i'm almost sorry about posting this at all

ok but listen to me i know andrew is meant to have the emotional capacities of a toaster oven and i know he’s supposed to be all dead inside but don’t tell me that andrew isn’t the most sappy little shit in his own unique way bc like,,,

  • he literally dresses neil up everytime they’re having a night out?? like he actually takes the time to go out and pick something nice out for him to wear like whaaa. 
  • here take the keys to my home & oh btw i had duplicate keys made for you so you can drive my car around like whenever you want to so yea feel free also here are some custom made arm bands that match mine to like a tee 
  • he has no problems choosing his boyfriend over his brother 
  • “you are a pipe dream.“ 
  • he GIVES HIM A BATH ?!?! he towel dries him after??
  • he HelPS neil out of his t-shirt when he’s too sore to manage it by himself?? 
  • he’s so weak for neil that he’s constantly reaching out to touch him?? i mean c'mon people he was tapping his fingers against the pulse point of neil’s throat, i mean who does that, even with their crushes, who does that???? esp when it’s important to note he doesn’t normally enjoy physical contact & rarely ever initiates it but the tHIRST is rEAL !!! 
  • shitty middle school level flirting: "i’m not a math problem,” “but i’ll still solve you” “i need a new toy to play with” “i don’t like to share” like affghs this boy
  • matching phones, matching RINGTONES, wtf andrew we know you’re a twin but does everything have to come in twos??
  • he’s all about that rooftop romance aesthetic, chain-smoking at 2 am, trading retorts and kisses in the dark
  • he likes wearing fuckign skull caps. skull caps.
  • he has a thing for long drives 
  • he kissed neil like the world started & stopped at neil’s mouth, yea, you remember that line?? me too. i almost birthed my kidney when i read it.

there and back again…


or: Four Times Moana and Maui Surprised the Crowd, and One Time They Did Not

My first shot at a 4-and-1 type gig! I tried to keep these short, but you know my writing, that didn’t end up happening. I think this is like seven thousand words total. Look, my hand just slipped for four hours straight. 

Happy, happy birthday to my dear friend @paperjam-bipper! You’re so old now, you shmuck. Congratulations. Hope you enjoy the gratuitous amounts of fluff I stuck in here, just for you. :) 

Fandom: Moana
Words: 7,400
Category: Gen
Relationship: Moana & Maui

Summary: Four times Moana and Maui surprised the crowd, and one time they did not. 


It’s when the first wave breaks on the deck of their ship that Aronui decides, quite firmly, that she does not like storms.

Even shielded as she is from the worst of the rain by her mother’s sturdy legs and swollen belly, there pellets of water sting against her eyelids, and Aronui has to squint to see the deck of the boat mere feet in front of her. Her hairband was lost long ago to the frenzy of the wind, which whips her hair around her face. When Aronui spares a hand to try and tame it, she ends up nearly ripping off the right half of her head.

“Hard about to port!” shouts a familiar voice, commanding against the fury of the storm.

Aronui looks over to see Moana astride the canoe. Despite the writhing waves that tower around her Moana looks at ease, balanced perfectly atop the edge of her canoe while wrestling with the halyard in both hands. She’s planted at one end of her tiny craft, which sways dangerously in the water, and is somehow using the boat’s instability to clamber up the side and look intently at Kara.

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Along with that scene in The Answer where Ruby and Sapphire almost touch gems, hesitate, and retract, there was discussion about how touching gems must be an incredibly intimate act between Gems. 

Touching gems is beautiful for Ruby and Sapphire, but how awkward for all the other Crystal Gems! Especially forehead gem Pearl.

This is disgusting and I’m sorry I’m laughing. 

