe start before they are battle ready? There would be a military academy or something like that? And would they have ranks?(Sorry if you already answered this questions) I wish you a great day, thank you again

Well met and thank you for those kind words Anon.

I personally believe military training schools (or academies if you like) would have been present in every dwarvish hall large enough to support one.  

My logic behind this is this…. 

Firstly, we know that during the Battle of Azanulbizar (T.A. 2799), the final battle in the War of the Dwarves and Orcs, Dain Ironfoot hewed off Azog’s head before the doors of the East-Gate. We also know that dwarves are physically adult at the age of 40 (HoME), yet Dain Ironfoot was only thirty-two at the time, hence one can understand clearly why this act was heralded as a magnificent feat, especially for one so young.

Though dwarves (and Dain in particular) are know for their great strength, it is hard to believe that Dain would have had little or no training and yet managed to accomplish such a feat.

Furthermore, we know from The Lord of the Rings, Appendix A, “Durin’s Folk” that Gloín (Gimli’s father) was also present at the Battle of Azanulbizar, yet he was even younger than Dain, only sixteen at the time. Though we can assume it would not have been the norm of using dwarves so young in their battles, we know that Gloín was there and very likely took part in the battle. 

So, considering the importance of this particular battle it was possible that even those in training (which Gloín likely would have been at that tender age) were summoned to battle. This, even more than Dain being at this battle, leads me to believe that dwarves started to train their sons in the art of warfare from a very early age (as soon as they were no longer considered children in fact).

Now, it is often easy to forget that a dwarvish “sixteen-year-old” or “thirty-two-year-old” do not equal a mannish  “sixteen-year-old” or “thirty-two-year-old”. For dwarves these are both still teenagers, one a very young teenager, while the other one nearing physical adulthood.

I’ve added a graph of age comparison between men and dwarves (from a file I once made but never finished - it is on my todo list to finish, I promise), based on all we know from Tolkien’s writings.  So it seems logical that between the age of 15 and 30 dwarves would have been trained in the use of axes, swords and overall battle tactics and could be called to war. Not only does this fit with what Tolkien wrote, but it also fits with real life cultures that were often used as inspiration for Tolkien’s dwarves; to become a warrior among the Vikings for instance one could be as young as 12 years old. Similar accounts can be found among the ancient Israelites (the jews often being a source for Tolkien’s dwarves).

Now, concerning your second question, about ranks.  We know only of one rank clearly, which is that of Uzbad (”Lord”), though considering the organisation of dwarves in battle other ranks would seem not only logical but very much required.  To determine if there would have been other ranks we need to look at their military structure in a bit more detail. We know for instance that Dain Ironfoot lead 500 soldiers into the Battle of Five Armies.  

500 soldiers is a pretty standard number in many cultures when it comes to dividing a large force into smaller tactical units. The Roman Cohort for instance was roughly 500 soldiers too, 10 of them making up a legion.  If we look at cultures (like the Romans) that used a division of 500 soldiers we can quickly get an idea of the different ranks involved.  Most seem to divide such a division into 5 to 10 smaller groups, that were commanded by one - who in turn was assisted by one or two other officers (lieutenants and sergeants).

Taking some liberties with the above something like this could have been a possibility among the dwarves.

The Army of Dain Ironfoot as seen in The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies (all rights reserved)- those lads seem like a lot more than 500 dwarves if you ask me.

Army divisions: 

  • ‘azghakkâ’ (“war-force”) - army (all troops under the command of an Uzbad)
  • gangbuh (”march-company”) - regiment - a force consisting of 10 maznakkâ.
  • maznakkâ’ (”fist-force”) smallest military company consisting of usually 49 dwarves (seven being such an important number with the dwarves it seemed logical to group their smallest division with 7 in mind - or in this case 7 x 7) - each maznakkâ could consist of different units of seven dwarves, these could be engineers, foot-soldiers, elite forces, archers, and/or logistical personnel.


