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All pencil: $15 Extra character $10

Digital inking: $20 Extra character $15

Ink & Color: $30 Extra character $20

Chibi: $10 each

-It can be anything. OC’s, fan art, celebrities, your friends, or whatever. And yeah even gore and porn.

- I will draw all your D&D characters. If it’s a big party we can negotiate something.

- It can be any time, I’m always accepting commissions.

-I take payments in advance, through paypal.

Send me an ask and we’ll take it from there, Thanks for all your support <3

Here are some other examples of commissions I’ve done.

52 Stories in 52 Weeks // Week 4

Week 4: A story about three siblings
Stilinski Triplets AU (Teen Wolf x The Internship x The Maze Runner crossover)

Her brothers were the worst.

She decides that from a young age because she’s the only girl in a family dominated by men. And the men in her life felt the need to protect her very existence with each step she took.

Her father is the sheriff in Beacon Hills. The only daughter of a cop? Of course he would threaten any guy not related by blood with a .45 and a shovel if he got too cozy with her.

The eldest of her brothers is Stiles. Spaz extraordinaire, too smart for his own good, too sarcastic, and always brimming with comebacks. Other than their father, he’s the most protective of her. If somehow she managed to fly under his radar, he’d track her down easily, stalk her and her dates. If their father couldn’t threaten the guy, Stiles could with the family’s bat. Of course, the threats didn’t seem too impressive when it was Stiles.

Next was Stuart. Deadpan, sarcastic, forever on his phone. He was always the one to rat her out to the rest of the family. She couldn’t even have a burn phone because Stuart knew his technology and he knew her too well. If Stiles knew all of their dad’s passwords, Stuart knew hers. She had no privacy all thanks to him.

Finally, there was Thomas. He was the sweetest out of all her brothers, but still just as overprotective. He was the most athletic, mostly into track, which meant that if she tried to run, he’d easily catch up to her. While her father and other two brothers were hell bent on preserving her innocence, Thomas was the one who was focused on her well-being. He was always making sure she was okay, not catching a cold, adequately warm, that everything was in order before she graced something with her presence. If he wasn’t overprotective, he was just overbearing.

She loves her brothers because that’s undeniable. But as she stares at the scene in the kitchen, she hates them in that moment.

She had been doing a chemistry experiment with Liam for their class. She laid out eight glass jar caps on the island bar, each filled with a different powder and methanol. She and Liam were watching them burn a different color in awe, and the grin they flashed at each other was the first thing that Stiles saw.

And then proceeded to freak out.

Which pulled Thomas and Stuart into the room.

And caused Thomas to pull out the kitchen’s fire extinguisher (that she made their dad install due to one too many accidents) as Stiles tried to smother the flames with the blanket from the couch.

Now the blanket was black and charred, Liam somehow had a black eye, the extinguisher lay empty on the floor, Stuart was on the phone with the fire department, and her seething.

“I swear to god,” she growls. Her head whirls for the closest thing she can use as a weapon, and spots a frying pan on the stove. She holds it up for her brothers to see. “I’m going to kill the three of you.”

Stiles balks. “We were just protecting you!” he yells.

“From what?! A harmless science experiment?!”

“There were flames! You could have gotten seriously hurt!”

“The only one that got seriously hurt was Liam!” She gestures at her classmate’s grimacing face and the swell of purple that was slowly getting darker.

Stuart shrugs. “I have a video to prove that Liam put you in danger and deserved to be hit in the eye.” He holds up his phone. “I already called dad so he can take Liam’s statement in almost killing you.”

She circles the island bar with the frying pan in hand. They were twisting the story and making it more exaggerated the more they opened their mouth. “Stuart, give me your phone.”

“What? No!”

Thomas eyes her warily and nods when he catches Stiles’ eyes. He grabs her, shoving her away before hastily grabbing Stuart and running off. Stiles takes off in the other direction as Thomas yells out, “Run!”

She ends up running after Stiles, a murderous intent in mind.

They really were the worst.


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  2. AGONY referenced from Into the Woods (2014) featuring our over-dramatic elf girlfriends
  3. and scrappers at Hogwarts! because Pottermore updated so I was in the Sorting Hat mood

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• DAY 16 - DAY 23• YEAH BOI The past 3 weeks I have been literally kicking it in full gear with a lot of motivation. So much motivation that inner me was like, “You feeling okay? You’ve never been like this before.” IT FEELS GREAT BUT I’M TIRED

Fanfic Friday #35

Pawprints by thehaakun
Life is Strange - Pricefield - Rated: Teen

[Werewolf!AU] Based off of: “I’m a newly-turned werewolf without a pack and i can’t really control myself well on full moon nights yet and you keep finding me passed out naked on your lawn” AU.

“Um, I’m Max, and, I just, kinda found you here in my garden,” Max stammered, keeping her hand over her eyes.

“Shit, I’m so sorry, dude - I’m Chloe,” she responded a little breathlessly. “I, uh, oh man, I’m sorry - ”