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how would you fix batman trror

TBH I could go on like 11 different tangents about this comic I just-

Batman: Terror’s first half has a good premise that has a lot of room for like, interesting shit seriously, but like, the second half and all the fucking writing I just-

  • I think it’s a foregone conclusion that I’d cut out almost everything after Strange gets his sorry ass impaled that involves Selina and the bullies getting kidnapped and just cut to the fast flooding room with igniting gas pipes and have the rigging be Strange’s handiwork, not Jon’s.  This would erase the weirdness of Strange somehow being alive for several days post-impalement, basically everything with Jon’s magical growing scythe, and allow more time for Jon to actually reasonably snap.  It would also have the very likable angle of Jon, being the self-preservationist he is, actually helping Bruce escape instead of attacking him after Bruce says “Stop, I’m trying to get us out of here.”  It would also make Jon getting pulled under by Strange all the more terrifying because you almost forget he’s there and suddenly Jon is pulled under and its revealed that Strange is still alive.
  • Cut basically everything involving Selina because those are generally THE worst parts and Jon calling Selina “pussycat” makes me so uncomfortable.  Like the mention at the beginning and her helping Bruce save Jon, minus the dialogue, is fine, keep that, get rid of everything else.
  • What is that writing job on Jon?  It’s weird and uncomfortable and the only good line is “I am a strong-willed, single-minded, Strange-hating machine” but even then it’s only good if you don’t take it seriously, at all.  Everything he says and about half the shit he does is ooc and just, weird.
  • The art is just bad, all of it can go in the trash, hire someone competent with anatomy, and good at drawing.
  • Extend Strange’s manipulation of Jon, because it would be more reasonable for Jon, a PSYCHIATRIST, to have a hard time falling for Strange’s tricks on the outset.
  • Remove the hypnotism aspect, just keep it to manipulation.  The hypnotism is sloppily done and has a lot of plot holes and like halfway through the entirety of the plot point drops out and is only mentioned one more time in passing near the end.  When writing, apply the concept of Chekov’s gun.  This is stated in a metaphor: Don’t put a gun on stage if it’s not going to go off.  Don’t put an element into the plot if it’s not going to serve any real purpose.  Strange could get Jon out through manipulation just as well as he could get Jon out through hypnotism, there is no use to it.
  • Strange just manipulating Jon could also have other points to make.  There are ways you could go with this that could make Jon become more fearless because he overcame another fear, not that it was hypnotized out of fearing anything.
  • Similarly, Strange verbally abusing Jon is a little too short lived and poorly done if I’m gonna be honest.  I’d extend it because the purpose of it is to make the readers feel that Jon’s retribution is justified, as it stands it isn’t.  People are okay with Jon attacking Strange because Strange is a skeevy bastard, not because they think Jon is justified.
  • Jon’s recurring traits in the comics are usually a bitter, sarcastic attitude and a skill at manipulation that makes him good at both manipulating and recognizing when he’s being manipulated.  Play with that, have Jon and Strange pit their egos against each other, a duel of wits as it were, and that way Strange winning could also be something brought up later, like as a point before Jon attacks Strange, when he realizes Strange has been using him this whole time.  Again, using retribution correctly, and justifying it despite acknowledging its depravity.  Jon tries to kill Strange for using him as a puppet and abusing him, that is justified in his mind because Strange disrespected both him and his autonomy, and this is something Batman recognizes.
  • I have no comment on the fucking manikin Strange dressed up as Catwoman.  All I will say is I could see Strange doing that but it’s still really fucking skeevy and I did NOT need confirmation that he was using that thing as a sex doll.  That makes it worse, it makes me feel bad for Jon.
  • Hey writers I know you don’t like giving Jon or Bruce anything relating to actual human emotions 50% of the time but here’s a thought: they’re fucking human beings.  Jon is going to respond to being stopped by Batman with hostility in the heat of the moment, yes, but not because he’s angry at Batman for ruining his revenge, he’s going to be hostile because he’s stressed and afraid.  People in hostage situations are hostile towards rescuers out of fear, especially when they’re already under a lot of stress.  Jon’s been manipulated and abused on top of being held hostage, when Batman shows up his first thought is going to be fear that Batman is going to hurt him or return him to Arkham, not that Batman is here to save him or stop him from killing Strange.  It’s a self-preservation instinct.  I don’t care how angry with Strange Jon is or how stunted his fear response is, he’s going to be scared, even if it’s just subconsciously, because he’s a fucking hostage.  You don’t just regard being held hostage as a blase thing if it’s never happened to you.
  • That fucking toupee needs to go, now, burn it.
  • Joker recognizing Strange through his disguise was great, but it was also one panel.  Chekov’s gun guys, Chekov’s gun.
  • Hear me out on this: Instead of being lured to Crime Alley by Jon and Selina working in tandem and figuring things out from there, Bruce finds the mansion because he’s told Jon is missing, knows the most observant inmate at Arkham is Joker, goes and finds out Strange took Jon from Arkham, and finds Jon that way.  This could even work like that one Gotham Adventures comic where Bruce goes to find Leland somewhere in Arkham and decides to ask Joker first.
  • What the fuck is Jon’s backstory?  It’s a mess and doesn’t explain his sudden hot damn with the crazy.  Year One explains, this does not.
  • Bruce is not THAT conflicted about being in love with Selina, please stop with the ridiculous manpain for like, 5 seconds writers, please, it’s really annoying.
  • Bruce also doesn’t look at Rogues like “this person would probably be a murderer.”  He considers them unwell and in need of help, which they are.
  • Why isn’t Strange bleeding?  He’s not bleeding.  This is an actual problem.  He was impaled he should be bleeding.
  • Reasonably, as Strange is holding Jon hostage, Jon would not have his costume on hand or the means to make one, the entire climax of the story should reasonably be done with Jon either in civvies or his Arkham uniform.  This is just a nitpick but it bugged me.