  • Uzbad - Lord - Commands the ‘azghakkâ.
  • Azghzabad - Warlord - Right hand of the Uzbad, main tactician in matters of war. 
  • Fabarâl - General - (“forward-mover”) - Commands each gangbuh (about 500 soldiers)
  • ‘Uzkhas - Commander - (”greater lieutenant”) - First in command of a maznakkâ’
  • ‘Izkhas - Lieutenant - (”lesser lieutenant”) - Second in command of a maznakkâ’
  • Dumul - Soldier - (“from the halls”) - Soldier who has experience in battle or deemed worthy to fight in the vanguard.
  • Idmul - Recruit - Soldier who is new to battle, or still in training, more frequent in the rearguard.

Other military terminology:

  • ‘Azaghâl - person who, by profession, is a soldier, warrior or private soldier (covers both “dumul” and “idmul”) - note: also the epithet of a Broadbeam King of old who died in battle.
  • Zabad - an officer (from ‘Izkhas to Uzbad)
  • Dahâl - person who, by profession, travels with a military regiment and supplies food and all matter of provisions
  • Barâl - person who, by profession, is a member of an elite military regiment that fights in the vanguard to break open the front lines of the enemy
  • 'Udshankhuzd - dwarf (about to reach battle ready age) who is the personal assistant to a lord, general or army commander, often carries messages and weapons or armour on his behalf (like a squire)
  • 'Idshankhuzd - dwarf boy or girl (before battle ready age) who is in service of a general or army commander, usually doing household work (like a page) - remains in the Hall and does not join in campaigns.
  • Rimi - part of an army set to cover its rear ranks, especially in retreat (rearguard)
  • Ifbaragash - foremost rank of an army (van, vanguard)

I hope that answers your question Anon.

Ever at your service,

The Dwarrow Scholar

littlepanfangirl  asked:

So I'm thinking: Modern!CEO!Hashirama being head over heels for his assistant, who is a single mom, and whenever she can't find a babysitter he offers her to just bring the kid to work and they become like best buddies, hashi and her son? And eventually the lil one helps hashi ask her out? Whadaya say?

Here ya go! ^.^

“Here, play quietly behind my desk, sweetheart,” you told your son as you sat down in your plush desk chair, ready for another long day of work at Senju Corp. There was already a note attached to your computer telling you to poke your head into your boss’s office as soon as you were there. You got up and went over to his door, knocking.

“Come in!” he called.

You opened the door just enough to poke your head in, smiling tiredly at Hashirama Senju. “Good morning, M—”

“[Name]! How many times do I have to tell you, call me Hashirama!” He grinned at you, standing.

Your smile turned sheepish. “Sorry, force of habit. Do you need anything, Mr.—Hashirama?”

“Actually, would you send in [Son’s Name]? It’s been a while since you’ve brought him in,” Hashirama wondered.

“Sure.” You glanced over your shoulder at your son, who was making explosion sounds as he crashed two of his toy cars together. “Hey, [Son’s Name], Mr. Senju wants to see you.”


You shook your head, laughing lightly, and pushed the door open wide enough for your son to rush into the room. You returned to your desk to boot up your computer and prepare for the work day, barely registering that your boss and son are talking to each other in hushed tones.

You were just beginning to look through some of your emails when your son reappeared from Hashirama’s office, walking up to you with a pleased look on his face. “What is it?” you asked, taking your attention off the computer screen to look at him.

“You’re going to dinner with Hashi tonight!” he announced, throwing his hands into the air in celebration.

You giggled at him and poked his belly, exposed by his shirt rising with his arms. “Mmhm, okay, honey,” you told him, returning to your work.

“Hashi, she said yes!” your son screamed, racing back into Hashirama’s office.


Your head shot up, and you just realized that your son had—somehow—tricked you into agreeing to going on a date.

With your boss.

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I'm playing Persona 5 with a guide and I'm already fucking stressed out on April 23. I missed a day to read a book by deciding to study instead and it fucked up the whole schedule, and then instead of going to the Palace i did a part time job. Like I'm really behind and I'm at the palace. The guide I'm following expects me to be done with the first Palace by the 22nd and I'm only half way there. Please help.

don’t use a guide

just play the game


Of Perps and Proposals

Also posted on AO3

Derek and Stiles sit in an unmarked squad car on a routine stakeout hoping to catch the person who has been knocking over various warehouses around town. By the fourth uneventful hour, they’ve played nearly every game known to man in order to keep some semblance of sanity, when the speaker squawks.