That’s all I got.  I think this comic is hilariously bad, but that doesn’t mean I think it should escape its due criticisms or couldn’t work in the slightest.  There are story elements and plot points that could work.  Strange holding Jon hostage with the intent of killing Batman is a premise that could work.  However, there are several sloppy plot threads, characters are poorly motivated or straight-up not in character, and the art and writing is just messy, sloppy garbage.

It’s hilarious, but when one of the few Scarecrow-centered comics is known for being hilariously bad, I kinda just wanna

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Bokuto Koutarou, we know, you love Bokuto so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Bokuto Koutarou, we KNOW, you love Bokuto, you fricking love Bokuto, okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE BOKUTO KOUTAROU. WE GET IT.
fma characters and their instagrams
  • maes hughes: actual worst offender of instagram. posts at least ten pictures a day of his daughter elicia. uses a thousand hashtags of the syllable "cute". gracia is ALWAYS his #womancrushwednesday. but will also post pics of his friends and team members, including some #throwbackthursdays of his time at the academy with roy. mostly pics of his family though.
  • roy mustang: tries to be really artistic. a damn solid amount of selfies when he's dressed to the nine. pics of madame christmas' bar. but also pics of his team in and out of headquarters. definitely pictures of edward whenever he's ranting and screaming, always with #shortpeopleproblems. there are sneaky pictures of riza when she isn't paying attention. always posts a picture of riza when she's out of uniform, no matter what. only used #wcw twice: once with riza who everyone "OOOHED" at and once with olivier armstrong which almost got him killed.
  • riza hawkeye: doesn't use it as often, but when she does it's almost always pictures of black hayate. loves taking pictures of the cutest dog ever. selfies that rebecca enforced on her and who tagged them as #wcw in comments. sometimes pics of her firing range score sheets. sweet pictures of the team, including ed and al. she also takes stealth photos of roy whenever he's slacking, napping, or procrastinating and then tags them as #gettoworksir. has a video of roy sitting in his office trying to get the perfect selfie that seems like everyone in amestris has liked.
  • alphonse elric: so many cat pictures, takes a picture of every cat he sees and posts it. probably known online as the #travelingcatphotographer. also a lot of pictures of ed, winry, and aunt pinako. does a lot of #tbt of when they were kids. posts a lot of pictures of food that he can't wait to try when he has his body back. plenty of pics of mei, ling, and lan fan with #missyouguys. he's got a lot of pics of ed sleeping on textbooks. when he gets his body back, he posts a lot of recovery and therapy pics (some with havoc). once in xing, a lot of selfies with mei and nature pics. actual sweetest instagramer.
  • edward elric: a lot of books. pictures of his research strewn across tables. a lot of photos of al and winry. as years pass, more pictures of winry come up. randomly forced pics of him with ling/greedling. pics of formations he's created with alchemy. his favorite are humiliating pictures that he's taken of roy tagged as #colonelbastard with roy demanding to be untagged. when he and winry marry and have kids, he posts about an embarrassing amount of pics of his family, though not rivaling hughes.
  • winry rockbell: too much automail. about as bad with pictures of automail as hughes is with pics of his daughter. plenty of bright and grinning selfies with all her friends, including ed, al, paninya, gracia and elicia hughes, all her customers in rush valley, and more. super bubbly and bright. also takes pics of anything she bakes and tags al. plenty of #tbt with pics of her, ed, and al, along with her parents.
  • jean havoc: second to worst offender when it comes to the use of #wcw. seems to be a different girl every month, not for lack of trying. truly tries to be romantic and sweet with his captions and pics. so many work out selfies but he looks good lbr. artistic smoking pics. lots of pics with the other team members which he tags as #themustanggang. #tbt pics of him and breda in their academy days. always posts a pic of him and riza after an undercover mission is fully completed. rebecca catalina is the only woman to be his #wcw consistently.
  • heymans breda: always posts pics of when he's playing a strategic game with captions like #comeatmebro so he can challenge random people. embarrassing pictures of havoc who complains. somehow always able to take pics of fuery when he's blushing. pictures of the bomb ass food he's about to eat.
  • kain fuery: posts a pic every time he gets some new techno gear. complete nerd about technology and unashamed. also takes the most cute and sweet moments of #team mustang. captures some potentially disastrous yet fond photos of roy and riza. good amount of smiling selfies with everyone or of him with his tech. also has a lot of pictures of black hayate when he dogsits.
  • vato falman: lots of books, which he always tags the author and title and gives a short summary. posts pics of the team when they're looking their most calm. mysterious photos of kids that look like him but never has any captions or tags. at briggs, he sporadically posts pics of the snow with tags like #ispywithmylittleye... and #tbt to when he was with team mustang, but then slowly starts posting pics with the briggs crew.
  • olivier armstrong: doesn't have a single photo of her family, so for a picture of her with her sisters. never takes selfies, except when she gets a promotion so she can tag it as #suckitmustang. mostly just pictures of her briggs men hard at work or of the wall itself. she doesn't even follow her brother on instagram.
  • alex armstrong: worse than havoc with work out pictures. all of his selfies are shirtless. uses the #armstrongfamilytradition tag a crap ton. a gajillion pictures of his family and his team members, including maria ross and denny brosh looking highly uncomfortable. so many pics of him hugging people while shirtless. all his pics seem to shine. maybe uses the filters too much.
  • ling yao: always posts about food, every food he eats, wherever he goes. does #tbt pics of food. posts a lot of embarrassing pics of lan fan that she demands to be taken down. always seems to be grinning. has some silly pics of him and edward getting into it. posts pictures of xing and his family. after returning to xing, has pics of him being emperor and even pictures with may. more pictures of lan fan.
  • may chang: at first a lot of pictures of "the fullmetal alchemist" which were taken using photos that don't give a good view of him. plus a lot of smiling pictures of her and xiao-mei. during her travels, posts pics of her with her new amestrian friends, though never doctar marcoh because he asks her not to and only of scar after everything is over. plenty of pictures of alphonse. once back in xing, a lot of #tbt pics of her time in amestris and her old friends. new pics of her and ling, though never of lan fan. when al comes to xing, almost all of her pics are of their adventures and studying together with xiao-mei.