“What about ‘Fuck, Marry, Kill’ because you guys are killing me with your boredom. By the way, your push button is broken which means I’ve heard everything. I need to go bleach my ears after hearing Stiles’ enthusiastic rendition of ‘Hello’.” Scott’s voice echoes through the radio.

Stiles huffs at that, but what else do they have but time and sore asses, for the most unremarkable reasons, too. Shame.

“Alright how about….”  Derek closes his eyes as he attempts to drum up some names, fingers tapping thoughtfully on his thigh before opening his eyes, catching his reflection in the side mirror and smirking. “Scott, Parrish, and Me.”

Stiles snorts and turns so he’s facing Derek, “Really? That’s the best you’ve got?”

Derek shrugs up a shoulder and nods his head, urging Stiles on. 

Stiles squints his eyes and nibbles on his lip as he mulls it over. Derek sighs, “This isn’t Jeopardy, Stiles.”

Stiles’ squint becomes a half-hearted glare. “Fine. Fuck Scott. No seriously, fuck you, bro. My singing is on point. Angels wept.” Stiles screeches into the radio.

“They’re not the only ones who wept. Just so you know I’m flipping you off so hard right now. Also the suspect in question was spotted in your vicinity. ETA on your location is 5 minutes.” Scott responds.

“Roger. Eyes wide open. Ok so on to Parrish. Hmmm. Kill Parrish mostly because I’m not even sure if that’s possible. Would he just come for himself then? You know because of the whole,” Stiles gestures to his body, mimicking being engulfed in flames, “Hellhound situation?”

Scott chokes out a laugh while Derek’s glare becomes contemplative before movement coming from the warehouse has him bounding out of the car with one hand on his walkie.

“Perp on scene. Pursuing on foot.”

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robotseverywhere  asked:

hey there! i used to watch you on deviantart and i just looked thru DA last night after years of absence (because I was telling my friend how i once knew the person who drew those anime teletubbies and had to prove it. which i couldnt lol was that even you) and its so cool how much you've improved! your art was already awesome but now its like woah! i'm in awe! its just super cool and inspiring and i'm glad you're still drawing! so thanks for the memories and motivation;hope u have a good day ♪

Thank you so much omg!! I’m delighted you came and found me again, and still enjoy my art! You message made me really happy <33

…and yes, the anime teletubbies thing was me >>;; goddammit that was such a long time ago I thought I’d left that dark past behind me forever

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I had a really bad day - I lost some friends and I said things I don't mean, I told secrets to others and now I'm sick. I just need a cuddle from Harry, can you write a blurb? Thank you, love.

I’m so sorry you’ve had a rough day, my lovely. They suck, I know. But things will get better, I can assure you.

He can sense that you’ve had a bad day and he can pick up, through phone calls and texts that you’re struggling with everything. So when you walk through the front door and drop everything with a huff and close to the door with a lot of force behind the nudge, he’s already on the task of taking care of you. Kettle brewing for a cup of tea, dinner on the cooker and stewing and steaming away, a blanket in the dryer to cuddle under after the day’s events have settled down and a movie is set to play on the telly, his figure appearing in the doorway with his arms open wide to engulf you into the tightest hug he can give without causing damage. Chin resting on top of your head as he sways the both of you from side to side, humming softly and rubbing your back with his palm.

“Kettles brewing. Dinners just started cooking. Blanket’s in the dryer. You wan’a go and get into some comfy clothes and meet me on the sofa?” He wonders softly. The grips you had on his t-shirt, the material held tight in your fists, getting stronger, keeping him in his place, “c’mon now. You’ll feel better if you get into some comfier clothes. I’ve set out a t-shirt of mine and some shorts. They’re laid on the bed and waiting for you to wear them,” he coos, pulling away to look down at you, “please?”