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It makes me so sad to see Hoshie be so much younger than Tenma because from what I seen she is just a little girl with an infatuation with him, and in almost all the other adaptations of Astro Tenma just never seemed to care that much about her, which makes me wonder how one sided her affection remained. All tenma ever seens to care about is Tobio while he mourns her for a page at best (in the original she just leaves him after he sells Astro to the circus)

Bruh don’t be sorry!!

Ok so! Hoshie is one the characters I know little about sO! I decided to do some digging! So like I found Astro boy Volume 7 and  it Read Dr.Tenma all the way to Astro Goes to the Circus so I’m going to be referencing this a lot..Also going to be bringing in ATB too!

and um…these guys too…

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ALRIGHT SO. Is that woman Sam is shielding in the 12x21 promo Eileen or Toni? I need to know this NOW. And I can tell. It's a split second of footage, and it almost looks like it could be either. Thoughts?


I watched it 3 times before seeing this message and 4 more times and I literally just… can’t understand anything that’s happening in that clip. Is it just me or is all the sound garbled? The only thing I can make out is Sam saying earnestly but in that soft voice he usually reserves for moments that need careful but inspiring handling, “… punch someone in the face!” 

so I literally do not have a clue what that is trying to show us. The fact whoever is being squished by sam (I thought it was DEAN which is why I watched 3 times but they seemed to be wearing Sam’s new orange jacket??) is so obscured maybe is the point. 

All I knows is I feel like this is a fever dream instead of a promo and my eye is actually twitching really hard just from watching and trying to understand anything else in it except for some shooting, so um… anyone else?

I Exist-- Some thoughts on Scraps of Representation

There is a joke among some of my friends that I don’t engage with media unless it has wlw in it. (I used to be able to joke back that I got into How to Get Away With Murder just fine, but then that show decided it loved me very much and can no longer be used as a counterpoint.) The point being, I demand representation pretty rigorously. I spent too long without it. I will not settle for erasure or scraps.

Except right now I’m reconsidering the scraps bit.

Recently, Diane Duane released Games Wizards Play, the tenth book in the Young Wizards series, which I have been following for about half my life. Now, YA fantasy is hardly a kind genre to people like me. You may be scrambling to say no, Malinda Lo’s books, no, this one book—but they are exceptions. You have to seek them out. As a teen, I didn’t know what I was, I didn’t want to be anything but a totally normal straight girl. I didn’t know what to look for, wouldn’t have looked for it if I did.

Back to Young Wizards—it’s an incredibly important series to me. One of those things that came into my life at exactly the right time, with concepts and themes that settled into my heart and stayed there.

And Games Wizards Play threw me some scraps. I rolled my eyes a little bit at the minor gay character, because I am a Connoisseur of Gay Representation, please, this is almost quite literally nothing. But then.

Oh, but then.

Page 528, US edition:

“Nope, I’m ace,” she said. Nita blinked.

Asexual,” Lissa said.

Cue the water works. Seriously. I was sobbing with joy over this minor character who got introduced ten books in. I can demand real representation for gay people, for wlw, because I have seen it before, I know it can be done. I have never, in my life, seen the word asexual casually used in a real, published, non-queer lit book. This minor character suddenly meant the world. This small, throwaway scene, ran me straight through the heart. I am real, I exist, I am right here on this page.

I am actually tearing up about it again.

It means so much to me now, when I am 22 and well-versed in all the labels I can use to define myself. If I had seen this at 11, 12, 16, when I had not yet found the words but knew I was not what people said I should be? It would have been world changing.

It makes me look differently at the minor gay character. When I had nothing, he would have been something.

LGBTQIAAP main characters are incredibly important, and we should keep demanding them. I don’t think we always have to be grateful for scraps. But I think it’s important to not discount them. I think it’s important to remember how we would have reacted to them before we knew everything we know now. A minor character might be the only light in the dark for a kid who doesn’t know what they are yet. And it’s incredibly frustrating that there are so many instances when we don’t even get those. There are so many series that I loved that gave no hint to my existence. Young Wizards may not have given me much, I wouldn’t even really call what it did representation, but it told me I exist, it’s telling some kid who just found it at the library they exist, and that’s not nothing. It’s a huge incredible something.

It takes one line. One word. There is no excuse to not throw one word to the people who need it. We can talk all day about good representation and what that constitutes, but in the meantime, just one word is going to make a difference. We need to know we exist. And when we’re children, or teens, we need to know there’s a way to exist when the way we’ve been taught feels wrong.

Everything makes a difference.

And that difference might mean everything.

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"why are they always onyxes and obsidians" because colorful jewels have girl cooties duh black is the only MANLY color

It just… yeah. I really like Steven’s own pretty casual relationship with gender and gender expression and masculinity and the whole pink roses aesthetic - and this has all been said a billion times and far better than I could manage right now, so I don’t really want to get into it. But anyway stuff like this feels kinda jarring, and as a bonus is usually filled to the brim with completely superfluous attempts at being ~edgy~.

You know who I can’t wait to actually see? Bismuth.

Because holy crap

have you


this thing? Wow.

Writing Commissions Open

Apparently I deleted my old commission post, so guess I’ll make a new one!

My bank account is basically empty right now, so I could really use some extra cash. Especially as I just got new meds and am about to be committed to a mental hospital as an outpatient. heck i don’t like asking for help but I’m almost desperate enough to ask for donations

All information is under the cut. All reblogs are amazingly appreciated too!

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honestly… don’t think about robross being super soft with each other. dropping all their walls, having a FIERCE and demanding emotional intimacy. ross pushing through all robert’s barriers - messily, desperately, sometimes taking it too far. 

don’t think about ross waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, nightmares about the time he almost lost everything, images of robert falling to the ground - the sound of the gun ringing in his ears. don’t think about ross struggling with the guilt and trauma of having done something so horrible to someone so special - and hiding his turmoil from robert because how dare he put this on him? how dare ross burden him with this on top of everything else? 

don’t think about ross and robert, sneaking onto butler’s, making out in empty barns or strolling hand in hand at the southern boundary of the lower field. remembering this resented piece of their separate histories that they somehow now share. feeling close to their fathers - equal parts bitter and wistful about the things they’d lost and the things they’d never had.

don’t think about robross having long talks about their sexuality. working through it together. getting into awful fights - all raw feelings and exposed nerves and excruciating vulnerability. don’t think about ross guiding robert through periods of massive insecurity about being with men, about being bi, about liking both.

definitely… don’t……. think…….. about robross……….

Ya know, thinking about how Keith is shown to be strong and how he’s immovable during that washing scene:

 I wonder if Keith is super dense because of his galra heritage.

Like, Keith is tiny. He’s short (if that one post that estimated him at 5′5 is to be believed), he’s very thin, and he’s not really all that muscular. Yet he doesn’t even budge when high-speed winds almost blow lance away, when lance is about the same size.

What if Keith is actually some kind of alien rock that’s really high in muscle mass? And that’s why he’s able to take down so many humans in a fight at once. They all practically weigh nothing to him.

Reasons why you should watch Mozart in the Jungle
  • it’s the best show ever
  • it’s amazon’s show, first season came out december 2014 and second just few days ago (december 2015)
  • so we have 20 episodes, 25 minutes each, you can literally binge watch it in a day
  • it’s about New York Orchestra
  • you can know nothing about classical music and still enjoy it (like me)
  • it’s comedy but it’s not forced
  • characters are so real and normal
  • main character is Hailey young woman trying to get a place in Orchestra
  • the other main character is Rodrigo Orchestra’s new conductor
  • he’s cute af Mexican pocket guy, so small that you can fit him in you bag (imagine all this height difference)
  • other cast is diverse (especially in second season)
  • many characters are older than you normally see in shows
  • women are strong af
  • like cynthia the cellist (she’s also freaking hot) or gloria’s the orchestra‘s head of the board
  • second season contains background gay relationships
  • did i mention that almost all the characters are hot?
  • that’s it
  • go watch it