You oblige, slowly stomping up the stairs in a hunched position, disappearing into the bedroom at the end of the hallway, allowing Harry to make some cups of tea to sip upon as you told him everything. By the time you’re back downstairs, dressed in the clothes he’d laid out with your hair pulled back from your face, you just want to melt in the sight; his figure tucked into the corner of the sofa, the telly remote resting on one thigh whilst his hands held two mugs of tea, a pillow set upon his leg for you to rest upon and maybe even fall asleep on because he can tell your eyes are aching and longing to be closed for a short nap.

“Come talk to me,” he smiles, “you’ve had a tough day. Talk to me about it. Cry about it. Let it all out. I’m all ears for you today.” xx

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I'm not sure if this has been addressed already or not since I'm a couple of chapters behind on Halcyon days, but just imagine them wanting to get a pet and Kamilah is like hmm should we get a dog? a cat? And Ana just comes home one day with a fcking hawk and is super determined to tame it and it just goes horribly, but Milah doesn't let her quit because "you brought berta home now go and get her down from the attic or you're sleeping on the couch" idk I just love them so much ok

Pet-related stuff here, here, and here!


Kamilah asks how in the fuck she managed to get a hawk, but Ana doesn’t have time to answer before the hawk tries to peck at her face. She can’t figure out how to tame Berta; it just flies around the house wrecking stuff, leaving half-eaten rat carcasses around, and pooping everywhere. Kamilah’s patience starts to wear thin and Ana willingly takes to the couch until she tames this feathered beast. But the last straw was when Ana found bird shit all over her Bey albums, and finally lets the hawk go. Where? Only she knows.

Fast forward a few years later, 4-year-old Fareeha is playing in the backyard while Ana prepares lunch. The girl bursts into the kitchen excitedly, so Ana turns around, and freezes.

What the fuck.

Fareeha is holding her hand up - which is thankfully wearing a baseball glove, because perched upon her hand is a tawny, sharp-eyed hawk. The bird is calm and quiet, merely observing the humans with its beady eyes. Ana’s mouth works in vain, until she finally finds her voice.


anonymous asked:

regardless of whether roachpatrol is a pedophile, she's still extremely transphobic

No, they are not. 

*:・゚✧ “Hm! Accusing roach of pedophilia didn’t get momnar to immediately denounce them like it usually does for the other people I run to so it’s time to try the next buzzword of the day. Surely they’ll see the right and unproblematic light this time!”.*:・゚✧

You can bring me some goddamn sources the next time you come in my inbox so I can make you look like a fool with equal and more reputable sources once my life slows down you lazy, milquetoast, ‘let’s dust the cobwebs off the old, already-hashed out callouts of yesteryear’ spouting, incredibly ill-timed, blind to the obvious fact that this tactic is not going to work, Hide-Behind-Anon-Function coward. 

Ugh. I’ve only been at work for two and a half hours and I already know it’s going to be one of those days. The night crew last night clearly decided they couldn’t be bothered and therefore left around three quarters of their duties undone so I was already behind when I came in this morning and had to do their work. Plus I’m working with the new guy, Sir Makes Everything Waaaaay More Difficult Than It Needs To Be While Never Shutting His F*cking Mouth And Giving My Nerves And Ears A Break. And almost every customer through the door so far has been a pain in the backside. So, yeah, it’s shaping up to be a great day. 😕

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You've probably already answered this, sorry if so, but do you plan on one day doing another huge comic series like DOFP? I'm sure it'd be amazing!

Thank you muchly! 

Well considering Skybox is still going and probably will be for a couple more years here, I’d kinda say that I already have one? (I honestly need to put a bit more focus into it to make sure I don’t fall behind.)

But if you mean specifically for UT, no, I don’t have any plans right now. I mean I can never say for sure since hardcore inspiration might strike for the stuff I like at any time, but right now there’s nothing for that on the horizon…and once I finish the PDF I’ll have been working on this stuff for over a year anyway, so it might be nice to do some other things for awhile.